Hellbound With You Chapter 261

260 Explosion

Alex sat on the driver's seat with Abi still in his arms.

"Hang in there, we'll get there in no time," he told her as the car flew down the wet road like a bullet.

Abi had lost all her strength. Her body was so weak and she felt like passing out. If not for her fear that Alex wouldn't be there anymore when she woke up, she would have already passed out long ago. She must not pass out. She must stay awake. Those were the constant thoughts that whirled inside her brain, keeping her sane, keeping her conscious.

Her eyes fell on the dagger still plunged on his chest. He wasn't even wincing in pain. Why won't he pull it out? Why didn't he want her to touch it? Could it be that?

Abi's grip on his shirt tightened as her body trembled once again because of the thoughts in her head. But she denied it and refused to consider it as a possibility because Alex was moving just fine. He was strong. Maybe they were all mistaken after all. Maybe, she wasn't the one Alex had been looking for. Yes, that must be it! If she wasn't the onethen Alex would not die! Maybe the story was all made up by that woman and that maybe, there was no one that would be able to do what she said. She consoled herself with these kinds of thoughts. She had to, because the other outcome was unbearable to think of.

Abi closed her eyes and her grip tightened around Alex. She wasn't going to let go. She wasn't going to let him out of her sight. She wasn't going to fall asleep or close her eyes or blink ever again! She wasn't going to let him leave her side. Her thoughts were becoming hysterical the closer they got to hospital.

In what seemed like no time all, they arrived at the hospital. The storm was still raging outside, without any sign of going away anytime soon. Alex lifted her up, acting just fine, like the dagger that was still plunged into his heart was nothing but a halloween prop.

He walked hastily, inhumanely fast, but the rain still got them and they were both drenched by the time they got to the entrance. Abi finally remembered all those times that she would just find Alex right behind her and as if he had teleported, but now she knew it was because of his lightning speed.

When they reached the surgery room, a man in white was leaning by the wall right next to the door. It was Zeke. He didn't move from his spot until Alex stood in front of him.

Their eyes met before Zeke's eyes fell on the dagger in his chest. His blank expression immediately sharpened as he looked at Alex intently, looking for signs, any sign at all, that would tell him whether this was it for him. Once he was done surveying the situation, he finally spoke.

"She needs to have a hot shower first and change into warm clothes, Alex." Zeke said, calmly. There was a hint of anger in Zeke's eyes as he looked at the injured man before him. "Don't worry, there's still time," he added, seeing the hesitation in Alex's eyes.

"Okay," was all Alex replied before he turned and left with Abigail.

Zeke creased his brows once Alex was gone. He threw his head back and dialed his phone with a grave expression on his face.

In the bathroom, Alex carefully put Abi down. He started undressing her until she was naked and he proceeded to carefully wash her body with warm water. Abigail didn't move - she didn't push him away, nor did she move to make it easier for him. Her eyes never left him. She didn't even want to blink for fear that she would find him gone once she opened her eyes again.

As Alex cleaned her, Abigail still didn't say a word, and nor did Alex.

Alex was washing her hair gently when Abi could no longer bear it. She couldn't bear seeing that dagger in his chest anymore.

"Why aren't you pulling the dagger out? You will heal immediately if you pull that out, right, Alex?" she asked him, her voice hoarse and weak, like a little child asking if there was a possibility that Bambi's mother survived from being shot by a hunter.

Her question made Alex pause for a moment but then he continued what he was doing. He didn't give her an answer and Abi's body began to tremble.

"Alex I can't bear it seeing you like that. It's like an invisible knife has been stabbed in my chest, too." She wept. Her reaction made Alex look so miserable. 'When will this be over? When will she stop hurting because of him?' he thought, his heart full of sorrow.

Alex moved and kissed her. "Shh don't cry anymore, my wife. You've been crying all night. Please, stop now."

"But you're how can I not cry where you're hurting? When you're bleeding like that? How can I" Abi couldn't stop herself from weeping for him. It was too much. She loved this man so much that any pain that he felt, she felt like it was her own.

"Don't worry, Abigail. It really doesn't hurt. I'm already immune to any physical pain. What I can't bear however, is you hurting like this. So please, stop crying. You're about to undergo a surgery." He tried to reassure her, kissing her again. "Please, wife. Don't cry anymore," he begged and she could only hug him. She could hear the helplessness in his voice, and Abi didn't want to add to his pain anymore. But what was she supposed to do? Was she going to just watch him bleed?

He carried her out of the bathroom after he, too, took off all his drenched clothes. He changed to a new set of clothes, hastily putting on a shirt without buttoning it.

He helped Abi get dressed and he dried her hair. After that, he gathered her in his arms again as he took her back to the surgery room.

Alex carefully put her down on the bed but Abi didn't let go. She was scared, scared to let him go. She clutched onto his arm, determined to keep him by her side.



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