Hellbound With You Chapter 239

238 Calm

The couple spent their time just cuddling and watching movies. Alex wanted her to have a good rest so he didn't let her do anything physically challenging and opted to spend the day relaxing and watching movies.

She was energetic and she laughed a lot during the movie marathon. Alex also found himself smiling, not because of the movie, but because of the happiness and relief he was feeling from watching her laugh and smile like everything was alright.

It was mystifying, how just sitting here beside her, doing nothing, made him perfectly happy and content. It was mystifying how he couldn't see himself anymore, without her by his side.

Later that afternoon, Alex brought her to her hospital bed to take a nap after stuffing her with all the nutritious food her body needed.

Abi felt so pampered. Her husband was being so protective, acting like such a mother hen, and she liked it. Although she wanted to do something for him too, Abi didn't insist on what she wanted this time. She knew that Alex was doing his very best and that this was possibly his way of coping with what was coming. Her surgery was fast approaching and she knew what it meant. That was why for these remaining days, she would listen to him and let him pamper her. She also loved that she could cuddle with him as much as she wanted. She was not going to waste a single moment and she was determined to just be happy with him with all her heart and soul.

When Abi woke up from her long afternoon nap, she immediately looked for Alex. He was there, sitting by the window, facing her. He was busy with his phone; a slight frown was playing in his gorgeous face.

"You're awake," he said upon noticing her gaze on him. Her hair was messed up but she still looked beautiful and seductive, at least in Alex's eyes.

Alex stood up, slipped his phone inside his pocket and leaned in on her. His palms were on the bed as he nibbled her lips. "You slept like a log," he smiled, mischievously.

"A log? It's sleeping beauty, Alex."

"Haha. Nope, my wife. I'm certain you're not sleeping beauty. You know why?" he traced the line of her cute and pointed nose. "Because no matter how many times I kissed you in your sleep, you never woke up," he smirked and pulled away. "But I'm not complaining that my wife is such a sleeping log." His smile became even wider and Abi could only gape at him before she managed to retort.

"Well That's because sleeping beauty won't wake up if the one who kisses her isn't a prince. But I am not complaining that my husband isn't a prince." Her comeback made Alex chuckle.

He bent over again, taking strands of her hair and pulling them close to his nose and breathed in her scent. She looked up at him and caught his eye through his long gorgeous lashes. "But your husband was a prince."

"Was a prince...?"

Alex suddenly paused and the smile on his face slowly faded. He looked like he regretted what he just said.

"Okay, I have something to show you." He changed the topic and lifted her up.

Abi silently held onto him, thinking about what he just said as they walked out of the room. It was obvious Alex still didn't want to open up. No, it was like he found it utterly dreadful to even speak a single thing about himself.

Alex carried her until they stepped out of the backdoor. Their wedding venue was no longer there and the backyard was now back to normal. The only thing that was left was the beautiful wisteria, still blooming so breathtakingly.

He put her down and he held her hand as they walked on the green grass.

Abi was curious but she didn't ask any questions and just silently followed him, knowing that Alex was probably going to surprise her again. But, it wasn't really a surprise if she was expecting it, right?

Abi was busy admiring the wisteria tree that she didn't notice an animal tied behind it. So when she stepped around it and saw that gorgeous horse lightly tied on the wisteria tree, she gasped in surprise.

"200,000!" she exclaimed and Alex frowned at her.


"This is the horse you bought for 200,000, right?"

"Well, yes. That's him. He became more gorgeous now under my care," Alex boasted and Abi suddenly hugged him in excitement.

"I really missed 200k. Thank you for letting me see him again, hubby," she gushed as she kissed his cheek.

Alex was speechless. Did she just name the horse 200k?

After letting go of him, Abi approached the nice and beautiful horse. She stroked his shiny mane with a big smile.

"How are you, 200k?" Abi asked the horse, enjoying how smooth and silky his coat felt in her hands.

"I can't believe that's what you're going to call him," Alex said and Abi glanced at him with a raised brow.

"Why? 200k is a cool, unique name, no? It just screams prestige. He's definitely not a cheap horse."

Alex just laughed at his wife's explanation. He never would have thought about naming a horse from the amount of money that was used to purchase him. How endearing this wife of his could be?

"Fine, if that's what you want." He nodded, before he climbed on the horse. He reached out for Abigail and made her sit in front of him.

The couple then rode around the spacious backyard, laughing so happily as they talked, enjoying every single moment. They looked so perfect, so in love, so happy in each other's arms. Anyone who would see them that moment would feel like believing in true love again. But to those who knew what was waiting ahead of them, this peace, this contentment and this overflowing love was just the calm before the storm.




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