Hellbound With You Chapter 230

229 im Fine

He put her down on the bed, telling the doctors to check on her immediately, letting them know that they were just involved in a car accident on their way there. Even though he totally protected her head, he still asked them to put her through on x-ray just to make doubly sure she was ok.

"Alex I'm fine, it's you who "

Alex abruptly bent down and kissed her lips, stopping her from talking. "Hush, Abigail you don't need to worry about me, okay? I'm not injured at all."

"Alex please, you're drenched with blood" she insisted, worried death for him.

Alex's jaws clenched but he looked at her with a tender gaze. "This is nothing, believe me," he insisted and Abi shook her head again.

"It's not!"

Seeing the worry and fear in her eyes Alex could only bit his lips in surrender. "Okay, I'll have someone check on me in the next room. So please, let them check on you, now, okay?" he told her and gladly, Abi finally let go of him.

She hesitantly retracted her hands and she watched Alex leave the room.

The moment Alex was no longer in Abi's sight, he leaned on the door, shutting his eyes closed as he threw his head back. He clenched his fists tightly and gnashed his teeth in plain fury. To distract himself, he brought out his phone and dialed Zeke's number.

Inside a car that was speeding like a bullet, Zeke was having a calm yet a little tense expression as he received Alex's call.

"Where are you?" Alex's voice was tight, controlled, but still sounded frantic.

Zeke already knew what happened and he knew this call was coming.

"On my way," He immediately replied knowing what came with that tone in his voice. "I'll be there in minutes."

Once the call ended, Zeke told his chauffeur to speed up. He was certain that Abigail was okay because Alex was with her but knowing Alex, it's best if he arrived there as early as possible.

In no time, Zeke arrived in Alex's house. He didn't waste a second and hastily entered the house.

He saw Alex by the door and he creased his brows upon seeing his clothes and the blood all over him.

Zeke went straight to the door but as he held the door knob, he paused and glanced at Alex.

"Go wash those blood Alex, she'll freak out is she sees you like that." He told him, even though he knew that Abigail might have already seen him in that state.

He then pushed the door open and entered the room. When he saw that the doctors had just finished with her x-ray, he calmly looked at her before he spoke with the doctors and looked at her x-ray film.

Abi watched him the entire time, obviously waiting for him walked over to her.

Once he nodded at the doctors and finally approached her, Abi immediately sat up.

"Mr. Qin, I'm perfectly fine. Please check on Alex instead, he's "

"He's alright, Miss Chen. Don't worry about him."

Abi shook her head. How could she believe that he was fine? She saw what happened with her own two eyes. His face was covered in blood, his back was covered with blood and they were just hit by a truck!

"No, he's not. He's he's"

As Abi's lips began to tremble, the door opened and Alex came in. The blood over his face was gone but the traces of blood on his inner white shirt were still visible.

"Look, he's all bloody. He's injured!" she told Zeke but Zeke simply glanced at her before facing Alex.

"She's alright, Alex," Zeke assured him, ignoring Abi's plea.

Alex's shoulders dropped down, letting out a long and deep sigh of relief. He then bent down over her and held her face with his gentle hands.

Before Alex could speak, Abi's hands reached out and held his arms. "Are you okay? Did they treat your wounds?" she asked, worried sick for him.

Alex blinked and slowly looked away. "I'm fine," he told her for the third time. There was an undercurrent in his voice that was seemingly begging her not to ask anymore, making Abi feel like something was stuck in her throat, rendering her unable to speak any further.

"Let's go upstairs and get changed, or should I go and get you some clothes?" He swiftly changed the topic. He was calm. No - this wasn't calm. There was an undercurrent to this seeming calmness and she could feel that he was repressing something, his rage.

"I will come with you." She climbed off the bed and before Alex could lift her up again, she said sternly, "I'll walk."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Alex. I'm very sure. You protected me you used your body to" she bit her lips, stopping herself from crying. She knew that he protected her, that he was willing to sacrifice himself for her!

"Okay, let's go." He held her hand and they walked out of the room, hand in hand, in silence, taking their time as they climbed up the stairs.

Abi was doing her best not to burst out in tears. Alex looked composed on the outside but she could tell he was not on the inside. So she stopped herself from questioning him and decided to give him time to calm down.

By the time they reached Alex's room, they both halted.

"I'll go get changed," he broke the silence.

Abi looked at him and nodded, letting go of his hand.

He held the door handle and pushed it. He stopped midway and Abi looked away. She was about to head to her room when suddenly, Alex's said something unexpected.

"Want to come inside?"




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