Hellbound With You Chapter 263

262 Final Kiss

Zeke eventually went inside the operating room and performed the surgery.

Alex stayed and waited by the viewing room just outside the operating room and watched the surgery through the glass window. Zeke let him inside there because he was very conspicuous with a bloody dagger sticking out of his chest. Alex sat down and watched and waited despite the fact that the surgery would take hours. He sat there, unmoving, like a statue.

Many hours later, the green light was finally turned off. Alex looked disheveled and weak as he stood up from his seat just as the door opened.

He rushed towards Zeke and felt slightly less nervous when the man looked calmer than the moment he entered.

"How is she?" Alex asked.

Zeke didn't answer and just looked at the door as they wheeled Abi out.

Alex looked at her as she was wheeled past them. She was breathing - that was a good sign!

"I removed the tumor completely. All she has to do now is wake up," Zeke said and Alex's shoulders dropped in relief. He knew Zeke's skills were the best. He was one of the oldest vampires still around, just second to the current King and Queen of Hidden Kingdom. His skills were unrivalled in this world and he could perform surgeries that mere humans couldn't deal with. Even though Alex had never doubted Zeke's skills before - and he believed in him this time as well - he couldn't help but feel a little apprehensive because he was performing this surgery on the one woman that mattered to him. He knew this would be the outcome but his heart still felt nervous as he watched the progress of the surgery, no matter how much his brain said that it was going to be okay.

Alex left and followed Abi to her room, looking like he had regained some of his strength again.

He washed the blood that covered him and got changed before he walked closer to her. It was almost twilight.

He sat next to her and watched her face. She really looked so peaceful when she was asleep, like a sleeping angel. Alex took her hand and carefully lifted it up to his lips. He kissed her hand and smiled.

"You did well, my wife," he mumbled, his eyes brimming with happiness. He stared at the ring on her finger, her wedding ring, the ring that contained all their promises to each other, and the memories flashed in his head again. All the days he spent with her was worth it. He felt all sorts of new emotions he had thought he would never feel. The emotions he thought were destructive and useless were actually the season of life. One had to feel them all to consider himself alive. If not, that's how people become dead to the world.

"You're fine now, Abigail. Once you wake up, you can now live without counting your remaining days. All I want is for you to be happy. That's all I want now, Abigail. To see your innocent smile again, and the sweet happiness in your eyes," he whispered, staring at her face. "I love you, Abigail. You are the only one I will ever love. The only one" he added and then he stood up.

His eyes dimmed and he held her hand. His thumb caressed her wedding ring but then he began to take it off.

His heart clenched in pain as he pulled it off her finger. The vows on their wedding day played like music in his head and a bitter smile curved on his lips.

He stared at the ring in his hand and he closed his fingers over it. 'I'm sorry forgive me,' he uttered within him before he bent down and planted a final kiss on her forehead; a kiss filled with all his emotions. The most painful kiss he would ever give.

Abi's family finally arrived in Abi's room, including Kelly. They were shocked when they received a call that Abi's surgery was over. They all thought the surgery was going to be that night. They were confused but hearing the news that the surgery was successful, they didn't ask any further.

"Wait, what's with this incense pot?" Kelly asked in curiosity when a nurse answered.

"That is an effective medicinal treatment for the patient. The scent will help the patient wake up," she explained, causing everyone's brows to knot, especially Kelly. How could that be possible?

"And where is Alex?" Andrew asked and the nurse told them he was dealing with the bill.

The family stayed in the room, waiting for Alex to arrive. Andrew wanted to speak with him and thank him so he was occasionally asking where he was. But time passed and as the family stayed there, speaking to the still sleeping Abi and obviously inhaling the hypnotic scent, they eventually stopped asking for Alex's whereabouts.

In the northernmost part of Hidden Kingdom (Country V).

In the middle of a thick and tall birch forest lay an old castle. The castle was eerie and dark with only a few lights on. This was the territory of the rebel vampires. These were the vampires who refused to abide by the modern laws of their kind. They didn't like the idea of being lowkey and being out of sight from the world. They didn't like the idea of peace between vampires and humans. Why should they hide themselves from this very inferior race? They were clearly superior but they were being suppressed!

They refused to be the one to hide and isolate from the world. They wanted to be free and do what they wanted. They wanted to drink human blood, which was banned by the current law, created 100 years ago. This group of vampires were the ones who wanted Alex, the real king, dead, because as long as Alex was alive, they wouldn't be able to start dominating the world.

A group of them left the castle and looked up at the sky.

"Hmmm, it looked like a storm was brewing, " said one of them before their eyes saw someone standing there.

Their eyes burned red the moment they recognized who it was.

Alex was standing in the middle of a bridge, in front of an iron gate. His eyes blazing gold as he looked up. The dagger was still on his chest.

Like a lightning, he jumped from below to the top of the iron gate. Tonight, he will burn this castle and everyone inside into ashes.


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