Hellbound With You Chapter 265

264 Ashes

The huge doors in the castle's top most floor opened with a creak. Smoke drifted up from the first floor and Alexander was on his way up, climbing the stairs leisurely. The first floor was already on fire.

Xavier was sitting on the window sill, looking outside into the darkness when Alexander stepped into the room.

"I'm surprised you didn't escape, Xavier," Alexander said. Alex looked disheveled, his clothes were shredded and his whole body was covered with nothing but blood. His hand was on the door's frame like he was supporting himself.

Xavier finally looked at him. "Oh well, now that you're going to die, I don't really have a purpose anymore. All I wanted was to take revenge on you, Alex. That was what kept me going until now, I guess." he replied, his eyes calm. "My only regret is that I should have killed Abigail instead of you," he added, causing Alex to chuckle like the devil.

"It's too late for you to regret it now, Xavier. I do feel a little sympathy for you, though, because I believe someone brainwashed your poor brain. So? Who's this king who turned a prince like you into a pawn?"

"Why do you still want to know? You and I are going to die soon anyway. Sigh... I guess I should be satisfied by this outcome. Once you're gone, vampires, even the good ones right now will soon create some chaos in this world. Do you think your Abigail will still live a peaceful life once that happens? No, some of them will start to become curious about this woman who was able to kill the immortal Alexander." Xavier flashed an evil smile.

But Alex was unfazed. He had returned to his old self - the heartless man who didn't care about anything or anyone.

"Oh, is that so?" Alexander let out a menacing laugh as the fire now blazed inside the room.

However, Xavier lifted his hand and showed him something. "I actually took these with me. I knew you would come after me so I took a token for you to have when you take your last breath," he said as he showed him not just the jellyfish plushie but Abi's little lamb one, too. "Okay, how about we both watch them burn first?" he added, wanting to see pain in Alexander's eyes. He would never be satisfied with him dying this way. He wanted Alexander to die with regret and pain, like him.

Alex's clouded eyes constricted and flashed like lightning when Xavier attempted to throw the toys into the fire. But before Xavier let them go, Alex's hand was around Xavier's neck while his other hand clutched the toys. It's like the sight of those things were enough to bring him back to his human form.

Xavier smiled at him.

"Well, isn't this a dramatic end for both of us?" he said as his fingers wrapped around the dagger's hilt. "This is the end, Alex your life is finally ending," he added, before gripping the dagger to finally pull it out.

The thunder roared and lightning struck the castle mercilessly as the fire began to eat everything whole, leaving nothing but ashes.

Days passed by but Abigail still didn't wake up. Her body was doing well but for some reason, she still hadn't gained consciousness. It was like she was refusing to wake up.

Her family was worried that the same thing that happened to her mother was happening to Abi despite the doctors and nurses telling them that she was going to wake up soon.

Kelly visited her often and would talk to her about her day and just chat to her about things that were happening in general. That day, Kelly told her the amazing news that a very nice couple adopted Little Betty. The couple was around their 50's and they had never had a child. They were also known to be kind and helpful so Kelly told her not to worry about the little girl. Little Betty was finally in a loving environment, around people who cared about her.

However, there was still no sign of Abi waking up.

Days later

Abi's grandmother was humming a tune as she opened the window. She was humming the song 'Can't help falling in love' and Abi's fingers twitched.

The old grandma saw it and her eyes widened. She immediately called everyone. The doctors and nurses also came running.

As Andrew and the rest rushed inside, Abi slowly opened her eyes.

"Oh, thank god, our Abi is waking up!!" Abi's family circled her bed in anticipation and happiness. Their lovely Abigail was finally waking up.

"Oh my, she's waking. She's waking up!"

The doctors and nurses checked on her vitals and they were satisfied that everything was normal.

Abi heard the commotion. Her eyes blinked like butterfly wings until the people looking down at her became clear in her eyes. Her grandma, grandpa, and her dad were looking at her. Kelly was also there, along with the unfamiliar faces of the nurses and doctors. However, they all wore the same expressions. They all looked so happy and relieved.

Abi lifted her hand to touch them and her grandma held them in hers.

"Welcome back, dear. You did very well!" she said as she teared up.

Abi closed her eyes again. She felt like she'd been asleep for a very long time.

She attempted to speak but she felt her throat so dry. A nurse went to get some water and helped her to sit up on the bed. Abi took a few sips and her throat felt better. She felt like she had been wandering around the dessert for a long time and the water tasted so good.

Her family were hugging each other, happiness glowing in their eyes.

Once the nurses and doctors left, the family hugged her. Abi looked around again, as if she was looking for someone or something.

"Where is Alex?" she asked and her family, including Kelly, looked at each other.

"Who's Alex?"




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