Hellbound With You Chapter 277

276 Dumbstruck

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'No, stop, Kai. She's drunk! Stop,' his conscience screamed at him.

As if Kelly heard his silent plea, the girl pulled away and stared down at him. "I think I'm already wet," she muttered, causing Kai to curse. What the!! Why did she need to spout those words of all things? This woman was really, really brazen! But he'd be damned if he wasn't affected! What normal man wouldn't be affected when they had a beautiful woman come on to them like this?

He sat up, his heart beating wildly. As he sat, Kelly slid down from his belly down to his hip.

When was the last time his heart beat this hard? When was the last time someone had gotten this close to him? He closed his eyes and drew a long breath, hoping for the calm feeling to enter him, but it was futile.

He opened his eyes again and he met her eyes. She was looking at him and her eyes were filled with lust.

"Oh, you're already hard. It seems I'm not the only horny one here. We're quite compatible, don't you think?" she uttered, flashing a deadly seductive smile and then, she kissed his neck as she pressed herself on his member, moving her hips as she kissed and licked him.

Kai gasped. This was bad! No, this shouldn't be happening. He had to stop this! She was drunk!

"Take off my clothes, Kai," she murmured, even using his name so seductively, and just like that, his carnal desire started to take him over.

"No please, we can't do this. You're drunk," he begged. She pulled away a little and looked at his pleading, yet intoxicating eyes. Kelly smiled and planted a kiss on his lips.

She let out a sexy chuckle. "Oh, my baby boy, why are so cute? I can't possibly force my way on you on our very first night so Okay, I will let you go tonight and not go all the way."

Kai was speechless. What the hell was she spouting? Who was the girl in this situation again?!

"But you are damn hard and already I'm f*cking wet. I want to c*m. Do you want to do it this way?" she continued. Oh no, he was losing it! Why? Why couldn't he resist this girl? He was able to easily resist the others but why not her?

Kai could only throw back his head. He felt the same too. It had been such a long time since he was this excited and he wanted the release too. 'Maybe it will be fine, as long as damn, what is he thinking?' He found himself looking for excuses to do it, to let himself go with her.

Before he could say no, Kelly already unzipped his pants.

"Damn it, Kelly, wait!" He protested but the tigress didn't listen and grabbed him. Gladly, Kai was quick to pull her hand off him.

"Stop. If you do this "

"Don't worry. We'll just rub against each other."

". . ."

Kai was dumbstruck. He couldn't believe this girl. Was she really drunk? How could she treat him like a

"Prince, I have waited a long time to blow your mind. Best not stop me anymore and just go with it, okay?" she whispered seductively in his ear. "It's okay, we're not going all the way tonight."

That was it, the final straw. He admitted defeat and let her hand go. He closed his eyes as if berating himself for not being strong enough to resist, for not being the gentleman he thought he was. He lay back down on the bed with a groan of frustration which quickly turned into moans of pleasure as Kelly rode him.

She was still fully clothed, and so was he, but the sensation of her riding him was just so intense that he couldn't help but arch his hips to meet her. His hands found their way to her hips and he bit his lips as he helped her move over him. Hell Kelly Why did this feel so good? Even though they werere just they were just

Kelly stopped thinking a long time ago. Her lust had taken over her and her body moved to find that peak. She moved her hips, forward and back and she was so aroused that her juices slid down her thighs. Kai guided her and a few minutes later, he felt the orgasm rack his body.

Kelly stopped with a smile on her face and was about to go down for a kiss but Kai surprised her by flipping her over and taking over.

He pressed his lips over hers, kissing her, teasing her as his hand crept upward from her leg up to her inner thigh and eventually stopped at her sex. He slipped his hand under the elastic of her underwear and teased her little erect bud with his thumb.

He kept his lips on hers and he felt her moans on his lips. His fingers did their magic down there, sliding in and out, flicking her bud and in no time, she was climbing up the stairs to ecstasy. She moaned and wriggled under him but he didn't let up until she finally burst through the peak.

Her body shuddered from the sensation and Kai flopped back down on the bed, both their lungs trying to draw in oxygen to calm their racing hearts.

After some time, Kelly turned to Kai with a wide, cheeky smile.

"So, ready for round 2?"


Kai didn't even give her the chance to touch him again. He took the blanket and wrapped her in it before he dashed to the bathroom.

He couldn't believe what he just did with a drunk girl no, with a drunk human. How could he let that happen? What If his carnal desires got the better of him and actually had sex with her

The image of him biting Kelly's nape flashed in his head and he slammed his palm on the marble tiles as he gritted his teeth.

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