Hellbound With You Chapter 271

270 Gone

It was Kelly who actually became speechless this time after seeing him walk away from her.

Ohhh, this guy was really asking for it. Her hands were itching for a fight and she was so close to losing her rationality and she felt that she had to beat up this man or else she wouldn't be able to calm down.

She was about to go after him but she stopped when she noticed that Abi wasn't where she had been! What? Where did she go?!.

"Abi!" she called out as she looked down the corridors, trying to catch a hint of where she could have gone. Did she go back to the bathroom?

Kelly thought that she must have gone there to fix her makeup after crying so hard. 'Damn! I won't let that man get away with this. The next I see him, I will definitely make him pay!' she thought to herself as she dashed towards the bathroom.

Kelly started to worry when she didn't find Abi there. But then, a thought stopped her. She remembered that she didn't put any makeup on Abi as per her request because Abi had told her that their faces were hidden anyway. So Abi just only put on a very light glow up.

Where could she have gone?! 'Oh, Chris! She must have returned to Chris!' she thought hopefully, so she walked back towards the ballroom, keeping an eye out for Abi, and also for that pretty man that she wanted to beat up, as she headed back to the ballroom.

Abi's heart hammered against her ribcage as she walked towards a large crowd of women.

While Kelly was confronting Kai, Abi heard some girls come out from the bathroom excitedly whispering to each other as they hastily walked back to the ballroom. She wasn't really paying attention to what they were saying but she thought she heard them say it, his name, Alex. Did she hear them right? Did they really say his name? And if they did, were they talking about the same person?

Uncaring that her eyes were red and swollen and that her cheeks were sticky with tears, she immediately got up and followed them, utterly nervous and hopeful.

What welcomed her as soon as she entered the ballroom were groups of ladies standing around, looking in the same direction - towards the front where the bride and the groom were sitting.

"Oh god! He really looks like a god, doesn't he?" one woman swooned.

"Yes! Ahhh, I hope he picks me!" another woman answered.

"He didn't come last night so I think he might pick around three women this time. I remember the last time he picked women was three months ago, during the queen's birthday. He picked two of them back then."

"Ahh. Those girls are so lucky! I hope I could be so lucky! Please, let him notice me! One night with him would be a dream come true."

"You're right. Who wouldn't want to offer themselves to him?"

Abi heard all these whispered conversations as she stood behind them. She was almost hyperventilating, as if she was more than certain that they were all talking about Alex.

Alex was here. Alex was here. Alex was here. Her mind repeated those three words, over and over again, like a chant. She wrung her hands nervously and fanned her face as she took a few deep breaths to calm herself down. Her heart was beating so hard as if it wanted to come out of her chest.

Once she felt that she was ready, she slipped inside the crowd and wound her way closer to the front of the room. She couldn't hear anything anymore, just the sound of her loud heartbeats rang in her ears. It was like everyone and everything stood frozen and she was the only one moving.

Once she reached the front of the room, Abi looked in the direction every eye was focused on and she felt like her world stopped.

Alex was at the front, next to newlyweds, sitting like a majestic king.

Everything else faded away, all the music, all the chatter, all the people around her as her eyes drank in the sight of him. Her sunshine, her oxygen, her oasis. He was right there, in the same room, almost at touching distance and she couldn't take her eyes off of him.

Her heart sang and was instantly filled with so much joy, so much that she found it hard to breathe. Her eyes became blurry as tears of happiness filled them to the brim. She was glad that she kept looking, that her hope didn't fade, because here she was, finally seeing him with her own eyes again and he was alive and well! He was alive!

Abi was about to move, to dash towards him, to hug him and never, ever let go again. Her feet moved almost subconsciously, drawn to him, just like all those times before, but before she could even take a single step, someone grabbed her forearm, pulling her backwards, away from the centre of her universe.

Abi was slightly shocked and was about to push the man away, until she saw who it was.

Zeke. Her saviour. The man who cheated death by saving her, the man had supposedly died in an airplane disaster.

Abi gritted her teeth, pulling her arm to make him loosen his grip.

"Let "

"Shh Abigail. You need to listen to what I have to say, first!" Zeke hissed, covering her mouth as he pulled her back away from the crowd, not giving her a chance to get away.

Abi struggled against him, trying to break away so that she could run to her husband and bury her herself in his arms, just as she had imagined a thousand times. However, Zeke was having none of it. His grip was strong and unyielding.

Zeke dragged her to the veranda - the same one she was on when she had been kidnapped during that ball. Was Zeke going to kill her now, too, after saving her? No! She was so close! Alex was right there and she wouldn't let him get away again!

With all her strength, Abi bit Zeke's hand, but the man didn't even flinch. Instead, he bent down and whispered to her.

"Listen to me, Abigail! That man you see right there is no longer the Alex you know!" he said, dead serious.

Abi slowly released his hand from her teeth and she shook her head. "You're lying to me again. Please stop messing with me. I'm begging you. Just let me go. I just want to be with him. I miss him so much. Please, Mr. Qin," she begged with all her heart.

Zeke sighed and pinned her against the wall. "Listen!" he roared, merciless as ever. "Listen to me first! You have to know everything before you go there and appear before him."

Abi looked at him with questions in her eyes but she was still too afraid Alex would disappear again. This was apparent in her eyes so Zeke assured her so that she would finally pay attention to what he had to say.

"Don't worry, he's not going to go anywhere. Now listen! I am the one who gave you entry to this occasion. Did you really think you can escape the eyes of the country of vampires? I know you arrived here in disguise and I let you come here to the palace," he said, and Abi finally looked at him. "Alex is dead, Abigail "

"I said stop "

"Goddammit! I said listen to me!!" Zeke growled again. How the hell did Alex deal with this stubborn girl?! She was testing his patience like never before.

"I'll tell you what happened so shut your mouth and don't interrupt me. Or else, I'll throw you out from this veranda to that cliff," he threatened and finally Abi nodded. She knew this man wasn't like Alex, who would never hurt her no matter how angry he was.

"We all got the prophecy wrong, Abigail. We thought that Alex was going to die, literally, once you stabbed him with that dagger. We got it wrong. Only his soul died. Do you get what I'm saying? That man right there is now just a soulless being. Alex's body will never die. The dragon's blood will never let his body rot. So you need to understand this. The Alex that you see there is no longer the same Alex that you remember, or more importantly, the Alex that remembers you. He no longer has even a little bit of humanity in him, no memories nor even emotions. He is now just a soulless entity. The Alex you know is dead, Abigail. He's gone."




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