Hellbound With You Chapter 276

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Kai was surprised. This was bad. It seemed that she had remembered him. That was way too fast! What should he do with her now? The hypnotism only worked on a human once! Was it because of the wine?

Suddenly, Kai was faced with a dilemma. He thought it would at least take her a few more meetings or at least a few more days for her memories to return.

He knew that if this was indeed the case, then this situation might become quite serious. Vampires weren't allowed to be revealed to the world so they had to always be careful. This was why their law would allow any process, even a death of the human if they somehow remembered again after being exposed to the incense, just to erase any threat to being exposed. But there was a caveat. Death was the last option and this would only be approved if the possibility of exposure was over 95%.

If she indeed remembered them again, she would no doubt question why Abi and her family, and everyone else who should know about Alex, suddenly forgot about all of him and his companions. Knowing her, Kelly would definitely investigate to answer these mysteries and once she did that, she would be on their radar. It would only take one slip up for her life to be over.

Kai was so busy thinking about a way out of this when suddenly Kelly pinned him down on the bed and sat on him, straddling him.

"How dare you ignore me. You know what? I've been chasing you for a while now but you are so slippery, always getting away." She slammed her hands on the bed, on either side of his ears. "Is it because I am not attractive at all to you? I believe I am a gorgeous lady, so why do you treat me like I'm a contagious virus, huh? Tell me!"

For some reason, Kai didn't feel right hearing her say those words. "No, I never thought of you like a contagious virus. And yes, you're a beautiful girl," he told her, honestly.

"Then why don't you like me? Is it because I am not ladylike? Because I am no goody to shoes? Because I beat you up? Or is it because I am horny and aren't afraid to say it?"

Kai almost choked. "H-horny?" he bit his lips, scolding himself for spouting that word out loud.

"Yes, I'm horny! So? You hate that too? Huh?! What's wrong with a girl being horny?!" she yelled again. Kai was not used to this. He was the one feeling embarrassed at her words. He was not very good when it came to girls. The last girl he ever had a relationship with was a witch. He didn't know she was disguising as a vampire until that night they almost had sex. Young vampires in this modern generation no longer had that keen sense of smell and the scent of blood was barely noticeable for them to sense. They were almost like humans because they never tasted blood and that was how he fell victim to this. The girl tried to manipulate him and because of that he did something that scarred him for a lifetime. Since then, Kai had never been in a relationship again.

"Look, M- Kelly it's not that "

"You mean you don't mind me being horny?"

". . ."

"Answer me!" She demanded, pouting at him, like a child who would never give in until she would get what she wanted.

"Yes. I don't really mind that. It's just that "

"Really?!" She exclaimed, looking both shocked and excited. The sight of his eyes almost twinkling could only make Kai swallow and nod.

" Mm."

The moment he nodded, the girl pounced on him, cupping his face with her hands. "Oh god! You're so cute. I think I really really like you now."

". . .!" Kai was momentarily dumbstruck. D-did she just confess to him? N-no, no, she was drunk Kai, get a grip of yourself!

She pulled back. "You don't hate me, right?"

Why was she suddenly acting like this? For some reason, Kai swallowed again, seeing her looking at him like a child asking for an answer was making him sweat.

"I don't hate you," he admitted with a sigh. That was the truth anyway. He never hated her. She actually fascinated him most of the time since the first time he saw how badass she was. She wasn't like all the ladies he was so used to being around with, especially the ladies in this palace, in this country. All the ladies he knew were always behaved in a ladylike manner, at least in front of him. They acted meek and quiet. Although lady vampires were strong, they always moved elegantly and never spoke the way Kelly spoke, at least to him. This hooligan was the only one who didn't care even though she thought she was in the presence of a prince.

"Really?!!" Kelly bounced on his stomach in excitement. It seemed this made her happy. Did she think that he hated her all this time?

Kai nodded again and then before he knew it, her lips slammed on his. His eyes widened and before his mind could start thinking about how soft her lips were on his, he moved and held her shoulders, and broke the kiss.

"W-what are you doing?"

"What? You said you don't hate me. That only means you like me. Our feelings are mutual so "

"Wait, Kelly, there's "

Once again, Kai could not finish his words because Kelly kissed him again. Kai was suddenly helpless. He didn't want to exert any strength, afraid that he might not be able to control it in his current state, and hurt her.

Thus, his mind could only focus on the kiss, thinking that she would stop or pass out soon. Her lips were warm, warmer than the lips he tasted before, however few And she was so good. How many men had she kissed before him? The thought didn't sit right on him and before he knew it, he kissed her back.

'No, stop, Kai. She's drunk! Stop,' his conscience screamed at him.




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