Hellbound With You Chapter 269

268 Where Is He?

The next night.

Chris was dumbstruck the moment he saw Abi come out of the room, all dressed up in a very elegant gown. She looked like a princess from a fairytale movie. She was prettier than all the artists he had worked with. If only her smiles weren't forced.

"Shall we go?" Chris offered his arm like a true gentleman and Abi accepted it.

Chris was undoubtedly a big help to them. Chris was a famous celebrity and the princess who was about to get married was coincidentally his fan.

The wedding ceremony was over but as per the country's tradition, the wedding party can last for three days. Most of the royals didn't follow that tradition anymore but the princess loved to have parties and she of course wanted to make the most of this event. So her wedding was to be celebrated over three days.

The princess immediately sent Chris an invitation to attend the last night of the party as soon as she found out that he was in Country V. Well, Chris deliberately spread the news through his social media that morning, as he was doing the photoshoot, that he was in the country so that the princess would definitely find out about it.

Kelly, on the other hand, was partnered with Chris's manager. Unfortunately for Kelly, the man was married so she couldn't even tease him or flirt with him. She could only behave herself. She very much wished that she could find a gorgeous beauty at the party tonight.

It was twilight when they arrived at the castle. The wedding was very grand. They heard that the second princess married the love of her life, who was from a noble family, so this was a happy union, not a political one.

Abi was dressed in a black mermaid dress, hugging her perfect curves. She accompanied it with an elegant diamond necklace and bracelet. She was simply breathtaking and very sexy. Since the party was a masquerade party, she wore a butterfly designed black mask with a silver lining.

Kelly, ever one to make a statement, wore a striking red dress, intensifying her bold, sexy, aura.

Everyone was well dressed and the atmosphere looked pleasant and joyous. The ladies with their partners, waltzed in the ballroom. Others stayed by the long tables of food and chatted leisurely amongst themselves.

Everyone seemed awed by it all, except for Abi.

She was occupied with her own thoughts, looking for someone among the crowd. Her heart had been beating ferociously since they entered the palace. She felt like this was her last hope. She didn't know where else she would look if Alex wasn't here as well.

But to her dismay, she couldn't find him in the crowd, not even his shadow. Even if everyone was wearing a mask, Abi would be able to immediately recognize Alex. She knew the shape of his jaw, the waves of his hair, the shape of his wide shoulders, his arms and torso, even his back. She remembered it all clearly in her head. She had not forgotten him, despite the fact that he had tried so hard to make her forget. But his most identifying feature was his aura. Whether it was the dark, cold aura or the calm, content aura, she would easily be able to identify him through that.

She continued to look around once again, hoping that she would at least find Zeke or Kai within the crowd.

The party went on and the closer they got to the end of the party, the faster her hope began to fade. The princess personally approached Chris with some other beautiful ladies, so Abi excused herself to go to the bathroom. But this time, she took Kelly with her.

"So? No sign of what or who you are looking for yet?" Kelly asked as they left the ballroom.

Abi let out a deep sigh. Her heart was so heavy that she was having a hard time speaking. She shook her head as an answer. Why? Why was Alex not showing up yet?

Kelly didn't know how to console Abi because she didn't really know what Abi was looking for or why. She had been curious about what her friend was going through and she had waited patiently for Abi to open up, but months had passed by and Abi never said a thing. She had changed so much since she woke up from that surgery and it pained Kelly to see her looking like a flower slowly withering.

She wished that bringing her here to this place she so desperately wanted to go would cheer her up, but it seemed it was a bad idea. It seemed the sunlight she was looking for wasn't here and now she looked more desolate than ever.

Abi went out of the bathroom first and waited for Kelly outside. She wandered in the corridor, her heart bleeding nonstop. She wanted to cry again. She was terrified that she would find nothing here. She was so scared.

But as she lifted her eyes, she saw a man's back. Abi immediately ran and chased after him. It was familiar! It must be him!

Abi ran as fast as she could. When the man disappeared as he entered another pathway, Abi accelerated. She must catch up to him!

With her will and desperation fueling her, Abi actually managed to reach him. She tugged his shirt, making the man halt and look back.

Abi felt like her heart was about to explode. She finally found hope again.

"Kai, it's me!" Abi said as she took off her mask, not letting go of Kai's shirt.

Kai's eyes immediately circled. He was shocked. He immediately looked around and without wasting a moment, he put her mask back on her face.

"Kai, where is Alex? Please bring me to him," she pleaded.

Kai held her hand and brought her behind a pillar. He looked like he was in a dilemma.

"Please leave this place," was all he said, completely serious.

Abi gripped his shirt as tight as she could. "No, I'm not leaving until I see my husband! I will only leave with him. Please where is he?"

Kai bit his lips. He looked like he didn't want to say a thing.

"I don't know what you are talking about," he said but Abi could see right through him. He was a bad liar and she was somehow glad that it wasn't the poker faced Zeke that she had found first.

"Stop lying, please. I remember everything. If you guys think that incense worked on me, then I'm telling you, you're wrong! So stop doing this and tell me, I'm begging you!" She was about to cry.

Kai looked shocked again. He couldn't believe Abigail was actually here and she actually remembered everything?! Didn't Zeke make sure she would forget everything when he performed the surgery? Zeke knew the incense wouldn't work on her so that was why they had planned to tweak her brain during the surgery. Could it be that Zeke

"Please Kai please" she continued begging. Tears began to flow from her face now, uncaring of who saw her like that.

Kai looked away, seeing the pain in her eyes. "I'm sorry. Alex is he's dead. Please forget about him."




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