Hellbound With You Chapter 223

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On the other corner of the rooftop, Kelly and Kai were standing by as back up in case Alex needed something. They hid behind the wall the whole time that Alex and Abi were dining and only peeked out again when they saw the lights moving up in the sky to form those two words.

"Hey my pretty boy, if I propose to you like that, would you say yes?" Kelly teased as she elbowed the man next to her as they looked up at the sky.

"..." Kai was speechless. He didn't know what to say. Wasn't that something a man should be saying to a woman?

Kelly looked at Kai's face and smiled at the shocked expression she saw on his face. Sigh. It really was so much fun teasing this guy!

Kelly was about to keep on teasing him but she stopped herself because she had an important mission to do at this moment. She peeked out and when she saw Alexander Qin begin to kneel, she quickly brought out her camera, ready to capture that most awaited moment.

"Oh god! I'm so jealous!" she mumbled in excitement while Kai simply watched her, looking mystified before his gaze flew towards the couple on the view deck.

"Abigail, let's get married," Alex said as he looked into Abi's beautiful eyes. He began to see the fantastic future they could have together. He thought that proposing was an odd feeling. The emotions he was feeling was overwhelming, simply inexplicable.

Alex already proposed to her before but this was completely different. He had never prepared for anything like this in his life. He felt that it was the longest day of his life, waiting for this moment to come. And now that it was finally happening, his heart was going a mile a minute as he waited for her answer.

Abi's eyes immediately welled but she fought hard not to tear up. Her heart felt so full of happiness that she thought it would burst. The sight of Alex, going down on one knee, asking her to marry him... There were no words to convey how wonderful it felt.

Even though Alex had already proposed to her once before, somehow, this time it felt a thousand times better. Her heart soared and flew with the birds above the sky. She just couldn't believe that this was happening again and this time, she could tell that he wasn't doing this just because of her wish. She could see it in his eyes, that he was doing this because he wanted to, because he wanted to stay with her forever.

If she wasn't dying, she would've been jumping in happiness right then. She was ecstatic and shocked and happy and amazed but at the same time, fear and sadness and pain lurked in her heart. She wished she wasn't sick. She wished she didn't have to cry at this very special moment. But she knew there was no use wishing over those things anymore. At this moment, all she wanted was to stay with him, love him, and love him and love him and love him.

As she gazed down at Alex, who was looking up at her so seriously, so passionately, she smiled the widest smile he had ever seen yet. And then she nodded her head before saying, "Yes, Alex! Let's get married!"

The moment Abi answered him, Alex took her left hand and immediately slid the emerald ring back on her ring finger, in case she changed her mind. Once it was firmly placed on there, he drew her hand to his lips and kissed her on the back of her hand before moving to get up.

Abi's restraint finally crumbled and she jumped on him the moment he was up on his feet again. Alex caught her around the waist as Abi wrapped her arms around his neck. His face broke out in a big smile, almost as big as Abi's, as he twirled them around in a circle. He then stopped and carefully placed Abi's feet back on the ground. Abi looked up at him, eyes shining brightly, and in the next second, his lips were on hers as they sealed their promise with a deep, passionate kiss under the moonlit sky. Alex cupped her cheek with his hand while the other was wrapped around her waist, drawing her closer to him and preventing her escape, not that she wanted to escape. No, she would never run away from him again.

Alex deepened his kiss, probing with his tongue, playing havoc within Abi's mouth and Abi responded with as much passion and love as she felt in her heart at that moment. She thought that her feelings for him had already reached their peak during their little holiday but it seemed she was wrong. She was so overwhelmed by what she was feeling that her eyes started to tear up. It seemed she just couldn't contain all these emotions that it spilled out of her in the form of happy tears. Her tears flowed silently and when Alex felt them on his face, he quickly pulled away, instantly worried that she was hurting somewhere.

"Why are you crying, Abigail? Are you hurt somewhere?" he asked. She could hear the worry in his voice and see it from his expression.

Abi chuckled at how sweet this man was being. She couldn't get enough of it. Gone was the frozen iceberg to be replaced by a melting snowman. After another moment, she put him out of his misery by saying, "I am fine, Alex. These are tears of joy."

Letting go of the breath he had not realised he was holding, he pulled Abi closer to his chest and hugged her tight and then he kissed the top of her head, a gesture that spoke volumes, a gesture that said 'you are mine and I will take care of you until my last breath'.

Abi rested her head against his chest with her eyes closed, savoring the feeling of protection and safety she felt within his arms. When he hugged her, she felt that nothing else mattered. She didn't think about anything else except for the love she felt for this man and the love he felt for her.




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