Hellbound With You Chapter 275

274 Screw Tha

"D-drive the witches away? How am I supposed to do that?"

Before Zeke could answer, the music ended and the party finally ended. "Follow me."

"No, wait. How about Alex? I have to "

"Shut up and follow me. You don't have a clue on how to deal with him right now anyway. We need a plan and there are a lot of things you still need to understand. Your job here will be crucial so just listen and follow. Can you do that?" He firmly said and he dragged her with him, not even letting her to look back at Alex.

As the people began to disperse, Kelly immediately walked out of the ballroom. She saw Abi dancing with a man wearing another black mask and she could tell by his physique that he must be gorgeous and noble. She also saw Abi following behind him as they left so she could only shrug and gulp her wine, hoping the best for her best friend. She thought that it was about time for her to go wild and have her own after party and voil, as if the universe heard her thoughts, she finally saw that pretty guy she'd been hunting.

She had actually stalked him in the ballroom just before but it was too bad for her because a princess caught him first. They even danced in the ballroom so gracefully which made her want to go and snatch him and then beat him.

So now that he was finally free from that young princess' grasp, she followed him again, trying to be as stealthy as a cat. Well, as stealthy as she could be in stilettos. She jumped on him from behind, and whispered in his ear.

"Wanna spend the night with me, baby boy?" she asked and the first thing Kai did was drag her away from everyone's curious eyes. He knew all too well that if he left her, she would only chase him. Did she already remember him?

Kai halted once they were in a dim part of the corridor. He let go of her wrist and faced her when suddenly, the hooligan attacked him. She pinned him against the wall again.

"You know what? I so wanted to beat you up now that I finally caught you but there must have been something in that damn wine!" she suddenly started complaining, angry even. "Did they poison me or something? I only drank one glass and the world is now spinning?!"

Kai was speechless. He smelled the wine from her breath and he closed his eyes upon recognizing what kind of wine she had drunk. She seemed to have drunk the wine that was only for vampires. Of course her body wouldn't take to it very well.

She clung onto him. "Oh my god, help me. I'm spinning. Or are you spinning or are we both?" The drunk woman was losing it.

Knowing what kind of effect the wine would have on humans, Kai could only lift her up and carry her. He was going to go and find a room for her before he searched for her companions to tell them where to find her because he didn't want to create a scene. Knowing her, she definitely would create a massive one which would most likely end up troublesome for him.

Kai sneakily jumped from the veranda to the next floor up to avoid anyone seeing him. He was thankful that the verandas were in a diagonal pattern rather than being on top of one another. He opened one of the empty receiving rooms and put her on the bed.

However, Kelly was not letting go.

"Let go so I can go find your friends to tell them to come and get you," Kai exasperatedly said.

"Then stop spinning already!" Kelly answered him.

She wrapped her arms around Kai's waist in an iron grip and locked him in. With that kind of grip, Kai was afraid that he might hurt her if he was forced to peel her off him.

He sighed and took out a phone from his pocket.

"Zeke, I am with Abigail's friend. She's drunk. Did you see "

"Abigail's with me. She won't be leaving the palace tonight so look after her friend for now. Don't leave her in any random rooms. You know what could happen."

Before Kai could say another word, Zeke already ended the call.

All the rooms in the palace were fully booked for all these guests to stay in so he only put her in that room as a temporary measure because he had obviously intended for her friends to come and take her home.

Kai could only sigh again. Tonight was a special day and many must be drunk. Vampires were allowed to drink blood, not from humans but from their vampire mates. Couples are allowed to drink each other's blood and he had heard them say that the taste of their partner's blood was as sweet as human blood if they drank it while making love. He had never tried it so he could only take their word for it.

Another reason that he was in a dilemma was because modern vampires could actually become drunk now, maybe because they evolved, or possibly devolved depending on how one looked at it, as time passed by. And when in their drunken state, it was likely that some might not have enough self control and may potentially attack a human. That was why the law of vampires didn't allow drunk vampires to step out of their houses. Because the party was at the palace this time, the vampire guests wouldn't be allowed to leave the palace until the morning.

Knowing that it was dangerous to leave Kelly all alone in there, Kai could only gather her in his arms again and jump up to his room.

He slowly put her down on his bed. He couldn't believe that he was actually bringing a girl to his bed. And of all girls on this planet, it had to be this hooligan!

He sighed and shook his head. He couldn't seem to escape her no matter what he did. Was the universe laughing at his expense right now?

"Let go, Miss hooligan," he said but Kelly didn't loosen up her grip on his neck. He was at least glad she stopped screaming that the world was spinning. The wine's effects might be slowly wearing off.

"Ahh you smell so good you smell delicious ~" she uttered as she sniffed him.

Kai almost jumped away if not for the clinging koala. In fact, she seemed to have been strangling him for a while now.

"Stop that and act like a lady." Kai ran a hand through his hair. He didn't know how many times he had said that to this woman. She was a woman, yet she didn't act like a lady at all! It seemed that she hadn't learned how to act like a proper lady despite being an heiress!

"Act like a lady? Screw that!" she suddenly got angry. "I will act the way I am and the way I want! You understand, huh? You damn prince?!" she yelled at him.




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