Hellbound With You Chapter 247

246 So Bad

Abi grabbed the soap and, still holding his gaze, started to wash herself. Soap suds trailed behind the soap as she lathered her whole body, starting from her neck to down to her flat stomach, covering her slick skin with soapy bubbles.

Alex was the first to break eye contact as his eyes hungrily followed her hands. He imagined that his hands were the ones roaming all over her, imagined the taste of her skin and his body turned rigid. He couldn't believe this was the punishment Abigail came up with. This was indeed torturous.

After cleaning herself with the soap, it was Alex's turn to be washed. With the soap in her hand, she started to wash him but this was very different to the way she had washed him that first time they had a shower together. Unlike the brisk, no nonsense scrubbing she had conducted previously, this time was much more measured, sensual and intimate.

It seemed she had taken his lesson to heart that day when he showed her how to 'wash' him properly. Now he didn't know if he should regret showing her or if he should be rejoicing instead. He was torn between the land of pleasure and pain and she was doing this to him. Did she know what she was doing to him? Did she care?

Abigail's hands trailed downwards and she knelt on the floor to 'clean' his thighs and legs. Her face, her lips, were so close to...

"Abigail... " He just managed to tear her name out from his lips as his breathing became jagged and the swollen little monster twitched. It was itching to be inside her but he kept himself rooted on the same spot. He only managed to do it by thinking that he had made Abigail cry and that he deserved this bittersweet torment she was giving him.

Abi's hands stilled when she heard him call out her name. She looked up and her lips accidentally brushed against his... Both of them were shocked. Alex almost cursed. He couldn't believe Abi's soft lips just touched his tip. Oh damn, this was driving him insane! Did she do that on purpose? Did did his little lamb want to kiss him there?!

Alex bit his lips so hard to stop himself from telling her to lick him, suck him there. He looked down again after throwing his head back and saw her staring at his raging monster, so close that he could feel her warm breath caressing it. Darn, he was going to burst.

"Wife please this is too much" he uttered, clenching his fists so that he would not reach out and hold her head and guide it towards himself.

Abi looked up and saw the torture on her husband's face and she was shocked that a smile curved on her lips. She liked it when he begged for her. She liked it when he became crazy for her. She liked it when he craved for her like that. She loved that she could get him to react like this.

It was shocking, these thoughts that ran through her mind right then. She never thought she would find pleasure in this. She had never imagined doing anything like this. It was as if her body had been possessed by a siren, and she was perhaps the one who was shocked the most. Had she really become a bad girl? If not, then Why would she enjoy making her husband beg and go crazy for her? Why would she enjoy watching the expression of pleasurable pain on his face?

Abigail couldn't find an answer but at that moment, she decided not to think about the why's and how's and just continue what she was doing. Truth was that Abi had browsed her phone that morning when she remembered what Alex told her last night. 'What could she do to him next?'

She read an article while her husband was in the shower and she read something she found unbelievable. She was utterly embarrassed when she imagined it. She even shook her head and closed the article immediately. She thought she could never do something like that even though the article enunciated that it was something extremely pleasurable to men.

However, what happened today awakened something in her. Seeing his reaction the moment her lips accidentally brushed him there made her think that Alex must want it. But what riled her up the most was the thought that'his past girlfriends must have done that to him'.

Abi felt the possessiveness she had never felt before bubble up to the surface. If those girls did that to him then why couldn't she do it. She wanted to overwrite everything those other girls did to him. She wanted to overwrite everything and make him totally forget about his past experiences and leave him with nothing but memories of only her. She wanted to drive him insane and make him feel so good that he would crave for no else but her. Alex was her husband now. There was no more reason for her to get shy and feel embarrassed. She felt like she could do anything she wanted to him and make him go mad for her. Because he was hers and hers alone, forever.

Feeling much braver than ever, Abi poked her tongue and licked him, like a little kitten licking milk from a bowl. Alex groaned. She was looking up at him as she did that, watching his reaction.

She didn't know how to do this because she stopped reading that article before it reached the topic of 'how to do it'. All she remembered was the words 'lick it like it's the most delicious ice cream'. But her lack of knowledge didn't stop her, not this time. She remembered how good it was when Alex kissed her most sensitive spot so this should have the same effect for him, right?

Thinking about the most delicious ice cream in the world, the soap fell to the floor as she wrapped her hand around his little big monster.

Alex's knees almost collapsed from under him as he felt her squeeze him a little. His arms raised up to touch but she was halted by her whisper, "Uh-uh no touching, remember?"

His hands flew towards his own head and he tugged his hair. Damn! He knew he deserved her punishment but Alex never thought that his wife would bloom to be such a bad, sweet girl and that combination turned him on to no end.

Before any more thoughts could form in his mind, he felt her sweet hot tongue start to lick him and his body tingled with pleasure. She was licking him like he was an ice cream cone and the sweet innocence combined with her daring confidence almost set him off like an atomic bomb. Fortunately, she backed off just in time to take a breath and the bomb cooled down by a fraction.

"Oh f*ck, Abi you're so bad so bad" he groaned.

Abi started licking him again as her hands moved up and down his length, combining her knowledge of using her hands and now her tongue on him. She licked him, from the bottom to the top and her quick little flicks on his tip caused him to shudder.

Abi noticed his reaction and from that point on, she concentrated on the tip of the little big monster because it seemed to her that this got a reaction from him.

What Abi was doing was definitely torture. This experience made sure that he would never make his wife mad again.

She continued the torment, her tongue and hands destroying his sanity as finally, the atomic bomb exploded with a bang.




Second chapter will come later ^^

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