Hellbound With You Chapter 248

247 Cursed

Alex was drying Abi's hair after his punishment had been handed to him. That was such one hell of a kind experience for him and even Abi felt that their sex life as husband and wife wouldn't be as innocent as it once had been after tonight.

Once her hair was dry and the knots combed out, Alex gathered her and tucked her in the bed. A soft gentle kiss landed on her forehead.

"Are you okay? I hope you aren't too exhausted," he told her, his eyes loving and gentle.

She smiled and a soft blush crept up her cheeks. The bad girl was gone and his innocent little lamb was back again.

"I'm fine," she assured him and Alex sat next to her.

"Should I read you the continuation of that story before you sleep?"

Abi looked at him with wide eyes. This was the first time he offered to read her a book. And yes, she almost forgot about that story.

"Yes hubby please. I want to know the continuation of that book!" she exclaimed. She looked excited.

Looking at her face now, Alex's eyes brimmed with gladness. He couldn't believe this wife of his had just been crying just a while ago.

Abi then watched her husband as he stood up and got the book. He positioned her and made her lay on his lap as he stroked her hair.

"Okay, I'm going to start now."


"The prince who had become the ruthless emperor of a vast empire started to sail around the world and conquered every kingdom in sight. He was powerful and none could stand against him. However, in one of the biggest kingdoms he conquered, a queen, sentenced to death by him, told him , 'you will never conquer the world. You know why? The world is vast but you will grow old one day and die.'

The ruthless emperor mercilessly killed the queen. He became more of a demon than human. But what that queen told him started to bug him. 'She was right,' he thought. If he wanted to conquer the world, if he wanted to rule the world and make everyone submit to him, he must not die, he must not grow old; he must live forever.

Thus, the ruthless emperor halted his quest of conquering kingdoms. He searched the world to find the source of eternal life. In one of his trips, he caught a witch who told him about the last dragon rumored to be guarding the gates of hell. The witch told him that he had to defeat the dragon and drink its blood. That was the only way he could become an immortal.

The ruthless emperor didn't hesitate. He went and found the dragon. His greed consumed him. He sacrificed hundreds of thousands of his own soldiers to defeat the dragon.

After years of battle, he succeeded. He was able to kill it with his own two hands and drink its blood."

"Did he become immortal?" Abi asked when Alex paused. She didn't know why but the story piqued her interest so much, even though she felt like Alex was omitting a lot of things from the book and was just summarizing it.

"I think you should sleep now."

"Please, Alex a little bit more there's no way I can sleep without knowing what happens next."

Alex stared at her in silence but in the end, he couldn't refuse.

"The witch was right. Drinking the blood of that dragon gave him immortal life. From that day on, the world trembled under his feet. He conquered and killed without mercy until he sat on the throne as the king of the world. He succeeded in becoming the most powerful being in the world and the powerful race where he once belonged to, became his slaves. The royal family, his own family who cast him away, became his servants. He had become the devil in human form and he became worse by the day.

But years began to pass by like days in his eyes. All the people he knew eventually died before his eyes and even the superior race that could live for hundreds of years died as well. He watched them leave the world and became one with the dust, forgotten by time.

He began to get bored and he began to get sick of it - living. He had done what he wanted to do and there was nothing left for him to do but watch everyone die.

After a thousand years, he left his throne. He disappeared and the kingdoms began to rule their own again. Because the ruthless king never came back."

"What happened to him?"

"He spent his days looking for something meaningful to live for, something to make his long life bearable, but after searching for so long, he could not find it. So he started wanting to die. He tried many ways to kill himself. He jumped into the ocean to drown himself, he starved himself, set himself on fire, asked someone to cut him into pieces, and many more but he just couldn't die."

"He didn't die even if they cut his head?"

"He didn't. He would regenerate instantly."

"What happened to him next?"

"He then realized that, far too late, that immortal life was a curse. That he was cursed. The ruthless emperor spent another thousands of years looking for ways to die. This was his last wish, to die and end his cursed life."

Abi didn't know why but she felt sympathetic towards the ruthless emperor.

"Did he find a way to die?"

"No but one day, he ended up back in the Kingdom where he was born. The royal family was still ruled by the descendants of his powerful family. The superior creatures knew about him but to the common human, he was now just a myth.

The king of that kingdom and everyone else in it bowed to him. He decided to stay there without a purpose. He just wanted to die.

While he was there, the queen, gifted with the gift of sight, had a dream. She dreamt that one day, someone would be born who would be able to kill him."

"Someone?" Abi asked in great curiosity but Alex had closed the book.

"It's pretty late, my wife. Let's stop here."


"Shh there's still tomorrow."

Alex kissed her lips to stop her from protesting and then he put the book on the table and turned the light off before he pulled her into his arms.

"Sleep now, Abigail. I can't let you stay awake anymore," he said and Abi no longer insisted.

However, she couldn't sleep.

"It's ironic, isn't it." Abi suddenly said in the darkness.


"The ruthless emperor's story."

"Why do you think it's ironic?"

"Because we're complete opposites. He is seeking death while I am seeking life."

". . ."




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