Hellbound With You Chapter 264

263 King

The rebel vampires immediately took a step back upon the sight of him. To all the existing vampires on the planet, Alexander remained the King, the most powerful of them all. His existence spanned thousands of years more than them. They would probably be considered mere infants in the eyes of this King because even though they were vampires, they were not immortals. Like Alexander, they would live far longer than humans but unlike the Vampire King, they could die. What made things even worse was that the vampire's powers had been declining because they were banned from drinking human blood, according to the law.

Human blood was the source of their power. That was why vampires no longer had their superhuman powers during the day. Their superhuman powers only activated at night, unlike hundreds of years ago. Their lifespan also decreased because their kind were forced to live like normal humans. Because of the new law, not many have been able to live past 200 years, except for the pure-blooded royals.

Some vampires resented this new law and over the years their resentment grew into hatred at being suppressed, while others just followed the law and lived peacefully under the rule of the Reign family. But not everyone was at peace. Not everyone wanted to live like those worthless humans. They refused to be bound by this senseless law that held them back like prisoners. They were the superior race. Humans should be under the mercy of vampires, not the other way around.

That was why these rebels were desperate. They needed to get rid of Alexander, because once he was gone, they would revolt and kill the royals and start a new world dominated by vampires. Sure, they would still have Ezekiel to deal with but if all vampires united against him, they would surely win. But one thing they knew for sure was that as long as Alexander was alive, they would not be able to be free from his chains.

But it seemed that things had taken a turn in their favour. They were still terrified of his presence, even when he was still a distance away, but they could see it, the dagger poking out of his chest. Their Prince Xavier had succeeded. All they had to do now was pull that dagger out and he would finally take his last breath. Their fight was going to start now. Their Prince had paved the way for them and now all they had to do was finish it. They were going to kill him; just like how Alexander was able to defeat that black dragon, they too would be able to defeat him.

Hundreds of vampires then appeared from all around the castle. They were powerful, because unlike the obedient vampires, these creatures still drank human blood whenever they had the chance. Their strength was many times stronger than the vampires who had never tasted human blood in the last 100 years.

The vampires were going to attack him all at once. That was their plan. No matter how strong he was, surely one of the thousands of them would be able to pull that dagger out. It was now or never. This was their first step of their journey in ruling the world!

"Everyone get ready!" one of them said and their eyes turned red and their canines and nails started to grow.

A huge lightning strike hit the ground in between them and Alexander and the moment it disappeared, the first group jumped towards Alexander, as if that was the signal for them to start.

Hundreds jumped at him but he threw them back with a shock wave that emitted from his whole body. The vampires fell to the ground after being hit but they were barely hurt so they didn't waste another moment and went straight for him again.

This time, Alex fought back. His razor sharp nails had also grown along with his canines but his eyes remained black as night. Alex went down in a crouching position, muscles tight and coiled, ready to explode at the right moment.

When the closest vampire was about to get to him, Alex's legs sprung from under him and he faced this vampire head on, claws at the ready to strike through its heart and turn him into ash. He didn't have any more time to think as the horde reached him. He turned his body around, protecting his chest from their reach and as he did so, his powerful leg threw a roundhouse kick that smashed most of them to the ground. That was the difference in their strengths. These vampires were nothing. They were paper dolls floating in the wind against Alexander's almighty power. He didn't even have to use a quarter of his power to crush these weaklings.

As expected, none of them was able to even touch the dagger. It was like the god of slaughter had risen from the dead. The first group fell on the ground, already dead.

The vampires gulped in fear. Most of them hadn't ever seen Alexander's real powers. They only ever heard stories about him from their ancestors. When they heard those stories, some of them actually thought that the stories were exaggerated to make the stories more fascinating. There was no way Alexander had as much power as the stories portrayed. That amount of power was inconceivable to them possibly because they only ever compared themselves to the weak humans! And because they had never really seen Alexander's true abilities, he was regarded by these new age vampires more as a myth, than a legend, an existence that should never have existed at all.

In the pause that followed the first wave, the vampires saw something that gave them hope. They saw him coughing and clearly saw the blood that came out from his mouth. Their prince Xavier had told them that Alexander was weakened by the dagger. How much more powerful would he be if he had his full powers? The thought made them shudder, but seeing him coughing out blood gave them confidence. They were so close to victory, they could smell it.

"Let's not give him any time to rest. We're going to attack simultaneously!" one of them shouted and then, once again, they attacked Alexander with all their might.

However, as the rain poured over them, a thick layer of ash started to cover the land around the man with a dagger in his heart.

Hundreds of vampires had fallen but Alexander was still untouchable. He was smiling and reeking with bloodlust and the smell of death. It was like he was the grim reaper himself.

"What. Scared now? It's not over yet," Alexander uttered when suddenly, an arrow struck his chest, just an inch away from the dagger.

Alexander didn't flinch. A wicked smile carved on his lips as he looked up to the window where the arrow came from.

The arrows then came, one after another. They didn't give Alex the chance to pull any of the arrows out of his body so he moved and attacked instead. Like that old adage, the best defence was a good offence.

Guns also started to be aimed at him but he was too fast that most bullets didn't even touch him, while the ones that managed to hit him didn't even slow him down.

"Kill him!!!" they yelled as more vampires came out, like idiots who were ready to jump in the crater of an active volcano at the command of their master.

"Yes. Do come and at least try to kill me." Alexander said with a sarcastic smile.




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