Hellbound With You Chapter 220

219 Flowery Nonsense?

"M-m-marry? You're going to get married?!" Xavier stammered. His eyes were almost bulging out from their sockets.

Everyone was shocked. Alex getting married was something they couldn't imagine at all or even joke about. But now, the man himself was actually saying it! Was he kidding? Was he in his right mind?!

They were all looking at Alex, utterly dumbstruck, except of course for Zeke who only widened his eyes for a moment before his expression returned to normal again.

"Haha, is this some kind of a prank?" Xavier forced a laugh but what he got was cold chill piercing through his bones. Freaking sh*t! He wasn't kidding! This wasn't a prank!!!!

Ignoring the men's reactions, Alex simply stood there, looking at the ring, deep in thought. He didn't care if this came as a shock to anyone or not. All he wanted right now was do the things he wanted to do; the things that could make Abigail happy.

But this wasn't just for Abigail. This wasn't a decision he made on the spot either. Back when they were at that place, when Alex was doing the kitchen chores and Abi said he was like a good husband, Alex actually felt something indescribable surge within his chest. Abi calling him a good husband made him happy and he wanted to hear her say that over and over again. Since then, he had been thinking about it, and he even wondered what it would feel like to call her his wife.

He remembered this was her biggest wish. He had proposed to her before just to fulfill her wish but this time, things had changed. His desire to be with her forever had been elevated to the highest degree during the time he spent with her in their safe haven, the little part of the world that was theirs. Now that he found out about her illness, Alex didn't know why but this was the first thing he wanted to do, not just for her but also for himself.

He wanted to show her that he was willing to spend his life with her from now on, no matter what the future held. He wanted to show her that he was in this for life and that he would not leave her. Even though marrying her may not change anything, he just knew that this was the right thing for him to do and he wanted to do it.

"W-why? I I mean" Xavier pressed his lips tightly. He badly wanted to ask but then again, he also wanted to stay in the land of the living. But in all honesty, he didn't understand Alex's decision. Alex and Abi were only in a contractual relationship for a month. That was common knowledge. Well, sure, he fell in love but Abigail was dying. Why would he want to marry her at this point?

Alex's gaze flew towards Xavier and the guy flinched. Alex was calm, so calm it was terrifying for Xavier. They were so used to the coldness and darkness that surrounded Alex so seeing him without any of that cloaking him was somewhat eerie to them.

"Haha, never mind me. That was just mindless blabbering." He waved his hands but to his surprise, Alex actually answered him.

"Why? Do I need to have an explanation for wanting to marry her? I want to marry her because I love her and I want to be with her, it's that simple."

Everyone: ". . ."

Xavier's inner self screamed upon hearing Alex's words. F*ck! Who was this man? How and when in the world did he learn to spout such flowery nonsense?!

Completely not caring about what everyone was thinking, Alex let out a sigh and he looked out the window, seemingly lost in thoughts again, when Zeke's voice rang inside the room.

"So you're going to propose?" he asked, looking at that ancient emerald ring in his hand.

Alex glanced at him. "I've already proposed to her a week ago."

It was Kai's turn to almost choke to death. Already?! When did he do that? Had he been planning to marry her even before he found out about her illness? Meaning, he wasn't doing this just to make his dying girlfriend happy?!

"But she returned the ring to me that night she left," Alex continued, causing everyone to crease their brows. "So, I guess, I'm going to have to propose again," he concluded and the room fell utterly silent.

There were no more words they could say. This Alex was completely and irrevocably smitten. It seemed it was true that the thing called love could change someone entirely, even if that someone was the devil from hell. This was proof that love was capable of bringing out something unthinkable from even the darkest soul and the iciest heart.

"Since I can no longer take her away somewhere, it seems it will be best if I do it here," he mumbled to himself and then, he turned to Kai and ordered him.

"Kai, go get her friend, I have to speak with her."

"Kelly Yang?"

"Yes. She's in Abi's room right now."

Kai sighed before he said "Okay," and left the room.

Earlier inside Abi's room.

"How are you?" Kelly asked Abi as she sat on the edge of her bed, holding her friend's hand gently.

"I'm good," Abi smiled at her and Kelly struggled not to tear up. She embraced her dearest best friend and Abi told her she was going for another surgery soon.

Kelly was heartbroken. She knew that her illness was hopeless and all they could rely on right now was for miracle to come. But seeing the light in Abi's eyes, that unyielding spirit, that warm light that could touch anyone's heart, Kelly could only smile back. This girl was really strong. She wondered if she could still smile like this if she was in her friend's shoes.

Time passed and the best friends began to talk about Abi and Alex's vacation. Abi was blushing and looking so animated as she told Kelly about the aurora, the tent, the fishing, the beauty of the place and everything else she could remember.

Kelly was happy for her, excited and, at the same time, jealous. "Gosh! That Alexander Qin is truly not the man I thought he was. Haha. Darn. I should go and look for someone like him soon, geez I'm so jealous, like hello no man would do all that for his girl nowadays!" she playfully sobbed and they both laughed.




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