Hellbound With You Chapter 233

232 Changed

Alex paused and looked at her when Abi looked up. She blinked at him, her big beautiful eyes silently pleading him to continue reading. But Alex didn't give in and he slowly closed the book.

"Reading to you was a bad idea," he said. "You should be sleeping by now."

Abi pursed her lips. "But the story is interesting. I want to know what happens next."

"But you need to sleep." He reached over and put the book on top of the bedside table. "It's time for you to sleep," he insisted and without waiting for her response, he slipped his body under the covers, facing her. "I'll read the continuation tomorrow night."

"Really?" Abi's eyes widened in surprise and excitement.

"I can read you a book every night if you want me to."

Abi's lips curved up into a big, bright smile before a soft cute chuckle left her mouth.

"I remember how hard I had to work just to make you read me a book but now, I don't even have to ask. You're even offering to without me asking." She giggled, causing Alex to bite his lips.

He suddenly pulled her closer and wrapped his arm around her waist. "That's enough. Don't remind me how a nave little lamb actually managed to seduce a big bad wolf into submission."

"I don't remember seducing you. You were the one who was always seducing me."

"Rubbish," he snorted and Abi giggled again. "Just because you had no idea how you were seducing me since the day I met you, doesn't mean you weren't seducing me." Their eyes met and sparks started flying, but Alex shut his eyes closed and pinched the skin between his brows. "Damn it, Abigail, listen to me and go to sleep," he sighed in frustration, feeling his little big monster waking up from its long slumber.

"Okay, okay. Let's sleep now." She finally gave in, buried her face on his chest and told him the sweet words, "Goodnight, Alex."

"Goodnight." He kissed her head and Abi closed her eyes with a smile still playing on her lips. She wished silently that they could stay like this forever. She prayed that Alex was truly alright.

The next morning, Abi's family were standing in front of a huge mansion, looking up with extreme surprise written on their faces.

Charles, the butler, opened the door revealing Alex standing just inside the huge double doors. Charles bowed, greeted them all and gestures for them to enter.

Alex immediately greeted them as well and led them inside the house.

"Abi just woke up but they took her away and are not letting her to leave the room," Alex said to them.

"What? What do you mean?" Andrew butted in, looking concerned.

"I mean, the stylists and make-up artists, Mr. Chen."


As the Chens looked around the palatial house in awe, Andrew spoke again.

"As far as I remember, you said the wedding will be at your house, Alexander." Andrew sounded more like he was asking a question rather than stating a fact. He looked at Alex and the old couple also looked at him in curiosity because they also heard the same from him.

Alex halted and blink at them. "This is my house," he nonchalantly replied before he saw Kai signaling him to come over.

He didn't even notice the shock on their faces as he quickly asked them to sit on the luxurious sofa, ordered the maids to look after them, before he excused himself and approached Kai.

Kelly then emerged from the grand staircase and walked over to the Chens who were still looking around in disbelief.

"Uncle, grandma, grandpa!" Kelly kissed everyone and Abi's grandma immediately questioned her.

"Is this really Alex's house?"

"Yes, grandma. I know it's ridiculous of him to call this place a 'house' but to him this is just a 'house'. Anyway, please come with me. I have to show you the setting and uncle Andrew needs to practice." Kelly grinned in excitement as she clung onto the old grandmother's arm and walked towards the back door, glancing at Kai who was whispering to Alex with a serious expression.

Time passed and the most awaited moment was fast approaching. It was past noon time when the guests started to arrive.

Inside a large bathroom, Alex was looking at himself in the mirror. His hands were resting on the marble tiles, taking a few deep breaths. He bit his lips, fixed his already perfect tie and an involuntary smile curve on his face.

He was nervous, and overwhelmed and damned happy. Looking at his reflection, Alex couldn't help but look at himself in awe. He saw a man, a totally changed man, from the man he had always known, from the man who had always looked back at him with dark, cold eyes. It had only been barely more than a month since she came into his life, and just look at what she had done to him. In all honesty, Alex was the one who was experiencing the biggest shock from all this.

Everything happened so fast. It felt like it was only yesterday when his little lamb first set foot in his house and started asking her very ridiculous requests. And today, he was going to marry her. He still could only shake his head at how unbelievable the series of events had been, from their meeting in that underground carpark to this day, their wedding day. It was still very strange for him to think that it all ended up like this. All the things he could never even begin to imagine before she arrived in his life was truly happening as if Antarctica had melted and trees and flowers began to bloom.

Taking another deep breath, Alex's eyes burned with intensity and he finally walked out of the bathroom towards the backdoor.

Taking one more deep breath, he turned the door handle and the moment he stepped out, all eyes turned towards him.




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