Hellbound With You Chapter 241

240 Son In Law

Abigail straddled him and rode him slowly, enjoying the sensation through her lacy underwear. She was already wet with desire and she couldn't believe how eagerly her body responded to him.

"Wife, please" Alex begged.

"Am I doing it wrong?" Abi asked.

"No! Yes! Darn, Abigail. Are you trying to ride me to drive me insane?! You're torturing me right now, you know?"

Abi looked at his pained face and she couldn't help but smile. In all the times they had made love, this was the first time she was in control. It was a very different feeling to everything else that she had ever known. She had never been a dominant person. She was shy and she was the type of person who would follow other stronger personalities, unless it was something that she was truly passionate about. Only then would her stubborn personality come out to play. She was definitely feeling very passionate at this moment and she found that she did enjoy this feeling of freedom, of being able to 'torture' her husband like this. It was an odd feeling but it wasn't an unwelcome one.

Abi paused on top of him before she hopped off him. She stripped the last piece of clothing she wore, her eyes holding Alex's gaze and the heat in the room rocketed.

Seeing his wife stripping before him, making eye contact with him was the most arousing thing he had seen thus far. He couldn't believe how daring his wife had become and he was nearly going out of his mind from desire. The little monster was so hard and so big that it was becoming almost painful for him.

Seeing her husband's pained expression, Abigail didn't dawdle any further. She straddled him again and guided his little monster inside her slick, slippery entrance. She then settled herself down, taking him wholly inside of her. He was so hard that it took a few seconds for her body to get used to his size. She wiggled her bottom a little, trying to adjust and a tortured moan echoed in the room as well as the sound of the belt pulling against the headboard.

This was such sweet torture that and she hadn't even really begun yet. Alex's hands clenched on his restraints and it took all of his remaining sanity not to break through it.

"Abigail please have mercy on your husband," he begged, clearly needing her to help relieve him from the pain.

Abi started to move, forward and back, in slow motion, just like how he guided her that night under the stars. Her hips moved forward and back, riding his massive member into a slow trot around the racecourse. Her hands fell on his chest, pushing on them for support as she rode him. She had had a lot of rest during the day so she felt like she had quite a lot of energy so instead of going slow like she had originally planned, she increased her pace.

Abi's slick juices ran down her thighs as she rode him. She increased the pace to a canter and then into a full gallop and it didn't take long before they felt themselves building up to a climax.

"Yes, Abi" Alex groaned as his muscles tightened. He knew he was going to burst soon and his mind started to fade into the realms of pure ecstasy. Abigail kept her pace up and in the next second, there was a ripping sound as his hands became free of his restraints. His hand then went straight to her hips as he thrust into her with his hips. He helped her, guided her until they both couldn't take it anymore and the fireworks exploded in a wonderful display of many colours.

It took a minute for them to catch their breaths again. As they panted, Alex sat up and whispered in her ears.

"What are you going to do to me next? Huh? My wife?"

Abi's parents came to visit the next morning. They stayed with them until lunch and spent a pleasant time together. Abi showed them her lovely 200k and her grandparents were amused.

They were so glad to see that their Abi was glowing with happiness. Her husband must have been pampering her a lot with all his love.

After lunch, they all headed off.

"Thank you for making my daughter no, your wife, happy. I can see that she is very, very happy right now." Andrew didn't know how to thank Alex enough. They'd been a little worried when they were on their way to the mansion. They even prepared encouraging speeches because they knew the newlyweds were in a difficult situation but they were surprised by what they saw. The couple wasn't depressed and worried like they thought they would be. It was completely the opposite and they were the ones who got comforted by visiting them instead.

"It's my duty as her husband to take care of her and make her happy," Alex replied, making Andrew nod in satisfaction.

Andrew raised his hand and held Alex's shoulder, like a father would do to his son as a sign of respect and approval. "Okay, we will leave her to you son," he said as he smiled and then he turned his back and headed to the car.

Alex tensed up for a moment. He knew he was now Andrew's son-in-law but he actually still couldn't imagine himself calling him father-in-law. He had actually been struggling since they came, about how he would call Andrew from now on. But now that he had called him son, somehow, Alex didn't find it as weird as he thought it might have been.

Watching their car leave, Alex grabbed his wife and brought her upstairs.

"It's time for you to take a rest," he told her and Abi just smiled as she pulled her husband into her embrace.

"You deserve a rest, too. Let's take a nap together."

"Sure. Your wish is my command." Alex flashed his sexy smile and they both cuddled on the bed as they drifted to a peaceful sleep.




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