Hellbound With You Chapter 253

252 Hellben

In an underground bar somewhere in the heart of the City

Zeke ventured inside the bar after being informed by his people about what had happened. He basically didn't have to conduct his own search for Abigail because he was too damn busy cleaning up after the man who had gone on a rampage. He sighed as he saw more dead bodies lying on the ground in a crumpled mess, blood splattered everywhere. Alex was leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake and Zeke had no choice but to clean up after his mess. This couldn't go on. Alex needed to be stopped. No matter how enraged he was, this wasn't the solution.

Zeke bent down and surveyed the lifeless men lying on the ground. He didn't feel any sympathy towards these people. These men made up the bottom of the food chain, dealing in all sorts of illegal activities from weapon distribution to human trafficking. They also were the people who would take a sum of money in exchange for kidnapping people. They were the dredge of society and they would have eventually met the same end. He only wished it wasn't by Alex because then he wouldn't have to clean up this bloody mess.

After leaving his men in the underground bar, Zeke boarded in his car. He, of course, didn't have to stay and do the dirty work. That was what his men were for. Sitting in the driver's seat of his car, Zeke pulled out his phone and dialed a number. He decided to call Alex to see if he would be able to stop this maniac from doing any more harm. When the phone rang and rang and rang, he thought that it was a long shot for Alex to pick up his phone, especially when he was like a madman. He sighed and as he was about to hang up, the call was picked up on the other line, surprisingly.

"Hello? Alex?" Zeke said because the man didn't answer. Alex didn't say a word but knowing that he was listening, Zeke continued to talk. "Alex, I am 100% certain Abigail is still in the city." Zeke assured him. "Also, stop doing unnecessary things. Stop spilling blood because at this rate, whoever took her will be scared to come forward to demand their ransom. Don't worry, I'm certain they will not hurt her. It's not Abigail's life they want, but yours."

When Alex still didn't respond, Zeke eventually ended the call. He only hoped that Alex listened to what he had to say and would stop being a rampaging demon who was hellbent on taking down the entire city, if not the world, to find his wife.

After analysing all the evidence from Abigail's disappearance, he was certain that this wasn't done by his people or people who sided with him because if it was, Abigail would have been found dead by now. Besides, he knew no one would dare defy his order to leave Abigail be.

Damn! He needed to get to Alex before the man found Abigail otherwise, he might be too late. At least the man was leaving a bloody obvious trail so he could follow that to find him.

With a serious expression, Zeke's car sped up like a bullet.

The sky was already dark and inside another underground office, Alex had his hand on a man's throat, slowly squeezing the life out of him.

"Tell me, where is she?" Alex demanded. The tone of his voice made it seem like he was calm and collected but on the inside, rage filled him like an active volcano about to erupt. Alex loosened his grip to allow the man to answer him.

"I... don't know. I-I don't know a-anything! We never receive any orders to abduct your wife," the man sputtered.

Wrong answer! Alex's grip tightened again. "WHERE IS SHE?!" Alex yelled at the man as he finally burst. It was as if the thin thread that was holding on to his sanity finally broke and there was no humanity left in him. His eyes were wild and unseeing as he stared at the man he held in his hand. And before he knew it, snap! The man became limp and Alex threw him aside as if he was a lightweight doll.

Soaked with blood, Alex somehow found his way to Abi's house. It was past midnight already. Abi had been missing for about 12 hours - 12 hours too long! He had searched the entire city, leaving a trail of blood behind him. This place was the last place he didn't check. He stared up the closed window of her room, wishing, hoping that Abigail was there. He remembered that night he jumped through her window and confessed to her.

He jumped up and landed softly on the veranda. He broke the glass window and opened it. It was dark but even though he couldn't see anything, he couldn't sense her presence. She wasn't there.

The rain started to fall, pounding hard on the rooftop. Thunder and lightning roared as if the world was raging, as if it responded to his rampant emotions.

After some time, Alex began to crumble. The rage that had fueled him, that had kept his fear at bay, was slowly fading. He looked devastated. Every minute that went by... He couldn't bear to think about it. No! He was not going to stop until he found her, even if he had to go berserk and destroy everything.

Why? Why would they take his Abigail at this crucial moment? Abigail had to be found. Her surgery was early tomorrow. He must find her!

His demon was starting to eat him, driving him to stray from his goal of finding Abigail first. The demon in him wanted to just kill. His aura started blazing, his eyes turned red as fire. He was losing himself.

But at that moment, his eyes were drawn to the small aquarium on Abi's bedside table. Abi's smiling face started to appear in his head, like a bright light persisting to peek out from the ominous clouds. And then, her voice rang in his mind, 'Let's go home, Alex.'

Alex's eyes widened. That was right, there was one place he hadn't checked yet!




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