Hellbound With You Chapter 250

249 The Cause

"It's okay, Abigail. Zeke's here. He's going inside the room," Alex told his wife. Abi looked up and when she saw Ezekiel, and two nurses behind him carrying a chilly bin, enter the room, her sobs stopped and she wiped her tears away. "Come, let's take a seat," Alex said and he pulled Abi to a row of seats in the corridor.

Alex led her to the bench. The glass window was then covered with a curtain and most of the doctors stepped out of the room. Alex could already tell that Ezekiel asked everyone out except for the two people who were with him.

The doctors were silent as they left the room.

"Why are they leaving?" Abi asked.

"Zeke doesn't like working with others but don't worry, he's better than all of those doctors who just left. It's okay, everything will be fine." Alex rested her head on his chest.

Time passed and one of the nurses with Zeke stepped out and approached them.

"Sir, Mr. Qin said that you can go home. He's going to start the heart transplant and it will be a while before the procedure is finished. He said that you don't need to wait and that you should get some rest. He said he will call you once he's done." The nurse told them before she bowed and immediately returned inside.

Abi gaped. "H-heart transplant? He found a donor?!" her eyes widened as she looked at her husband.

"Seems like it," was Alex's reply. His brows were pulled into a knot but after a while, his expression changed. "You heard what the nurse said, Abigail. We should go home and wait for the news there. The surgery will take hours." Alex urged. "Don't worry, she'll be fine. We'll come back as soon as the surgery's over."

"Can we stay in the hospital for tonight?"

Seeing that his wife was hesitant to leave, Alex could only agree. After all, this was better than them taking another trip early in the morning.

They stayed at her booked VVIP room that night. She looked really tired and drained so it didn't take her long to fall asleep in Alex's arms.

Abi woke up in a dark, dark place. This place again. Where was she? Why was she in this place again? There was white smoke swirling all around her. Choking her. She knew she was having that nightmare again. The blood, the dagger and Alex. And it felt so real. She wanted to wake up but couldn't.

Alex looked like he was in agony. He was in pain. He was gritting his teeth as if trying to push the pain away. He was saying something and he looked like he was begging as he walked towards her, his eyes fierce like a beast but there was a tear at the corner of his eye. Why? Why did he look so sad?

She shook her head as she stepped back. But then, blood started to spill before her. She screamed. She called Alex's name. Everything turned dark.

"Abigail! Abigail!" Alex called out as he shook his wife. She was moaning and her face was covered with sweat.

Abi finally opened her eyes. She was finally pulled out of that dark, dark place. Her body shivered from the remnants of her nightmare, still vivid in her mind. Alex? Are you okay? These were the first coherent thoughts that ran through her head as her brain was pulled into the land of reality again.

"What's wrong? Are you okay?" When she saw Alex's face, Abi hugged him tight, terrified. "Were you having a nightmare again?"

She nodded as she struggled to stabilize her breathing. He was okay! Alex was okay.

Alex's jaws clenched as he rubbed her back, patiently waiting for her to calm down. He felt angry but he didn't know what he was angry at, or whom. He couldn't believe that his precious Abi couldn't even get a peaceful night's sleep. He heard her call out his name and that was what woke him up. When she called out his name, she sounded pained, panicked and horrified. He knew then that he was in her nightmares. That he was somehow the cause of all this

"Let me get you something to drink," Alex said as he pulled away. He walked over the table and poured her a glass of water.

The nightmares were getting worse, getting longer and becoming more vivid. But it was very strange. She never used to have nightmares as long as she was sleeping next to Alex but this time, she had a nightmare even when he was with her. But also, why did she have the same dream over and over again? She had never had two dreams that were the same, so what did all this mean? Was there something more to her dream than just a recurring nightmare? Was this some kind of premonition? What did it all mean?!

Abi sat up and drank the water, wiping away the layer of sweat on her forehead. Her heart had finally settled down and her breathing was almost back to normal. However, when she closed her eyes, the images were still there, so vivid and striking that she felt like she could never erase these images from her mind.

She put the glass on the side table and crawled into Alex's arms. She wrapped her arms around him and he pulled her closer to him. Abi just let herself be wrapped up in Alex's warmth and she felt the negative emotions start to flow out of her. Her body eventually relaxed as they stayed in that position for a while.

"Feeling better?" he asked, gently. Her face began to get some color again.

"Mm." She nodded and her eyes caught the time on the clock. It was already dawn. That's right, Betty! "How's little Betty? How was the surgery?!" Abi exclaimed the moment she remembered where they were and why.

Alex looked at his phone and frowned when there were no missed calls or messages from Zeke.

However, as if Zeke had heard his thoughts, the phone rang. Alex immediately answered.

"How is she?"




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