Hellbound With You Chapter 26

25 Zombied

Abi shivered as her shoulders started to shake. His ice cold voice woke her up from her frozen shock and her body started to react.

Everything happened so fast that she couldn't process what was happening. One second, she was inside a locked cubicle with that man and he was about to to

She started to breathe quickly as her heart pounded loudly in her ears, but her brain pushed through in processing the situation.

He was about to but then the door disappeared and the man disappeared. She had closed her eyes as the man closed in on her and in the next second, she just felt air swoosh through her face and the man was gone. She was shocked but then relief flooded her entire body. The man was gone! She was safe now. He was gone

She didn't even think about what had happened to that man or where he had disappeared to, only that he was finally gone.

But in the next second, she heard a loud thud on the other end of the restroom, which brought her out of her dazed state. With unsteady legs, she forced herself to move, to leave this cursed cubicle and flee. She was free now and she needed to run away from this place as fast as she could. That was what her brain was telling her to do. RUN! Get away from here, NOW!

With one shaky leg after another, holding on to the wash basin, she managed to take a few steps towards the door. She took a few more steps and stopped the moment she saw that man, being held up by his neck, with his blood staining the wall behind his head.

At that moment, she didn't feel anything. She didn't feel angry at him, or sorry for him, or any other emotion towards him. She was completely numb. She stared at the man with blank eyes and an expressionless face.

After a while, she turned away, intending to leave, but she was stopped in her tracks again, this time from a different type of shock. She hadn't paid attention to the man who was choking her attacker. She didn't really care who it was, but when he turned around to look at her with those cold, cold eyes, she froze. 'A-A-lex? W-what was he'

She felt shocked and confused and a whole lot of other emotions as she stared at him. Her brain stopped functioning again as one thought ran through her mind like a broken record - 'Alex is here and he saved me from that man.'

She felt like she turned into a zombie with only one focus - to eat brains - but in her case it was that Alex was the one who saved her.

The next thing she saw was Alex standing on the man's hands and the man screamed in pain. She couldn't take it! She closed her eyes and covered her ears, to block it all out. No, she didn't want to listen to his screams!

When she had opened her eyes again, she saw that Alex had punched the screaming man in the face and then, the screaming stopped.

She just stared at the bloody mess on the floor, her mind blank and empty of any thought, until he whispered those words in that icy cold voice of his.

She snapped out of her zombied state and she felt her body start to tremble.

The fear and terror she just experienced finally bubbled up to the surface. She couldn't hold it in anymore. The adrenalin had stopped pumping and her brain started working again and combined with the violent scene she had just seen, Abi's heart trembled down to its deepest core.

Abi had never experienced anything like this in her whole existence. Ever since she was a little girl, her family never watched violent movies. She was raised ever so properly that she even looked at the tags of books or movies before reading or watching it. Her family only ever watched general patronage movies and shows and so that was what she did as well. She only read classic books, sweet romance books and sometimes, heartbreaking books. She was that girl who hid her face if she saw any violence or R18 acts on TV by accident.

She was horrified at what could have happened to her that night. She finally realised the gravity of the situation she got herself into and she covered her mouth with her hands, as if to stifle the screams that were about to come out. Her face was filled with terror and her tears started to fall uncontrollably as her shoulders shook.

Alexander saw the horror written all over her face and he turned away as he thought that the girl was now definitely too scared to even look at him. 'Good! She should be scared!' he thought heartlessly.

He moved to leave her be, but before he could even take a step, he felt her frail arms wrap around his waist as she hugged him from behind. He felt her head settle on his back and his shirt dampen from her hot tears. He could also feel her whole body trembling from the shock of this experience.

Alexander's eyes turned wide at the unexpected turn of events. He had deliberately shown her the kind of violence he was capable of, the kind of hell he lived in, so why? Why was this little lamb still she should be terrified of him! She should be running as far away from him as she could! That was what any normal, sane person would do.

Alex ran his fingers through his hair, and in the next moment, his deadly aura dissipated. He felt himself slowly relax as the rage and murderous intent from his body was expelled from it. He closed his eyes to gather his thoughts before he took a deep, quiet breath.

He turned around to face her just in time to catch her before she fell to the floor.

It seemed that she had fainted.

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