Hellbound With You Chapter 246

245 Bad Girl

The instant those words left Alex's mouth, Abi's heart melted as they gazed at each other. The rain continued falling and for some reason, this reminded them of their first kiss.

Alex's eyes fell to her lips. He wanted to kiss her. But Abi beat him to it as her hands wrapped around his neck and her lips slammed on his. She kissed him wild like a raven, wilder than she had ever been, that Alex was completely caught off guard. But the first thing that came to Alex's mind were the words of celebration 'Yes! We're finally okay! We're finally okay.'

Glad was an understatement to explain what he felt. It was like he finally woke up from sleep paralysis. He wondered when Abigail had become his everything. Right now, he felt that his love for her was nowhere near that day he confessed to her. He was falling even deeper every day and he couldn't believe that a fight made him realize how desperate he had become for her. It was no longer possible for him to live without her.

When their lips parted, they were gasping for air. Damn, his wife was so domineering and hot and what was with this heat between them right now? This was bad. He suddenly felt like doing it right there!

Suddenly, Abi pinned him down again. F*ck, he was too aroused! He couldn't believe his body was acting like a leaf that she could push and pull anytime she wanted. He could see the domineering wildness in her eyes and Alex almost lost it.

As Abi was about to kiss him again, Alex stopped her with all the sanity he could muster.

"Wife please, let's go inside. I can't let you stay out here in the rain anymore," he said and before Abi could respond, he gathered her up and dashed inside the house. Alex was damn so hard and his mind was full of want for her.

He didn't even see the men who stared at them and just dashed up the stairs with her in his arms. The moment the door of their room closed, their lips immediately collided, as if they were so damn starved. They both were surprised with the intensity of their desire and at that moment, they embodied the famous saying; that make up sex was to die for.

It didn't take long before Abi was already naked. Alex sat on the bed, with Abi straddling him. They looked into each other's eyes. Their bodies were cold and slick from the rain but the sight of Abi looking like a mermaid siren was enough to make Alex go insane.

Abi gently cupped his face and her eyes turned slightly ashamed. "I think I've become a bad girl, Alex," she suddenly said, making Alex's eyes widen for a moment.

Alex's lips curved up as he held her hand and kissed them and licked them as he looked up at her seductively through his dark thick lashes.

"Nope, you're still my good girl, Abigail but I love your bad girl side, too," he uttered and Abi blushed.


Alex nodded without hesitation as he continued sucking her finger.

"Then you won't mind if I punish you?" she told him and Alex paused in utter surprise.

"You want to punish me?" Alex almost smirked but he restrained himself. What if she was talking about a different kind of punishment and not the naughty kind that he thought of?

"Yes. For making me cry."

"May I know what kind of punishment you are talking about?"

She didn't answer him. Instead she hopped off him and pulled him up off the bed. She then dragged him inside the bathroom, under the shower. The heat between them was strong but her body started to feel the cold of the pouring rain seep into her bones so she decided that they needed to take a hot shower so that they wouldn't get sick. But she also thought that this would be the perfect setting for his punishment.

She placed him in the middle of the shower and turned the water to full blast and the hot water instantly warmed up their bodies.

"We are going to have a shower together. But, you're not allowed to touch me, understand?" she asked.

Alex could only swallow and nod at her. This punishment he didn't know if he would survive it. His desire skyrocketed as he watched Abi move closer to him until their naked bodies touched each other. Her arms roamed over his arms up to his shoulders, behind his neck and crawled up the back of his head. Alex clenched his fists, struggling to control his arms as they instinctively wanted to crush her body into his. But he restrained himself. He kept his arms at his sides but they were not in a relaxed state. They were strained and tight as coiled springs, ready to pounce the moment she allowed it.

Abi pulled his head down so that she could kiss him and she did so passionately but suddenly, she let go and stepped back, removing the heat of her body from his. Abigail didn't know where she got her confidence from but at that moment, she no longer felt like her shy self. It was almost as if the moment she saw the woman touch her husband, something inside her awakened. It was like she wanted to show him and make him remember that he was hers alone. She felt daring, she felt in control and it felt good.

Her once shy gaze had flipped into one of confidence and a little bit of mischief as she locked her eyes with his.

Seeing that confidence in her eyes and the playful smile on her lips, Alex almost succumbed to temptation. He had never seen this in Abigail before and it rocked his mind. It turned him on in ways that he had never thought possible. The lustful beast within him was screaming to be freed to devour this seductress before him. But Alex held on. By some miracle, he managed to keep himself still and rooted to his spot.




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