Hellbound With You Chapter 267

266 Chameleon

Abi rushed to the bathroom and washed her face. She couldn't let her grandma see that she had just cried again. She took a deep breath and fixed her hair before she left her room.

Chris was already waiting for her in the living room, sitting next to her grandmother on the sofa.

Since Abi was released from the hospital, Chris had been dropping by occasionally. He was always trying to cheer her up but Abi just couldn't make herself cheer up or smile like before. She learned how to fake a smile. She had learned how to smile with only her lips. She learned how to wear a mask. Because the pain she felt was something that even time could never heal. Her love for Alex was something that would never fade with time.

"Good morning, Chris," she greeted as she sat across him.

Once Abi's grandmother stood up and went to the kitchen, Chris turned to his side and pulled something out of his bag. When he faced her again, he showed her a plane ticket, flashing his charming smile.

"H-how did you manage to"

"Haha, actually, I am going to bring you there illegally," he told her, causing Abi to look at him in surprise. "I really don't understand why they keep declining your visa. It's like you're some criminal who is banned from that country. I thought that someone with the name same as you must be a notorious criminal they are still hunting so I tried to prove that it wasn't you but nothing works. It is really strange."

Abi already knew. Even Kelly's dad couldn't help her. This was definitely not coincidental. There was definitely a reason why they were not letting her in there. This was one of the suspicious things she couldn't understand. But at the same time, this was giving her hope. Why would anyone want to keep her out of Country V? Who was behind all of this? Who was forcefully stopping her? Why did they not want her there?

There was too many questions. And there was only one thing she could do to find out. She had to visit country V. She was going to do anything to set foot in that country again.

"I told you, I don't mind how you get me there, even if it's illegal, Chris," she said, causing Chris to sigh. He had been asking himself why Abi was so desperate to go to that place. He had been asking himself why she had suddenly turned so cold and out of reach. He thought that maybe bringing her there would solve whatever was troubling her and once whatever it was that she was going through was solved, he was planning to confess to her. No, even if her problem remained unsolved, he would still confess to her once they returned.

Although, that wasn't the only reason why he was helping her. It was because he also couldn't help but be curious. He wanted to know what Abi wanted to do there, to see the reason why she was willing to do everything just to get there.

"Alright then. My team will be going there for a photoshoot. I demanded a private plane and thankfully, my company agreed. I guess that's one of the perks of being a superstar," he grinned cheekily at Abi, trying to extract a reaction from her. He was rewarded with a small smile, but he knew it was an empty one. He wished he could see Abi's smiles again. "This is the plan"

The next day, Abi arrived at the airport. But she was unrecognizable. The Abi that arrived at the airport had shoulder length, light brown hair. She also wore a bit of makeup and the combination of the changes made her look like an entirely new person. She also wore a tight fitting dress and high heels which showed off her slender legs. This Abi turned heads when she walked into the room. This Abi drew everyone's attention because she was no longer hiding herself, she was going all out. She had to blend in with the crew so she had to act like one of them, and confidence was key.

As she walked towards the check in gate, a tiny light of hope flickered in her eyes and she looked brighter than she had in months. She looked around and finally found Chris, who was waiting for her by the counter. He had her new passport and boarding pass so she immediately went to him.

They went through the check in procedure and Abi's heart thumped in her chest. She was very nervous. She didn't want anything to go wrong so she stomped down her nervousness and played her part.

The attendant opened up her passport, looked at her face for comparison and then down at the passport again. Abi subconsciously held her breath and it wasn't til the lady stamped her passport that she finally let her breath out.

She was in! She was through the first hurdle and she was finally going to Country V again.

As they left the counter with their passport and passes, her phone vibrated. It was Kelly. The girl was boarding another plane so they were in different areas of the airport. The girls talked for a while and then bid each other goodbye when it was time to board.

Chris and Abi then boarded the private plane. It was a beautiful plane but this reminded her of Alex again. She remembered him clearly in her head, on that bright sunny day as he led her inside his private jet, flashing his wicked smile.

Her heart felt like it was being poked by a thousand sharp needles.

"Are you okay?" Chris asked as the plane started to move on the runway.

"I'm fine. Just a little nervous," she lied and she forced a smile, another fake one.

Chris only nodded and smiled back.

"Don't worry, you don't need to be nervous. I am here."

"Mn. Thank you."

The flight felt long, at least for Abi. Her heart was beating wildly in her chest and it beat faster the closer they got to their destination. She was filled with hope but the devil in her head was telling her not to expect anything. That what she will find there might just lead to another sort of pain that could leave her completely dead inside. She was scared and hopeful. But there was no going back.

She thought that maybe, hopefully, Alex would be there waiting for her.

"We're here, Abi. Get ready," Chris said and Abi immediately looked outside the window.

The familiar lights of the city were beautiful. The familiar surroundings somewhat calmed her, gave her some peace of mind if only for a split second, until she thought about what she might find out there.

Her heart palpitated even harder as the plane's wheels touched the tarmac.

The eagle had landed, or in her case, the little lamb turned chameleon.




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