Hellbound With You Chapter 234

233 Husband And Wife

Everyone gushed upon seeing Alex. His jet black hair was swept to the side away from his face, showing off his ridiculously gorgeous visual. He wore a very well fitted black tuxedo with a matching black tie. His crisp white shirt peeked out from under his black jacket which showed off his muscly arms. His black pants looked like they were tailored to his exact measurements and showed of his strong, lean legs. He was simply the epitome of perfection.

But what made him so eye catching was the quiet happiness that could be seen in his eyes. He was happy and excited and this made all the girls in the audience sigh.

Almost all of the guests were from Abi's side and even then, there were no more than thirty individuals present. From those thirty people, there were only three people from Alex's side. These were none other than Kai, Xavier, and Zeke.

Gladly, no one asked anymore questions about Alex's family because the Chens already told everyone that Alex was an orphan, although they failed to tell the guests that the man Abigail was going to marry was actually filthy rich.

Alex stood nervously as the procession began.

The door then opened and the bridesmaid, Kelly, walked up the aisle. Kelly wasn't the type to wear delicate dresses. She usually wore bold and colorful clothes so it was the first time for everyone to see her looking like a dainty lady. She was absolutely gorgeous in her cream bridesmaid dress.

The sweet music in the background started to change and the door opened again. Alex found himself holding his breath, knowing that Abi was about to come out.

Abi stepped out on the arm of her father and there was an almost audible 'whoa' of awe from all the guests. Her hair was pulled back away from her face and was set in a bun where her 2 metre long veil sat on.

Abigail looked like a princess in white. Her dress was magnificent. Her strapless, heart shaped bodice was dotted with many small diamonds which caught the sunlight, producing rainbow sparkles as she walked down the aisle. Her bodice enhanced her slim waist and the rest of the dress ballooned from there in the shape of an A, slim in the waist and widening towards the ground.

The setting was very simple set in the garden. The grass was so lush that it created a very eye catching contrast to the white of the chairs and the aisle. The aisle was made of a long, white carpet with white and pink rose petals scattered on each side of the aisle. White chairs were set on either side of the aisle in three rows of five to seat all thirty guests.

At the end of an aisle was a simple, wooden wedding arch, decorated simply with greenery and white lace curtain while a blooming wisteria was like a painting in the background. While the setting was very simple, it was also very elegant and romantic, which was exactly how Abi wanted it to be.

Abi clutched her bouquet, smiling at everyone, at Kelly and her grandparents before her gaze finally fell towards the man waiting for her at the end of the aisle.

Their eyes met and everything around them began to disappear.

Alex was utterly awed. He remembered the exact conversation they shared before. 'I want to wear that white wedding dress, walk down the aisle towards my soon-to-be husband, and say those vows. To dance and celebrate and live happily ever after' These words she had told him and her expressions were still crystal clear in his head and he remembered how he told her that she would marry one day but the groom would never be him.

Recalling it, a smile curved on Alex's face.

He could hear his loud heartbeat as she walked slowly towards him. He thought he had seen his Abigail at her prettiest, no, she was always the most beautiful in his eyes but right then, Alex just couldn't find the right words to describe her. All he knew was that at that moment, Abigail was taking his breath away.

"Alex" Abigail whispered his name as she reached him and they gaze deeply into each other's eyes. Abi couldn't believe it. They were actually getting married. Alex was going to be her husband very soon. This was so overwhelming that she wondered if she was dreaming.

"You're so beautiful, Abigail," he complimented her, his eyes brimming with raw emotions and Abi fought the urge to hug him.

As the ceremony went on, everyone became quite emotional. All of the guests knew that Abi was sick and that she would soon undergo a surgery. They all thought that Alex was such a man and that he loved her so much, not only because he was willing to marry her despite her situation but because of how he looked at her since Abi emerged from the door. He looked at her like she was his entire universe, like she was his newfound life.

Looking at them, everyone silently prayed as they listened to the couple's heartfelt 'I dos', that these two would live happily and that Abigail would survive the surgery.

The moment they were pronounced as husband and wife, everyone stood up as Alex finally kissed his wife.

The reception was set in the ballroom at the mansion's second floor. Alex choose that place because it was close enough to her hospital bed.

The candles were lit up and the guests thought that they were suddenly teleported back to the past.

Abi and Alex were happily speaking with the guests when suddenly, the music changed. Someone was playing the piano, accompanied by a violinist.

Abi immediately turned to Alex upon hearing the introduction of the song but her husband was already reaching out his hand. "May I have this dance?" he asked and with a big smile, Abi took her husband's hand and they walked towards the dance floor. They began to dance, eyes locked on each other as the pianist and violinist played their song 'Can't help falling in love'.





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