Hellbound With You Chapter 251

250 Little Betty

Abi was hugging her husband as she looked at Little Betty. The heart transplant went well but as with most things, time would tell if her body accepts the new heart or not. However, Abi didn't dwell on that fact and just rejoiced that a donor heart was found just in time. She was so happy for the little girl, so happy that she wasn't taken away from them at such a tender age.

A miracle had finally happened right before her eyes and it filled Abi with so much hope and faith that she too would overcome her trials, that maybe she too would be blessed with her own miracle and get to live and spend her lifetime with Alex.

That day, Abi didn't leave Little Betty's side. The little girl had no family - well, in the sense of blood relations anyway. She did have a new family with Abi and everyone at the orphanage and even though the teachers and other kids wanted to come say hi to her, other visitors weren't allowed to see the little girl yet. Abi was the only one who could accompany the little girl.

Alex didn't insist on bringing her home from that day onwards. He thought that it was better for them to stay at the hospital now as it was only two more days before the surgery. Besides, Alex, for some reason, felt an unpleasant unease in the pit of his stomach. He had a feeling that danger might be waiting for them again if he took Abi home which added some weight on his decision to stay there. Another reason was so that Abi wouldn't worry about the little girl if she was away from her. This way, Abi could check on the girl whenever she wanted and that meant that she would be calm rather than be anxious, which would help her for her own surgery to come.

Inside Zeke's office, Alex was leaning by the wall as he looked outside the window. He didn't ask where and how Zeke found a heart donor. He didn't ask if that was the reason why he went back to Country V.

"By the way, Alex, why don't you and Abigail adopt the girl?" Zeke spoke in a nonchalant tone, as if he just asked Alex if he wanted a drink and not the bombshell he just dropped.

"Shouldn't you be the one who should do that? You were the one who saved her after all," Alex replied, glancing at Zeke with curiosity. He still didn't understand why Zeke was doing all this for the little girl. He never cared about another human being, let alone a weak, dying little girl. The thought that the little girl had managed to melt Zeke's heart was the only answer Alex could think of.

Zeke was quiet for a while and a slight smile curved on his lips. "You want to entrust your wife's favorite little sister to me?" his voice was suddenly sarcastic.

Alex sighed. His theory was that Zeke was doing this for the sake of his goal or maybe he had another plan which Alex didn't really care about anymore. Whatever his motives, Alex just let him be. He didn't want to bother trying to decipher Zeke's thoughts or plans anymore because he had bigger things to think about. His mind was too occupied with the upcoming surgery and the reason behind his unease so he just turned around and left, not giving Zeke an answer.

That evening, Alex and Abi were cuddling on the bed, preparing to go to sleep. Abi snuggled closer to him, wrapping his arm around her waist. She was about to say goodnight to her husband but she stopped when she noticed his expression.

It was Alex's turn to look lost in his thoughts and he was the one who was now unusually quiet.

"Are you okay, Alex?" Abi asked him as she turned to face him.

Alex's eyes widened a little. "I'm fine. Why do you ask?"

"You just seem very quiet, that's all. What are you thinking about?"

Alex saw her curious expression and he smiled. He turned to face her and then stared intently in her eyes. "Would you like for us to adopt little Betty?" asked Alex seriously.

Abi blinked at him silently before her mouth formed a round 'O' in surprise. She did not see this coming at all! How did Alex even come up with this idea?

"Y-you want us to adopt her?!" she exclaimed, still in disbelief. Abi had been thinking about doing this even before she met Alex. The little girl had a special place in Abi's heart and she desperately wanted to do this but with her condition and the fact that she was single were big obstacles. There was no way she would have been able to adopt Little Betty under those circumstances. Maybe, even with Alex, they still may not be able to adopt the little girl because Abi's future was still very uncertain.

At the orphanage, everyday there was a possibility that a couple could come in and want to adopt one of the children. Abi had seen many people come along but once they found out that Little Betty had a heart condition, these people would ultimately not consider adopting her. It tore Abi's heart every time she saw the hope in the little girl's eyes, only to end up in disappointment. Part of her hoped that the little girl would find a couple worthy of loving her and giving her everything she wanted and needed in this world. Abi very much wanted to be that person for Little Betty so a small part of her also hoped that no one would take Little Betty away from her. She knew it was selfish of her to hope for this, especially because she knew her time was running out, but she also knew that if a good couple wanted to adopt the little girl, she wouldn't stand in their way because ultimately, she just wanted to see Little Betty happy. She deserved that much.

When Little Betty's heart problem became worse, the thought of adopting her had been replaced by worry and the thought of how to help her and make her happy. But now that she was safe, would they send her back to the orphanage again?




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