Hellbound With You Chapter 260

259 Explosion

Abi's world halted. Her mind and body went blank. Even her heart seemed to shut down. She was falling. Falling down into an endless abyss.

Blood began to flow out of his chest, staining his hands and hers with his blood. His eyes were still wide open and clear as he looked at Xavier. "Happy, now?" Alex asked him with a bitter smile as his blood started to flow out of his mouth. Alex staggered but he managed to hold on to Abi. His arms were wrapped around her now as he hugged her.

Xavier gulped. He didn't dare walk towards them, not until he was completely sure of the outcome. The room had become eerily silent. As if time stood still, the three of them just stood there, unmoving.

Alex was still glaring at Xavier, not breaking eye contact. Xavier knew he had really pushed the dagger through his chest and that it wasn't a trick because this was the first time he saw blood coming out from Alex's mouth. His wounds usually healed before blood could even spill. Alex had never been affected by anything like this before. He knew because he had seen it. There was one time when he saw Alex make one of his women stab him in the heart. No blood came out from his mouth at all, only a few drops from the small chest wound that immediately healed.

"Now remove the bomb off her," Alex demanded, blood spilling out as he forced himself to speak.

Xavier slowly moved closer, still gripping the button, afraid that if he let his guard down, Alex would strike.

Alex then let go of Abi and he stumbled backward, until his back hit the wall. Xavier saw the dagger was still stuck on his body, plunged so deeply that only the hilt could be seen. He was finally convinced that it succeeded. He felt slightly relieved and somewhat elated. He actually did it! Alex was going to finally die! He would finally get his revenge!

"I want you to remove the bomb off her before I she needs to go back to the hospital now" Alex coughed out blood, falling to his knees as he held onto the wall.

Abi could only watch him. She felt dead inside. She couldn't even cry anymore. It was like she had left her body and was hovering over the scene in this room, watching it like it was a movie that had nothing to do with her. Her body had no strength left to hold on. The man she loved, the man she was going to spend her life with, no matter how short, was dying right in front of her and there was nothing she could do. Her tears had dried up, making a salty trail down her face.

"Alex I love you" she whispered. The room was so quiet that her words reached him. He looked at her, his expression, unfathomable. She didn't know what else to say to him. She didn't want to say goodbye because she wasn't ready to let him go. She didn't want to let him go!

Abi's thoughts were jumbled but there was one thought that broke through. Was he happy that he was finally freed from the tortured life he led?

Xavier looked at Alex and he didn't know why but he moved and did as Alex had asked. Alex was finally going to die now so he might as well do this as a parting gift, to let Alex see that he would set his wife free.

As Xavier took off the bomb and the ropes around Abi, Alex's eyes were burning as he looked at Xavier.

The moment the bomb and ropes were untied, Abi slid down to the floor like her bones had turned into jelly. She was just looking up to see how Alex was when suddenly, a strong gust of wind blew on her face. Before she knew it, Xavier, who was standing before her, disappeared and Alex was no longer by the wall.

The next second, a loud explosion thundered in one corner of the room, as she felt a warm body cover her.

Abi's almost dead senses were jolted back to life and the only thing she could hear was the deafening ringing resulting from the loud bang.

She lifted her face, immediately looking for Alex.

The warm body belonged to him and he used his body to cover her again. "Are you okay?" he asked, smiling, down at her.

Abi just gaped at him as he winced in pain. "Wait a moment, okay?" he asked, kissing her forehead before he turned to check if Xavier was still there. The room was no longer dark. The corner wall and adjacent windows were now gaping holes as a result of the blast. The rain outside poured even harder, finding their way inside the room, as the lightning struck down. The rain was soaking him as he stood there looking down, a trail of red running down his body and pooling at his feet.

And that moment, Abi looked at Alex's back and she saw his flesh coming together, rapidly healing itself. She watched all the open wounds on his back all come together and how his body repaired itself until his wounds were no more. His dragon tattoo was still there, unharmed and intact, without even the tiniest scratch.

"He's gone," Alex mumbled before he turned and looked at her. His eyes were flooded with guilt.

Abi's lips trembled and she forced herself to lift her hands out to reach out to him.

"It's about time for your surgery," he said and he knelt down next to her. He was about to pick her up when Abi's eyes fell on the dagger, still protruding from his chest.

Her trembling hands were about to reach out for it but Alex stopped her.

"Don't touch it, Abigail," he said gently. He then picked her up in his arms and then he jumped from the third floor to the ground. He landed lightly on his feet, as if he had wings.




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