Hellbound With You Chapter 229

228 Collision

Everything happened so fast that Abi didn't have time to react. Her mind somehow was able to process that something big had happened, that they were probably involved in an accident but it didn't happen in slow motion like she had seen in movies. It all happened as fast as a lightning strike.

The last thing she saw was the terror in Alex's eyes followed by a painfully loud sounds groaning metallic screeching and glass shattering.

And then, there was an absolute silence as everything settled down. It was then that Abi realized that Alex had wrapped her up within his arms. His big palm was covering her head protectively, her face was buried in his chest like she was almost cocooned by him, using his entire body as her shield.

Abi couldn't hear anything for a moment, until the iron grip that was holding her moved.

"Abigail! Are you okay?" Alex's frantic voice echoed in her ear and she lifted her face to look at him, to see what had happened.

"I'm fine," she replied and her eyes widened in horror the instant she saw his face.

Alex was quick to cover her eyes with his hand, but Abi had already seen it. Blood was flowing from his head like waterfall, drenching his face and trailing down his neck. He was hurt, he was injured!

"A-a-lex" her lips trembled. She lifted her hand to pull his hand off her eyes but Alex didn't budge.

"Stay still, please" he begged. She felt his body stiffening, moving slightly, but she heard no groan of pain or anything else, just his breathing.

"Please Alex y-you are you need to"

As her entire body began to tremble in fear, fear that Alex was badly hurt, Alex finally removed his hand from her eyes.

"I'm fine," he told her when their eyes met.

"No! Y-you're not!" Tears began to flow from her eyes. She was terrified from seeing him covered with blood all over, especially after seeing the front of the truck that crashed into them, into him!

"Shh don't cry, believe me. I'm alright," he assured her and after checking her body, he calmly moved again. He pushed the door behind Abi open and asked her to stay still.

He moved to climb out first and it was then that Abi saw his back. His clothes were shredded up. His inner white shirt under his black jacket had turned blood red. Her eyes constricted in horror at the sight of it.

However, Alex was moving like he wasn't injured, like his back wasn't covered in blood. He didn't wince in pain, and nothing on his face or actions indicated that he was injured. If she hadn't seen the evidence with her own eyes, she would have thought that nothing had happened to him at all. Alex carefully took her out of the car. Abi opened her lips but closed them again because no words came out.

Alex was looking at the truck that struck them, his eyes as black as the deepest pit of hell.

Abi could only follow his line of sight as she tried to find her voice. She saw that door on the driver's side was hanging open and that the driver's seat of the truck was empty. Where did the driver go? Did he run away right after striking them?

Her eyes then wound their way to their little car and her mouth dropped. The side of the car where she was sitting was completely crumpled like a toy. The car went from being straight to an arc, the deepest part being where Alex had been.

How were they still walking? How were they still alive?!

She remembered that in the split second before the collision, Alex had pulled her into his arms and he managed to switch their positions around, placing his body between herself and the oncoming danger. Looking at where the truck had hit, she knew there was no way she would have survived.

Her eyes slowly found its way back to Alex, because he was the one who took the force of it all instead of her.

Her trembling body moved and she held him, looking at his body, feeling terrified as she surveyed him.

Alex looked down at her, held her hand and then suddenly, he lifted her up.

Abi was shocked. How was he still was he really fine? How could he be fine?

Carrying her, Alex walked in the middle of the road. When a car stopped to see if they were okay, Alex gently put Abi in the passenger seat and silently forced the driver out of his own car.

Alex took over the driver's seat and drove the car away. He was silent and cold and didn't look into her eyes again during the entire trip.

Abi was staring at him as she tried her best to calm down, breathe and think. It was then that she noticed the murderous fire in his eyes as he looked ahead. His grip on the wheel was tight she saw his knuckles turn white from the force. He seemed to be struggling internally, maybe struggling to control himself, his rage.

In the end, Abi remained tongue tied until the car stopped. They had arrived in front of his house. Alex was quick to climb out and ran around the car to open Abi's door.

She had just moved her legs to climb down when Alex took her, carried her in his arms like she was disabled.

"Alex I'm fine I'm not hurt anywhere" she told him but Alex just hastily walked inside the house, dashing up to the second floor.

Abi was surprised to see that there were doctors already waiting there. When they opened the door, Abi could only blink again. It was just so like Alex to transform the ballroom into the most luxurious hospital lobby and the largest receiving room which housed her private bed.




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