Hellbound With You Chapter 279

278 Tug Of War

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"Found you," Alex whispered from behind. His crisp breath touched her ear making her nerves instantly jolt awake. He sounded so seductive at that moment that Abi's knees wobbled a little.

Abi turned to Alex in shock. Seeing him holding her made her bleeding heart heal itself. His touch was like magic soothing the pain lingering inside her.

"Come, let's go to my room," he told her as he grabbed her wrist, intending to take her away. However, Abi's other wrist was caught by Zeke, making Alex halt. It looked like a tug-of-war was about to begin between these two men, with Abi as the prize.

"Where do you think you are taking her?" Zeke stepped out, not letting go of Abi. His unfathomable gaze locked on him.

"Isn't the answer obvious enough for you? She's the one I chose to be with me tonight," he replied, emotionless. He said those words as if he was stating a fact that could not be argued against.

"Alex, you rejected her, remember?"

Alex cupped Abi's face and made her look at him. "Did I reject you?"

Without even letting her respond to his question, Alex looked at Zeke. "I only lent her to you for the dance, Zeke. Now let go and let me have her."

"No, you can't have this woman, Alex."

"And why not?"

"Because she'll be with me tonight."

Abi's eyes widened in shock with what Zeke just said. She looked at him but Zeke's eyes were focused on Alex, dead serious. She was momentarily confused but then she thought that Zeke must be up to his old 'tricks' again.

"So you're not giving her to me, huh? That's rare of you, Zeke. You always used to give me everything I wanted." Alex smirk curved on his gorgeous face, but the feeling still didn't reach his eyes.

"Yes, I'm not giving this one to you so let go of her." Zeke said firmly.

"And what if I won't let go?"

Zeke's eyes sharpened. Alex was still wearing his authoritative smirk. He sounded like he was challenging Zeke and the atmosphere started to turn heavy.

"Tell me, why do you insist on having her? Did you fall in love with her at first sight or something?"

"Fall in love" he muttered, cupping Abi's face again as he looked at her. "I don't know what you're talking about, Zeke, but my body wants this woman. And everything I want, I will have," he added without tearing his eyes off her.

Abi started to feel a little incredulous at the way these two men were talking. They spoke as if they were fighting over some toy that they both wanted, instead of a person with their own thoughts and feelings on the situation!

So after being silent and letting these two fight it out, she finally broke her silence.

"What if I don't want to go with you?" Abi finally spoke. Of course, Abi desperately wanted to go with him. Hadn't she been looking for him for months now? She wanted desperately to feel his arms around her, his lips on her and everything else that she had missed out on during their separation.

But seeing his possessiveness towards her gave her a little spark of hope even though he clearly said that it was just his body that wanted her. Despite his emotionless eyes as he said those words to her, she wanted to run into his embrace and never let go of him again.

Although the way he treated her made her throat burn, Abi was not disheartened and a thought came to her mind. Maybe she should go with Zeke's strategy? What if chasing after him wouldn't work on him anymore? Could this way be better? "What if I want to stay with Zeke?" she boldly asked him.

Alex's grip on her immediately loosened up causing Abi to silently pray that he wouldn't give her up so easily, that he wouldn't let this go and leave like he didn't care. She was afraid of the pain it would bring her if he just turned around and left, without a care in the world.

He stepped back, making Abi's heart skip a beat. But then, his lips touched Abi's ear. "Then, I shall abduct you and take you someplace that nobody will find us and confine you with me"

Abi's lips hung open. She didn't expect him to say that. She stared at him and the smirk was gone from his face. Was he really serious?

"So you really are going to defy me now, Alex?" Zeke's eyes started to burn red. Abi had seen this scene before. His eyes looked exactly like Xavier's, although Zeke's were brighter than blood. He was definitely far stronger than Xavier. Abi could feel his strength emanating from him and it made her shiver a little. Her body reacted instinctively to the nearly threat, even though she knew she was safe - well, as safe as one could be in the presence of vampires who weren't trying to kill her.

Her heartbeat started to thud loudly in her chest. Did Zeke really need to act like this? What if these two ended up fighting? It would not do them any good if these two suddenly became enemies at this crucial time.

Nervous, Abi gathered her courage to speak and break this tense atmosphere.

However, before a word could leave her mouth, Zeke pulled her away from Alex and he wrapped his arms around her shoulders, possessively, like what just Alex did to her.

"This woman is mine now, Alex," Zeke said in a serious, domineering tone.

Abi was holding her breath, her eyes never leaving Alex's face as she waited for him to react, to maybe pull her back again towards him again, away from Zeke.

"Besides, you heard her. This woman chose me over you!" Zeke smiled at Alex before he craned his head over to look into Abi's eyes. "Right, sweet girl?" he asked her, flashing a sweet smile, making Abi subconsciously swallow. She was shocked at how real this looked and felt. She was actually starting to doubt if this was really all an act. What was Zeke trying to do? Was he really doing this for Alex's sake? Was this part of his plan?

"Woman, you will only die if you go with him," Alex said, pulling Abi's gaze back to him and Zeke suddenly laughed out loud. A menacing, taunting laugh which sent shivers down Abi's spine.

When he stopped, a sardonic smirk flashed on his face.

"So what if she dies by my hands? Why do you care? When did you ever care about anyone else but yourself? Even if I kill her right now, it has nothing to do with you, no?" Zeke said as he held her chin up. He brushed her hair to her side, making Abi's pulse truly thud in panic. "Why don't you watch me kill her then?" he added as his fangs grew until it touched her skin.

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