Hellbound With You Chapter 232

231 Hellbound With You

Meanwhile, downstairs.

Xavier was wearing a serious expression as he sat across Zeke in the vast living room.

"So, the wedding will still be on even after what just happened?" Xavier asked as he looked intently at Zeke.

Zeke elegantly twirled the wine glass in his hand as he mumbled, not bothering to look at Xavier. "You think anyone would be able to change Alex's mind?"

"I don't know what's going on anymore," he shook his head in disbelief before he shot a disapproving gaze at Zeke.

"I think you should be honest with him, Zeke. No one can save Abigail from dying. Her disease isn't something anyone can cure, not even you. And is he serious? He's actually okay with you using her as a guinea pig for experiments?" he blabbered on but Zeke remained silent. "Alex is too optimistic. Even if the surgery is successful, her body will not last long. She will still die, sooner or later."

"Yes, she will die, sooner or later," Zeke finally looked at him. "Unless"

Back in Abi's room, the sound of a blow dryer echoed inside the room. Alex was carefully drying her hair as Abi closed her eyes, enjoying this blissful feeling.

His hand was so gentle as he held every strand of her hair, treating them so delicately and she loved it. She loved the feeling of his fingers combing her hair. She loved this peaceful moment with him.

"Alex?" she called out, throwing her head back on his lap to look at him. "Are you okay?"

Alex stared at her for a long while before he turned the blower off. He pulled her and made her sit between his legs. And then, he hugged her from behind, kissing her neck.

"You're not going to ask me anything, still?" his deep voice sounded anxious.

"D-do you want me to ask? W-would you tell me everything if I do?"

A long silence went by before Alex spoke again.

"I don't know. I'm afraid things will only get worse once you know."

"Is it really that bad??"

"Yes. I don't want to burden you with more than what I have already given you from the moment since you chose to be with me. I told you before, my world is hell. You don't deserve to live in it, and yet, here I am dragging you into it."

Abi moved to look at him. His breathtaking face looked grave. "No, actually even if I let you go, it's too late now, Abigail."

"Because I I was already hellbound with you since the day I chose to live with you?"

Alex fell silent and his lips slowly curved up. "I think those words perfectly describe it," he smiled, shaking his head before he became serious and caressed her face.

"What happened today didn't make you change your mind, right?" he continued.

"Change my mind?"

"About the wedding, Abigail."

It was Abi's turn to smile and shake her head. "I will marry you, Alex. As long as you want me, nothing can change my mind."

"Even if I turned out to be someone horrible or even more than that?"

Abi wrapped her arms around his neck and she hugged him. "I told you, I don't care who you are. You are my Alex, the man I love. The man I'm going to marry," she told him with a determined, decisive voice. "Like you said, it's too late, Alex."

Alex's stiff body finally relaxed and he tightly hugged her back. Tomorrow, they're going to get married and nothing was going to stop them. Nothing.

"Time for you to sleep, Abigail. You still need to wake up early."

"Oh, right. You too, Alex."

"Don't worry about me," he smirked at her and Abi was relieved, seeing that smile again after it disappeared for what seemed to be a very long time.

"Can you read me a book?" she requested and Alex stood up and went through the bookshelves.

"What book do you want?"

"Any. Choose what you want, Alex. I believe there are no r-18 books in there."

Alex's pleasant chuckle tickled her ears.

"Well, it'd be nice if there was at least one bold ancient author. I'm curious how they would write an ancient sex scene."

Abi couldn't help but blush, hearing him say the word sex. They hadn't made love since the night they returned.

It seemed Alex also regretted bringing that topic up. He cleared his throat and chose a book from the upper shelf.

Alex then positioned himself on the bed. He sat, leaning on the headboard while Abi's head was on his lap.

"Long ago," he started and Abi smiled in excitement, but Alex suddenly paused for a long while and only continued when Abi looked up at him.

"There was a prosperous kingdom ruled by powerful creatures. They were more superior than humans, stronger, more powerful and they could live for hundreds of years. A prince was then born by one of the King's wives. They expected him to be another powerful creature but the prince was born without any superior qualities at all, as if he was only a normal human. He was the only one among the horde of princes who didn't have the qualities that everyone else had. He was shunned by his family and became an outcast. However, this made him hungry for power. He wanted to become the strongest man who ever lived so he did everything he could to make this happen. Over time, from the bottom, he clawed his way to power. He trained long and hard and in brutal conditions. He used his charisma and charm to gather loyal followers and built an army that was the envy of every kingdom. On one fine day, this outcast prince decided it was time to take back what everyone else took from him. He led his army back to the kingdom where he took his first breath and conquered them. He might not have been strong when he started, but in the end, he towered over everyone else. He became the strongest man the world had ever seen. He became King but his desires weren't sated. He wanted more! He was hungry enough to want to conquer the entire world. Insatiable, he destroyed and conquered hundreds of kingdoms and countless died in his hands." Alex paused and Abi quickly asked a question, completely drawn into the story.

"Did this greedy king manage to conquer the world?"




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