Hellbound With You Chapter 231

230 Desolate

Abi was dumbfounded. She never imagined that Alex would finally invite her into his room. She had been thinking a lot about what was inside his room, about the reason why he never invited her inside before. Since the day she started living in his mansion, this room was like the forbidden place that no one was allowed to set foot in, even her. So now that Alex was suddenly inviting her in, she didn't know why but her heartbeat began to thunder loudly in her ears.

"It's okay if you don't want "

"I want to!" she cut him off. How could she not want to see what was inside his mysterious room?

Alex finally smiled, though quick and slight, and Abi felt her body slowly calm down seeing that his silent rage might be somewhat dissipating.

"Okay, come in," he told her and he pushed the door open. Abi's heart raced in anticipation and curiosity. For a moment, her worry about him and his injuries were forgotten.

"There's really nothing much in here for you to see, though," he said as he walked towards the darkness. She was surprised that Alex didn't go to the side to switch the light on. Instead, he lit up a candle?

Abi's mouth dropped as the candle's light started to light up the room.

"I'll go for a quick shower," he told her and Abi just nodded, still speechless with what she was seeing.

His room was not what she expected at all. Far from what she had imagined. It was like this room didn't belong to this grand palatial house. It looked old, completely ancient, and cold. His four poster bed was made up neatly, with only one black pillow and no blanket. The room was bare except for his bed and an old table, just like his room in Country V. But this one looked incredibly desolate, as if no one was actually living in this place.

If Alex wasn't here, if she didn't see him coming and going from this room countless times, she might not have been able to believe that he actually slept here, that this was his room. It was eerie and dark and nothing more. It was like the architect who made this entire house purposely left this room untouched and never bothered to do anything to it.

This place was just as cold and dark as Alex the first time she met him.

She looked around once again, trying to see more, despite him telling that there was nothing to see inside. She wondered if the reason why he never invited her inside was because he thought this would scare her. She wondered why his room was like this.

Her eyes fell on the door where he headed into and she peeked inside. She was glad his bathroom at least had a lightbulb and not just being lit up by a candle. She saw his large wardrobe and she had a strange thought run through her head. She thought that Alex might only be using this room just to go and get changed or take a shower. She somehow felt that he might not even use the bed. It was totally strange.

Looking at the tinted glass on the far end of the room, Abi saw his silhouette. She stepped back and looked around his bedroom again. She noticed the candle he lit up. It was set on another ancient looking candelabra. The type that one would see in museums.

She slowly sat on the bed, threw back her head to look at the ceiling before her eyes fell on the other table. Curious, she got up and approached it. She saw what looked like an ancient incense pot sitting on the table and a figure of a dragon was intricately crafted on it.

Abi creased her brows. This pot felt familiar but it wasn't because of the image of the dragon which immediately reminded her of Alex's tattoo, it was the pot itself. She was certain she had seen this before. In her mind, she saw a wisp of white smoke coming from it.

Abi forced herself to recall where she had seen this before but unfortunately, the memory evaded her. She stretched out her hand, thinking that she might recall something if she touched it, when suddenly, Alex caught her wrist, stopping her from touching it.

"Don't" Abi was surprised, not just with his sudden appearance from behind her but also because of his voice. He almost sounded like he was stopping her from touching something forbidden. Don't touch that, Abigail" his voice softened when he saw the shocked look on her face.

His hair was still dripping wet and his towel was in his hand. He was already wearing his grey sweater and black trousers. "Come, I'm done. Let's go to your room. This place is well dark," he said and he killed the candle before taking her hand and led her out of the room.

Abi's grip on his hand was tight. She didn't get a thing. She thought some mysteries about him would come out to light but after finally seeing his room, the questions in her head only increased.

She looked at him and wanted to ask if he's alright, especially his injuries and everything but something was stopping her. And maybe, she didn't want to ask anymore because she knew he would answer her with the words 'I'm fine'. She watched him carefully as they walked and he looked so fine, moving like nothing had happened at all.

"I think I should accompany you inside, want me to bathe you?" he asked as Abi walked to her bathroom.

"No, Alex. I'm fine. I'll bathe on my own," she firmly replied and Alex hesitantly nodded.

"Make sure to take care not to slip."

"Don't worry, I'll be very careful."

Once Abi closed the door, Alex sat on the edge of her bed. His hands covered his face before they swept up through his hair as he looked down on the floor.

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