Hellbound With You Chapter 23

22 The Show

Meanwhile, at the other end of the bar, Kelly had been ambushed by a gentleman, also wearing expensive suit. She didn't know that they were actually that CEO's men and they approached her to distract her and keep her away from Abi.

She had been standing in the line to the bar, waiting for her turn and checking on Abi every now and again, when she saw this man cut the line in front of her.

"Hey! We've all been waiting our turn here, so get to the back of the line!" She was fired up. How dare this man just cut the line and then act as if he didn't do anything wrong!

Her fists were opening and closing, as if itching to hit something. "Hey, buddy, you should move now before your nose gets broken." She threatened when the man just ignored her, as if he didn't hear anything at all.

Kelly's anger was starting to kick in.

She really wanted to teach this man a lesson!

"Oho, what a brave little miss we have here," the man said and Kelly rolled her eyes. She didn't want to be angry in this place, she didn't want to rage at this moment, solely because her Abi was here and she couldn't possibly create trouble here when her little angel was watching. If she was by herself, she would easily be able to sneak away even if the bar turned into a battlefield but her Abi was here! There was no way she would let her see this reality on her very first outing!

Kelly hated announcing to the world who she was. She was the daughter of one of the country's most prominent families but when she went out, she didn't like being treated as someone who was privileged. She liked going out normally and being treated normally so she was used to having to wait her turn in a line and other things that normal people would have to do. She knew that one day, she wouldn't be able to do these things anymore once her family forced her to work at the company, so she took her time and spent it the way she wanted to; that was the deal she and her parents agreed on after all.

Kelly breathed deeply, trying her best to calm herself. It was really hard for her to do it but the thought of Abi miraculously helped her lower her skyrocketing blood pressure.

She was about to glance at her Abi again to check on her when suddenly, another bastard appeared before her. This bastard purposely spilled his drink on her! She knew he did because he had an annoying smirk on his face instead of an apologetic one. Kelly finally snapped! Why was there no end to the amount of bastards lurking around this place tonight?

The anger she was trying so hard to keep at bay burst out like an erupting volcano and she immediately grabbed the bastard's collar with such force that the man's eyes widened in surprise. She looked at him with furious eyes and if looks could kill, he would have already dropped dead on the ground.

Another man came and surrounded her as she pulled the man's necktie, trying to choke him. It seemed these guys were the bastard's friends.

"What a brave and strong, little girl. Can you choke me too, baby girl?" another one asked and all other thought, except to beat these guys until they begged her for mercy, was pushed aside as Kelly lost it. 'Bastards! I'll choke you all to death!!'

"Sure how about we go outside?" Kelly smiled like a little demoness as she dragged the one she was choking, out behind her. She was consumed with her anger. She knew that she was past the point of being able to calm herself down anymore, unless she beat these damned bastards to pulp.

The men were laughing as they followed behind her, looking at each other like this was going to be a piece of cake. There were three of them, including the one she dragged by the neck tie.

Once they were outside, Kelly pushed the necktie man away from her and looked at each of the men who now had her surrounded. There was necktie man, long hair man and denim jacket man. From the bunch of them, long hair man and necktie man seemed to be the fittest looking ones, so she faced towards these two, her back on denim jacket man, and waited for someone to make the first move.

As expected, denim jacket man was the first to pounce, thinking that he had the advantage as she had her back to him, but he was sorely mistaken. A quick but strong back kick to his stomach sent him flying backwards and spurred the other two into action.

Necktie man from her left was the first to get to her, throwing a punch towards her head. She caught his wrist with her left hand as she dodged to the right and she then threw a small uppercut which landed on his stomach. Her right hand grabbed his punching arm and she used his momentum to flip him onto his back. The man landed with a heavy thud on the ground and she threw a few quick punches to his face for good measure.

She turned to her right and put both arms up in front of her to protect her head as a punch landed on her arm. She didn't feel anything. Her anger combined with adrenalin did a great job in numbing the pain.

Unfortunately for long hair man, he left himself open after hitting her and she took advantage of it. She leapt up from her half squatting position and threw a series of punches to his stomach and face, making him stagger backwards from her onslaught. He tried to defend himself but she didn't let him. In the end, she knocked him out with a right hook.

She turned around and saw demin jacket man coming at her and she ducked, avoiding the sloppy punch that he threw her way. Kelly quickly straightened up and threw a hard kick into the man's groin area and when it connected, he toppled over in pain. She then went and gave him the same 'loving' treatment as his buddies until her arms started to get heavy.

Kelly stopped, looked around and was satisfied.


A man in a black leather jacket stood in the shadows of the dark alley and silently watched the show. He was amused and impressed as he watched her. He had seen her leave the bar with those three trained bodyguards and he thought that he could at least act like a hero saving the damsel in distress. But the result only made him laugh.

This girl was fierce and he absolutely liked that.

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