Hellbound With You Chapter 257

256 Vission

Abi wanted to fling the dagger away from her as far as possible. She wanted to touch him and hug him instead but Alex was holding her hands in place in a tight grip, with the dagger between them. He wouldn't let her pull away, as his eyes trapped her, not releasing her from the force of his hypnotic stare even as he answered her question.

"Yes," he uttered. His voice was weak but she heard it all the same. And his answer shattered Abigail. The corner of her lips twitched and she shook her head.

"No, you're lying. No this doesn't make sense. There's no way this is real. Immortals, dragons, witches, prophecies?! None of that is real! This must be a joke, right? Ok you guys got me. You can stop joking around now!" Her mouth spouted out these words of denial as she looked back at Alex, her eyes wholly begging him to tell her that this was just a prank, a very dark and intense prank, but a prank nonetheless. Would they stop this madness now that she caught them out? Would they finally stop playing these tricks on her? Would he finally turn to her and laugh and say that this was all just a big joke?

She waited for them to tell her it was all a joke but no such mercy came. His eyes told her this wasn't a joke or a nightmare, but reality.

"Please Alex let go of my hand. Keep this dagger away from me," she begged as she looked down, looking at his hand on hers and the dagger in between them.

Alex felt his heart being smashed and crumpled and shredded over and over again. His agony and pain was reflected in his wife's face. The pure innocence radiating from her eyes were gone. All he could see now was her unimaginable fear and burning pain. The pain from seeing her like this, the pain from knowing that he was responsible for all this, and the pain from making the only person he had ever cared for this miserable It accumulated and compounded within him that he could feel nothing else. He had never felt anything come close to this that he was almost paralysed by it.

His blood blazed, intent on burning him from the inside, out. No, to him, this was worse than being burned alive. Worse than being cut into pieces alive. If that knife was plunged into him at that moment, he wouldn't have felt any pain from that because it would be overshadowed by what he was feeling at that moment. Maybe that would be a mercy, a way for all this pain to stop.

"How can you be so sure that I am the one who was born to kill you? You don't have any proof Alex! All you have are some mumbo jumbo words from a woman! How do you know what she said was even real? She could have been making things up so you wouldn't ki-"

"I'm sorry Abigail," Alex cut her off before those words could come out of her lips. He didn't want to hear those words from her lips, the words that spoke of what he had done, things he now regretted.

After watching this moving scene, Xavier finally cut in.

"Do you want me to tell her, Alex?" he asked with a mocking smile. When Alex didn't even glance at him, Abigail demanded to know everything!

"Well, okay. Since Abigail wants to know, why not spill all the beans out? She'll forget about all of this anyway," Xavier said, almost gloating. "Besides, I'd like to see her expression, and yours, when she finally realises that tonight, she will kill the man she loves."

"Just spill it out, Xavier!" she yelled in pain. Xavier looked at the immobile Alex and he smirked.

"Sure," he agreed. "Indeed, you are right, Miss Abigail. We have no proof that it is you. Alex had been with countless girls for this one purpose. He had been trying to find this so-called someone - a woman - for centuries, to no success. You wouldn't believe how many women he has taken to his bed. I doubt you could imagine it," he said, intently looking at Abi's face as he figuratively pushed a knife into her heart. He smiled with glee when he got a reaction from her.

"He actually hypnotised these women and he forcefully made them stab him but it didn't work. Every single attempt to end his life had failed. But you see vampires aren't the only creatures that exist in this world. Witches are also still out there, keeping their powers hidden. Do you know what the queen had envisioned? I heard that these were the words the queen said: 'She will be born, a woman who would give you both life and death.'" Xavier paused, as if he was thinking about this phrase and its meaning. It was all an act, of course, and he continued a second later.

"You see, before you came into Alex's life, Alex was nothing but a living vessel, exactly like the living dead. But when you came along, he became almost human. He actually looked alive. You have been the only one who has made him that way. But not only that, the witches have confirmed it. You are the one in that ancient queen's vision."

Abi felt like she was being choked. "That's just a vision. What if there was some kind of mistake?" she trembled. "I don't have any connection to any of this! How could I be the one you guys are looking for? This doesn't make sense!" Abi argued, in tears.

"Well, I am not really sure if you really don't have any connection, though," Xavier uttered as he looked at Alex. "But I don't think that's of any relevance. You people always don't believe this sort of thing anyway," Xavier answered, shutting down her arguments. "Should we light up the incense, Alex? Your wife has been kind to me so I think I, at least, should be a little kinder to her. Besides, this was your plan all along, wasn't it, to hypnotize her into doing your bidding? And then, once you're dead, she would forget everything and it would be like Abigail Chen had never met Alexander Qin." Xavier said with a disdainful smirk on his lips.




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