Hellbound With You Chapter 259

258 The Best Thing

"No! Please, don't do this to me, Alex. Please!" Abi pleaded. Her voice shook as she tried to pull her hands away from him. Her mind was going numb, the pain in her heart had reached its peak and she didn't know if it would be able to take any more. It hurt so much that her tears had dried up and her body lost all its strength. If not for the rope that was tied around her, she would have fallen to her knees.

The smoke filled her lungs. There was no way she couldn't breathe it in. The smoke made her feel dizzy. No, please she couldn't succumb to this. If she did, her Alex, her husband would she would lose him forever.

Abi gritted her teeth and she begged him again and again.

"Alex you said you love me. I am your wife! You can't do this to me! Please! I don't know what I would do without you! You are my reason for living. Please, don't!," she cried in agony, filling the room with unbearable pain.

The storm outside still raged. The rain kept pounding on the roof, the thunder roared and the lightning flashed through the dark curtain, mirroring the turmoil inside that dark room. It was as if the world knew that something momentous was going to happen and it showed up to watch it happen.

Alex nearly broke down as he watched her. She was in so much pain. This girl didn't deserve any of this. He needed this to end now. Her pain needed to end now.

"She isn't hypnotised yet! Why?" he hissed in an ice cold voice as he looked at Xavier. His eyes were no longer calm. It was filled with an intent to kill - to kill Xavier - right then.

Xavier immediately felt the immense danger and he lifted his hand, with his thumb ready to press the button. He knew that even the tiniest mistake, a single moment of dropping his guard down, would cost him his life and he'd end up failing his mission. This was something he would never allow. He knew that this was probably going to be his only chance to kill Alex - the only and last chance he would ever have.

"Then, that means the incense isn't working on her?" Xavier told him, alert as ever.

"No, that's impossible!" Alex's voice was firm as Abi continued begging.

"Then why is she not affected by it?!" Xavier lost it. His eyes were glowing red now and the hair on his skin stood up. Alex's aura was triggering his natural defensive instincts. "Just do it now, Alex or I'll blow her up!!" he threatened, dead serious, showing his canines for good measure.

Alex's jaws clenched and Abi wailed even louder. "No, Alex! No! Don't do this, don't do this!"

Alex looked at Abi and he kissed her eyes, down to her lips.

"I'm so sorry," he whispered and Abi pleaded even harder, cried even harder, feeling like her throat was bleeding from all her pleading.

"Don't make me wait! Do it now, Alex! Plunge it straight into your chest!!" Xavier butted in, impatience and fear evident in his eyes.

But Alex just looked at him in the eyes.

"No, I need to wait. She needs to forget everything! She has to be hypnotized before killing me or she won't forget!" Alex demanded. His authoritative aura, the kind of authority nobody in this world could ever ignore, blazed from him and Xavier found himself being fucked up.

He couldn't believe this. Xavier couldn't believe that he was making him feel this kind of fear despite the fact that Alex was the one in his mercy.

"Xavier this is all I am asking you will get what you want. You will have your revenge on me. Just don't drag Abigail into this. She shouldn't live a life of endless pain because of me. The incense, you must have used the wrong ones, not the ones that the witch gave me," Alex told Xavier.

Xavier gnashed his teeth. "Don't even try doing anything funny, Alex. Remember, she will immediately explode into pieces once I press this button." Xavier warned, his red eyes blazing with threat and then before he knew it, his head turned to look at the incense pot.

"F*ck! There's nothing wrong with the incense!!" Xavier said, cursing. He couldn't believe the serpent was able to trick him.

He immediately looked up and saw that Alex was still there. His jaws clenched as he lifted his hand again.

"Damn it! I will give you three seconds! Push the dagger in your chest now or your wife will be blown into pieces!! I'm telling you I will press it! You refuse to die? Then I'll just take her away with me then. I will take away your wife!" he laughed. Xavier had turned into a maniac vampire and Alex knew that he couldn't talk some sense into him anymore. "1 2"

"I'll do it!" Alex's voice thundered and Xavier smirked. "I'll do it. Why would I let this chance slip away? I'm finally going to die," he added and his gaze fell back on Abigail.

Abigail had lost her voice. She could only shake her head and weep. Even her heart was numb now.

Alex took the dagger and pointed it at his chest again. He stared at Abigail and he smiled.

All the memories they shared together flashed between them, from the moment he had ordered Abi to step out from the pillar that she was hiding behind in that cold dark garage, until their wedding day and the passionate moments they shared.

Alex bumped his head on hers. "Thank you for everything, my wife you are by far the best thing that has ever come into my life in my thousands of years of existence. These few weeks with you happily sums up my lifetime. I love you," he whispered and then he held her hands, with the dagger still between them, and drove it towards his chest.




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