Hellbound With You Chapter 256

255 Story

"Xavier!" Alex gritted his teeth. His eyes blazed like hellfire, stopping himself with all his might.

Xavier didn't move and he looked back at Alex with a cold expression.

"Let her go," Alex demanded but a small smile just curved on Xavier's lips. He averted his gaze towards Abi, and then he lifted his hand. He held something and showed Alex - he held the trigger of the bomb in his hand.

"I know you are fast Alex, so this is the only way. No matter how fast you are, you can't be as fast as me pressing this button," Xavier said causing Alex to clench his fists tight.

"Tell me, why are you doing this?" Alex asked after a while of silence. His eyes calm but Xavier knew that behind those calmness lies a demon ready to go berserk.

Xavier looked intently into Alex's eyes again and he sighed. "So this is how it feels to have the most powerful man at your mercy, huh?" He smirked, his eyes moving yet sad again.

"Alex do you remember me when I was young?" he asked. His eyes were now being clouded with nothing but hate. "No, right? Because I was nothing in your eyes. I know about your story so I thought you would understand mine. I am like you. A so-called prince, but also an outcast. And you do you even remember who my mother was? Alex I was there when you executed my mother. She was not a traitor. She begged for your mercy but you were heartless. You were a monster! And then, you bedded my sister before she too died in your hands. I wished countless times that I could make you feel what I felt then. I wanted to kill Abigail before your eyes, Alex, so you would understand the pain. I wanted to torture her right before your eyes so you would know how it felt."

As those words came out of Xavier, Alex didn't speak and Abi, who was silently tearing up, could only stand there and look at Alex. She didn't want to think and process all the things she was hearing. No, this wasn't true! Alex he he wouldn't have done any of these things, right?

"But I'm not going to do that. Your wife doesn't even know what kind of disgusting monster you are. And I am not sure if you really have the heart to even feel and experience everything I went through from losing all the people close to me. You are a monster after all, with no heart. That's why" he trailed off and carefully moved towards Abi, not averting his eyes from Alex.

Xavier dropped an ancient looking dagger at Alex's feet.

When Abi saw that dagger, her throat constricted, like she was being strangled. She had seen that dagger before. That was the same dagger that dripped with blood she had seen in her nightmares. Her face turned pale as she looked at Alex in horror.

"Now if you don't want me to blow your woman up, do it, Alex," Xavier said. He looked like a maniac. His eyes turned red again as his thumb itched to press the button. "Move now, Alex!" Xavier ordered. "Or I'll blow her up!"

Alex stared at Abi. Terror, confusion, questions, and fear flooded her eyes. She tried to open her lips to say something but she couldn't seem to be able to do it.

Alex glanced at Xavier one more time. The man was deadly serious, almost as if he was possessed so Alex bent down slowly and picked the dagger.

When his eyes met Abi's, he saw tears flowing down her face like a waterfall. He took a single step and Abi began to shake her head. Her body shivered in fear. The memories. Those nightmares. That look in Alex's eyes. She felt like her dream was being reenacted. No, no, no this couldn't be real! This was nonsense! She had to be dreaming! Abi, wake up! wake up from this now!

She was praying that she would wake up but it didn't work. Her thoughts were so scrambled. But the chaos halted when Alex halted just inches before her. He lifted his hand and wiped her tears away. His touch felt so real, his hands so warm on her skin.

"Abigail" he called out. His voice was hoarse and filled with guilt and sadness. "I'm sorry it came out to this. I'm sorry," he whispered and then he placed the dagger in her tied hands.

It was then that Abi remembered the story he told her. She shook her head again and finally she found her voice.

"T-that book The book you read to me," she stuttered, her lips trembling. She didn't know what she was saying anymore. That morning, that day before she heard the news about Betty was when Abi saw Alex's back. The back that should have been covered by wounds and scars and scratches from their car accident was completely smooth and flawless. Abi started to connect the dots, no matter how ridiculous they seemed. She couldn't get the story he told her out of her mind so she went and searched for it. She found the book and to her surprise, the book was just a biography of some person she had never heard of. The story he told her wasn't there. The story wasn't about a ruthless emperor. "W-was that your story?"

Abi held her breath as she wept nonstop. Her body and mind starting to go numb.

Alex's jaws clenched.

"Yes," he replied and Abi sobbed even harder. Her heart was breaking into million pieces. The only thing she wanted to believe at that moment was that this was all just a dream. This was just a nightmare and that it wasn't real.

"So are you saying that this is how you die... that the person who would be born to kill you, is me?"




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