Hellbound With You Chapter 249

248 What If

The sun was out and streaming across the bedroom when Alex woke up. His wife was still sleeping so he quietly left the bed and went to shower. As his water dripped down his body, he couldn't help but remember the last time he was in this shower and all the tantalising images that Abi had imprinted within his mind. The shower quickly turned from hot to cold to cool his body and his mind.

He dried off his body and wrapped a towel around his waist as he used another towel to dry his hair. He walked out of the bathroom and noticed that Abi was awake.

"Good morning," he greeted her with a smile, still drying his hair as he walked half naked before her, displaying his flawless body.

The still half-awake Abi looked at him, surprised and pleased. A sweet smile curved on her face as she greeted him back. "Good morning."

Alex walked towards her and his palms pressed against the bed as he bent down and gave her a good morning peck on her cheek. "Did you have a good sleep?" he asked, surveying her face.

Abi rubbed her eyes a little before she looked at him, his towel was draped around his neck and his hair still wet. She couldn't believe a sexy god was standing before her, half naked, so early in the morning.

Reaching out for the towel, Abi draped it on his head and continued to dry his hair. "I slept well," she told him and Alex flashed his glorious smile, letting her do whatever she wanted to with him.

"Okay, go and get dressed," Abi pulled away and Alex finally pulled himself up.

"Wife, why do I feel like you don't want to see me naked?" A smirk curved on his face and he bent down again, his nose nearly rubbing hers. "Is it because I am arousing you just by standing before you half-naked?"

Abi bit her lips. Her husband was teasing her but this time, Abi didn't blush. Instead, she lifted her finger and touched his chin.

"Yes" she told him, her gaze turned deadly sexy. "I feel like you're asking me to punish you again," she added and Alex's first reaction was a gulp. Oh god! What did his wife just say? The bad girl was showing up again!

Alex pulled away and cleared his throat. "Okay, I'll go get changed."

With just that, Alex turned and headed to the door as Abi silently chuckled. However, her smile instantly faded when she saw his back.

The couple spent another day just doing mundane things as they spent the day with each other. There were only three more days before Abi's surgery so Alex was extra careful. He forbade anyone to visit the house, no matter who it was, unless they were a doctor. He was determined not to cause anymore disturbances or give any reason for Abi's peace of mind to be disrupted.

But for some reason, Abi seemed to be lost in her thoughts since that morning and Alex couldn't help but feel a little worried, thinking that something was a bit off with her.

The light faded and darkness enveloped the sky but Abi still seemed preoccupied. When Alex tried to get her attention, she would look at him and respond but then her mind would wander off again. She was silent and seemed to be in deep contemplation . Alex finally decided to ask what was going on but at that moment, a call disrupted him.

Abi's phone was the one that rang.

"Hello?" He heard her greet the person on the other side of the phone and then, her face suddenly became pale.

Alex frowned and walked over to her.

"What's wrong?" he asked, worried, because of the horror in her eyes.

"Betty they said that Little Betty was in critical condition and she may not make it this time," she stuttered as the phone fell to the floor.

Alex cursed. He knew how important that child was to Abigail. Why did this news have to come now? Why couldn't things stay peaceful even for just a few days?

Abi insisted on going to the hospital to visit the little girl. Alex had no choice but to let her go, not when she looked worried to death and devastated like that. Still, he worried about what this news could do to her health and mental state.

Alex piloted the helicopter with Abi beside him. He didn't want to drive a car to avoid the possibility of getting into another car accident.

When they arrived at the hospital, they immediately rushed to Little Betty's room but they weren't allowed inside but she could see what was happening. There were many doctors inside and they were trying to revive her and the one thing that Abi could hear was the sound coming from the machine ; that single, long, beep indicating that the child's heart wasn't beating anymore.

Abi hugged Alex, tight and hard, as she buried her face on his chest. She couldn't watch what was happening. Even though she knew this was coming, it still hurt. Little Betty was so young and this happening to her was too cruel.

"Alex where is doctor Qin? He can save her, right?" Abi sobbed and trembled in Alex's embrace.

That was right. Where was that guy? He said he'd be back after two days. He was supposed to be back by now.

Patting his wife's back, Alex brought out his phone. He had to get Zeke. This child couldn't die. That would be a lethal blow for Abigail! The child must not die!

Alex frantically dialed Zeke's phone number but the call was not going through. His grip on the phone tightened and it almost cracked in his hands.

The world was not giving him what he wanted. Why? All he wanted was some peace for a few days but that seemed to be something the universe wouldn't allow him to have. Damn. He was starting to get angry.

He could go and find that guy but he didn't want to leave his wife even for a moment. However, if the child died...

As Alex was doing his best to contain himself and his rage, he saw a man in a doctor's coat open the door and dash inside the room. Relief flooded Alex's heart when he saw that the doctor was the man he had been trying to get hold off. With Zeke here, Little Betty's chances of survival increased exponentially.




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