Hellbound With You Chapter 242

241 Awful

Abi blinked as she adjusted her eyes to the light. She sat up and looked at the clock. She had slept for two hours. Her naps were getting longer these days.

Her eyes drifted to the spot where Alex laid on a while ago and she wondered where he went. She climbed out of the bed and went to the bathroom before she walked out of the room. Was her husband in the kitchen again, cooking food for her?

Abi smiled at the thought of it. She wanted to go and help him out. They should cook together and feed each other. He was pampering her way too much!

Thinking about it, Abi thought about doing something for Alex. She was being showered with love and everything so she must do something for him too.

But as Abi emerged from the grand staircase, the first thing her eyes caught was Alex's back as he entered one of the receiving rooms. And he was with someone, a woman

Abi paused in her tracks because she recognized the woman's back. She remembered that graceful and elegant woman in a red gown that Alex had called an unwanted guest that first day she set foot in this house. Was that her? And why was her husband going into a room with her?

"Oh my so you are Alexander's wife." Another woman's voice pulled Abi's attention from that door where her husband and that woman just entered.

She looked down and another stunning lady was smiling at her. She looked like one of those royals in Country V. She wondered why all these people were so elegant, so stunning like they belonged to a superior race. In fact, all the people related to Alex were like that, and men were not excluded.

"Yes, I am. My name is Abigail. You are... ?" Abi answered her politely but confidently. She had no reason to feel inferior to them, even if they were royals or filthy rich.

"Amanda. I'm from country V. Alex's acquaintance."

"Nice to meet you," Abi uttered as she continued descending the stairs. Her eyes caught Kai and Xavier standing close by, their eyes wandering around but Abi felt like they were watching her closely.

Abi offered Amanda to take a seat and the lady smiled as she nodded. They were about to head to the sofa when Abi glanced at that door again.

Suddenly, Amanda sidled on her and whispered in her ear. "Do you know the woman who is with Alex right now?" she asked and Abi pressed her lips.

"Who is she?"

"Her name is Leonor. She's the woman Alex has been bedding the longest. In fact, longer than anyone else," Amanda told her and Abi couldn't keep her cool anymore. She didn't know she was this type of a girl, a super jealous type.

Seeing Alex with that woman a while ago, she already felt like dashing towards him and making her presence known to the other woman to stake her claim. And now, hearing all these things, she felt extremely awful. She never ever felt like this before. She had never been this jealous before. She tried to logically reason things out in her mind. So what if that woman was Alex's girl for a long time? She was his wife now. Alex was hers now.

"Don't worry, Miss, they're just talking about some confidential matter," Kai suddenly butted in, noticing the change in Abigail's expression. He could only deduce that Amanda had said something disturbing to her.

"Something confidential?" Abi asked him when Amanda answered like she was the recipient of Abi's question.

"Not really confidential to us though. I think it's just confidential for you "

Amanda didn't continue her words because of Kai's sharp glare but Abi already heard the gist of it. She looked at Amanda who was now busy checking her nails.

Abi felt her throat constrict. Even though she had agreed to accept Alex for who he was and even though she thought that it was okay that he didn't tell her a thing, at that moment, she felt hurt. Why couldn't she know if everyone else knew about it? She was his wife now so why won't he tell her? Why can't he open up to her?

The pain in her heart was getting worse. She didn't like this. She thought she could wait for him to tell her everything. She thought she didn't want to force him but this feeling of being the only one in the dark for the first time, she felt unbearably awful.

Unable to take it anymore, Abi suddenly stood up, surprising Kai.

She started heading towards the room.

Kai stood up and blocked her way but Abigail's fierce eyes almost froze him. This woman never looked at him like this before.

"Uhm Miss, it's okay I will tell Alex you're here," Kai told her.

"No. I will go myself, please move," she ordered with a firm voice that surprised Kai yet again. He had always thought Abigail was a dainty and delicate girl, a soft and kind lady, probably the kindest he ever met but at this moment, she looked tough and fierce. Seeing her like this, Kai felt worried, not for her but for Alex.

Inside the room, Alex's face was dark, so dark his coldness started enveloping his body again after so long. His glare towards Leonor was filled with displeasure.

"Alex, I am certain you knew this was coming don't act like this was some bad news you never expected," Leonor said, waltzing towards Alex and only stopping in front of him when they were only a few inch apart.

She was so close, but Alex's mind was too dark to mind her closeness.

"Listen, I know you made a deal with Ezekiel but you know" she started touching him seductively. Her voice nearly became a whisper as she tiptoed and whispered in his ear. "Can you really trust Ezekiel Qin? Have you forgotten what he always wanted? You are trusting the most dangerous man to you Alex. Remember, this is your only chance. If you choose her you will regret it forever."

Alex gnashed his teeth. He clenched his hands to stop himself from choking her. How dare she say he would regret choosing his wife! He knew it was the other way around. If he didn't choose Abigail, he would regret it forever!!

But Alex restrained himself. He still needed Leonor.

As Alex closed his eyes to tame his inner monster, Leonor suddenly cupped his face.

Before Alex could react, the door opened, causing Alex's eyes to fly towards it.

Alex was surprised to see Abigail by the door but what shocked him the most was the look in her eyes. He saw pain and betrayal in them as she looked at him, no, the two of them.

It was then that Alex realized that Leonor was too close to him, their bodies almost brushing against each other and her hands were on his face. Alex violently pulled Leonor's hand from him but the moment he looked at Abigail, she turned and ran away as the door closed.




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