Hellbound With You Chapter 252

251 Last Day

"If you want to," Alex pinched her cheek slightly.

Abi was so happy at Alex's suggestion but she felt like this wasn't the right time to do this. After all, she still had her surgery to go through and the future is still unknown.

"Thank you, Alex. This is very thoughtful of you" she kissed him before she pulled away and looked at him. "I would like to but I think we should wait until after the surgery to talk about it more."

"I see whatever you want, wife."

Abi smiled and kissed him again. "Thank you, I love you," she whispered and Alex responded to her kiss. Without knowing how it happened, Abi somehow ended up on top of him, kissing him passionately.

Alex really wanted to pin her down but he was determined to keep trying to tame himself and not let his beast get out of control. At least, just for now, until his wife was fully healed. His Abi would overcome her condition and that they would live a long happy life together.

Abi trailed kisses from his lips down to his nape as she unbuttoned his shirt. The bad girl came out to play. She was going to eat him whole again and Alex was dying for it.

Thus, that night, the bad girl Abi dominated her husband, as Alex became satisfied being under her for three nights in a row.

Abi and Alex had a pleasant breakfast before Abi's family arrived and they all went to Little Betty's room.

Today was the last day. Abi's surgery was going to start early in the morning the next day.

Alex decided to give her the day to be with her family so he went to look for Zeke. The two men chatted for a while and then Alex left to make sure everything was prepared for the next day. He checked on the nurses that would be accompanying Zeke during the procedure, and everyone else who was going to be present in the surgery room.

Alex wouldn't forgive any mistakes and he made that known. He was not going to let anything go wrong.

Despite Zeke telling him that he had nothing to worry about, that his team was the best, the equipment was top notch and he himself was performing the surgery, Alex still insisted. He was being extra careful, almost desperate, because until now, his unease had not gone away.

That afternoon, Alex went back to Little Betty's room. He already missed his wife even though it had only been a few hours since he left her.

He smiled at Abi's family, no, his family now as well, when he entered the room. However, his heart began to hammer when he couldn't see Abigail inside.

"Where's Abigail?" he asked and Andrew immediately frowned.

"Didn't you call her? She went out of this room almost an hour ago," Andrew said and Alex immediately felt his throat tighten, as if a strong hand was strangling him. His pulse began to thump wildly and his blood boiled.

"What's wrong? She's not with you? Where is she then?" Andrew's face began to worry as he stepped closer to Alex.

But before Andrew could reach him, Alex suddenly dashed out of the room. He cursed. His aura was becoming dark as worry and panic set in. He rushed towards their room, calling out her name.

He looked everywhere but she wasn't there, not in the bathroom or anywhere else.

He called Zeke and told him Abi was missing. Zeke immediately ordered to lock down the hospital as Alex rushed to the rooftop, hoping that his wife was there, just getting some fresh air.

The door to the rooftop was opened with a loud thud. He looked around but he couldn't see her. He walked to the spot where he proposed to her. It was empty. He walked all the way around the rooftop but there was nobody around.

"Abigail! Where are you?!" he called out. No one answered him. F*ck! He was starting to tremble. This couldn't be happening!!

"Abigail!!!" he yelled, calling out. He clenched his fists so tight that blood started to drip from his hand.

He dashed down again. Zeke's men started the search. It was happening again. The same thing that happened in the palace. Abigail had disappeared again.

They went to check the CCTV only to find that the CCTv's hadn't been recording anything in the last hour. It appeared that someone had tampered with the CCTV's.

Kai arrived to help search for her but they couldn't find her inside the hospital.

Where the hell was she?! Alex pulled out his phone and tried ringing her but he couldn't reach her.

They were on extra alert. Even the poker faced Zeke looked more serious than ever. They all knew that this was a disaster and Alex was like a ticking time bomb.

The search continued. Zeke didn't bother informing the authorities. They knew this wasn't a simple kidnapping. This was something only they would know how to deal with.

Alex didn't say another word and when he confirmed that Abigail wasn't at the hospital, he too left and disappeared without a word.

"Kai, go back to the kingdom. Do whatever you can and use anything to find her," Zeke ordered Kai.

"But Alex"

"Leave him to me. I'll find him."

With that, everyone also dispersed.

Daylight started to fade and the long arms of darkness started to wrap around them. The sky looked gloomy and dark, ominous even, almost creepy. And still, there was no sign of Abi.

Alex was in his car, drenched in blood. He had checked all the places in this city that he knew his enemies were hiding. But she wasn't there. She was nowhere to be found.

His eyes blazing with hellfire. Where are you, Abigail?!

He felt like he had checked the whole damn city but he came up with nothing! Where on Earth could she be?!




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