Hellbound With You Chapter 266

265 Not Even A Little

Abi's heart clenched in pain upon hearing those words. Her grip on the bed sheet tightened at seeing her family looking at each other in confusion. She lifted her face and looked at Kelly, but her best friend too, had the same curious look.

Silent tears began to roll down Abi's face. What? What happened? How did they not remember who Alex was? What was the meaning of this?

"Oh Abi, don't cry, dear you should be happy right now. Your tumor is gone Abi," her grandmother coaxed her as she rubbed her back.

"That's right, daughter, a miracle has happened. A miracle. Your mother must have been watching over you like a guardian angel." Andrew said as he teared up.

Abi knew that they were right. She should be happy after hearing such news. If it was true that her tumor was completely removed, she didn't need to count her days anymore. She should be rejoicing at this moment to have been given a second chance at life, that the miracle she had asked for had actually been granted!

But how could she rejoice? How could she smile now, when...

Her eyes fell on her hands and her eyes widened.

"Where is it? Where is my ring?" she asked nobody in particular, as she looked around her in a slight panic.

"Ring? You don't wear rings, Abi," Kelly told her, confused and worried as she looked at her best friend panicking. Her best friend was acting very strange and she was starting to worry.

Abi's lips began to tremble. She shook her head and looked around the room, still looking. Maybe someone had took it and put it down somewhere and had just forgotten to put it back on again. Her eyes swept the room and that was when she saw that familiar incense pot sitting on the table. She felt like her world stopped in that instant, as the realisation kicked in. She felt like her heart stopped beating and in the next moment, pain like she had never felt before flooded her entire being.

"No no how could you how could you do this to me You promised me! You promised me!!" she wailed, grabbing the shirt by her chest as if she wanted to clench her heart to make the pain go away.

She cried and cried until her body could no longer take it and she succumbed to sleep again. Her family and Kelly didn't know what was wrong. They had no idea who this Alex was or what the reason was for Abi's tears. They had no idea at all! They called and asked the doctors but even they didn't know why she was acting like that. They looked at the charts and their tests results and everything looked normal so they really had no idea why Abigail had acted that way.

Abi woke up in the middle of the night. She lay in bed and just stared out into the darkness, her eyes filled with pain and anger and longing.

She spent a few more days in the hospital so that the hospital staff could monitor her recovery and while her body was doing well, the usually energetic Abi seemed to have lost her light. Where she previously saw blue skies and sunshine, it seemed like her world had now become gloomy and dark. Since she woke up, that genuine and beautiful smile of hers never appeared again.

Days went by and Abi was finally given the all clear to leave the hospital. She had asked to see Ezekiel Qin but she found out that he died just a day after her surgery. Kelly even showed her newspaper articles about the tragic plane crash that killed him. This news didn't make sense to her. She didn't believe that Ezekiel Qin would die so easily from that sort of accident.

When they arrived home, Abi immediately climbed up to her room. But to her dismay, the jellyfish aquarium wasn't there anymore and she saw the suitcase that she brought with her to Alex's mansion, sitting next to her bed.

With a heavy heart, she opened it and all her things were there, except for that little lamb plushy he had gifted her. All traces of him were gone. Everything that had anything to do with him was gone. There was nothing left. She knelt on the floor and cried again.

This pain was too much. It was unbearable. "You promised me, Alex you promised you would be there when I woke up! You promised me you, liar!" she sobbed. "Where are you? Come back, please"

3 months later

Abi woke up from the nightmare again. She abruptly sat up as her heart hammered against her chest. She ran her hand through her hair and squeezed her eyes shut and her lips wobbled as tears pooled in her eyes.

Droplets of salty water eventually flowed down her face. She struggled to breathe, hiccupping as she gasped. Two months have already passed but everyday she woke up, she felt like not a day had passed by because the pain didn't subside. Not even a little.

She had spent the last two months in endless pain. No matter what she did, she couldn't forget about Alex and the pain in her chest even for a little while.

She tried to do something. She went in search of him. She visited his house but no one was there anymore. It was empty, as if no one ever lived there from the beginning. She searched for the people who knew Alex but she never saw nor heard from any of them again. It was like they all just vanished into thin air, as if they never existed, as if Alex never existed. She started to feel that Alex, and everyone connected to him, were characters in a dream only she knew about.

Abi never spoke to anyone about Alex again. She knew they would only call her crazy. She didn't explain to her family or to Kelly why she was crying, what she was looking for, and what she was going through. She couldn't. They wouldn't understand.

She tried to fly to Country V but her visa was rejected. Kelly did everything to be able to get Abi a visa but for some strange reason, she was always declined.

Abi found it suspicious. Why were they declining her visa? Why wouldn't they let her visit the country again?

Abi remembered everything so clearly. The devil in her head kept telling her that Alex was dead, a thought that always broke her heart into million pieces over and over again. But she knew that these thoughts weren't senseless because if he was still alive, why was he not here with her? Why did he leave her? Why he had not come back for her? Why did he remove everyone's memory about him? Why did he take her ring and everything that would remind her of him?

But her heart couldn't accept it. He was alive in her heart even if her mind told her otherwise. She was not going to stop looking for him, waiting for him. Even if it took a lifetime.

"Abi!" Her grandma called out from below so Abi quickly opened her window and looked down.

"Yes, grandma?" she said when her eyes spotted a smiling young man standing beside her grandmother.

"I have good news Abi, so come down now. I found a way for you to visit Country V," Chris grinned and Abi's heart hammered.




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