Hellbound With You Chapter 28

27 Damned Prince

Kelly called Abi's phone multiple times but no one answered. She started to worry that something bad might have happened to her friend as she frantically dialed her number once again.

Gladly, the call was finally received after another three rings.

"Hello? Abi? Are you alright? Where are you right now? Are you by yourself? Why didn't you answer your phone for ages?" Kelly immediately rattled her questions like a mother hen, when to her surprise, it wasn't Abi who responded. Her first thought was that something bad did happen to Abi, otherwise why would a random guy answer her phone?! Her brain stopped working and just jumped to the worst possible conclusions because it was flooded with thoughts of guilt and worry and panic!

"She's with me." The voice was deep and pleasant, definitely masculine. But all he said was that Abi was with him! Who the hell was this guy? He better not have hurt her Abi! She had completely forgotten, in her panic, that the person on the other end might have been Mr. Qin.

"Hey, bastard, where's Abi? Why are you answering her phone? Let me talk to her, right now! You have better not have hurt her or I swear I will rip your arms right out of their sockets and feed them to the wolves!" Kelly ranted like a madwoman, but she was so worried that she couldn't help it.

She yelled so loudly on the phone that Alex held it away from his ear at arm's length. When the yelling stopped, he held it back to his ear and spoke calmly. "This is Alexander Qin and you can try but I think you will be quite unsuccessful," he rebutted against her comment about tearing his arms apart, as confident and arrogant as ever. "I'm bringing her over to you. Where are you now?" he continued.

Before Kelly could answer, Kai snatched the phone from her.

"Alex, I'm going to take Miss Hooligan to the hospital Nope. She hurt herself It's pretty bad, I think she broke her ankle She said she's happy to leave her friend with you "

"What are OUCH!!"

"She's nearly dying from the pain now, Alex. We're leaving now. Bye."

Kai then slipped his cellphone back into his pocket and without another word, he lifted Kelly up effortlessly and put her cute little bottom back on the bike. He then put her helmet back on, hopped on the bike, grabbed Kelly's arms and wrapped them around his waist before he finally accelerated away.

The man rode the bike so damn fast that even Kelly, the fierce hooligan, was scared to her bones. She just barely managed to hang on to his waist and she shuddered to think what other injuries she might have gotten had she not been able to hold on!

"Hey! What are you doing Are you really going to bring me to the hospital?! You might as well bring me to a funeral home if you're going to keep this speed up, you damned prince!!" Kelly started yelling and thankfully, it seemed like her words somehow worked.

The damned prince slowed down, but this time his speed was so damned slow that she could almost see a bloody turtle overtaking them!

Oh god! This man was definitely not a prince charming!! Argh! Was he trying to annoy me or something?!

Time ticked by but he kept the same slow pace. He didn't accelerate at all! Kelly was inwardly fuming by this time.

"Hey, what do you think you're doing? A damned turtle is overtaking you, look!" She complained and then she pointed a finger towards an imaginary turtle that was overtaking them on the lane beside them. "I can probably hobble my way to the hospital faster that this!"

Shaking his head, the man finally spoke.

"Miss Hooligan, if that is your wish, I can let you off here and you can 'hobble' your way to the hospital from here," his elegant voice taunted her. Kelly looked around and she realized they were on the highway and it was dark and there was nobody else around because it was very late at night.

"No." She was quick to take back her words. She tried to suppress her annoyance because despite what she said, she was in pain and she knew she needed this man's help right now. So she restrained herself, with a lot of effort, or she might end up being abandoned here. Who knew how this prince's brain worked? "How about you let me drive?" She tried a different tactic instead.

"With your injury? Oh sure, go right ahead," his voice was full of sarcasm.

"I can handle it," she insisted and the man just chuckled.

He sighed and finally accelerated. This time, his speed wasn't as fast as a damned rocketship, thank goodness!

This man was definitely just trying her patience!

At the bar, Alexander put Abi's phone back in her bag and carried Abi along with the girls' belongings to his car. No one paid him any attention as he left, as if this happened all the time in the club, as if they were invisible.

He put her in the back seat so that he could lie her down on her side. He put her bag, and a jacket on top of it, under her head so she had something to lie on. He then checked that she was still breathing. Her breathing had become steady and even. It seemed like she had fallen asleep and he was sure that it was because of the cocktails she had drunk.

Alexander Qin now faced a dilemma. He knew where that Kelly girl lived and he was sure that he would find the key in one of the bags but that girl was going to the hospital and he didn't know how long that would take. Would this little lamb be ok if he dropped her off there by herself?

Left without much choice, Alex sighed. He glanced at the sleeping lamb for a long while before he started the engine and drove away.

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