Hellbound With You Chapter 219

218 Unrecognizable

Back in Abi's room, Alex joined the family until Abi's family said goodbye. Abi's family made it clear that they were going to leave the decision for Abi to make. They left so that Abi and Alex would have a chance to talk about the surgery alone.

Alex told her he wanted her to go for the surgery and just like what Zeke said, Abi was reluctant to do it. She had heard about what happened with her mother and she didn't want that to happen to her. It scared her.

"Don't be scared. You will be fine," Alex assured her but Abi couldn't remove the fear in her heart.

However, now that it had come to this, now that Alex had fallen for her and was not going to leave her side, Abi wanted to fight, one last time, despite the hopelessness. She wanted to bet for another miracle but she had already gone through two surgeries and it took a huge toll on her body. She had already been lucky twice because both surgeries were somewhat successful. She had woken up and hadn't suffered any brain damage from that. But what if her luck had run out? What if this time she wouldn't wake up again? Wouldn't it better if she just spent the rest of her days with him until her last breath?

She could see that Alex trusted the doctor that would attend her this time but even if the surgery was successful, she would never be cured. It was a gamble and Alex wanted to take that bet.

"I'm afraid, Alex what if"

"Shh don't worry, the surgery will be successful. Zeke is the best doctor this world has ever seen so trust me, okay? I know I sound ridiculous but I'm telling you, this is not blind faith or anything like that. I wouldn't ask this of you if I had any doubts at all about Zeke's capabilities." He held her face and kissed her before he continued, "Zeke is I can't tell you who he really is right now but all I want is for you to trust him. You want to spend more time with me, right?"

Abi nodded. "Yes. All I want is to spend more time with you, Alex." She teared up and Alex wiped away her tears.

"Then, do this for me. Trust me, please"He kissed her hand and Abi could only give in. She buried her face on his chest and hugged him tight. That was right, there was no more reason for her to be scared. This wasn't the time to be scared but the time to fight even harder and not give up. This time, she will not fight for herself but for Alex. She was going to fight for him until the end, no matter how futile it was.

"Okay, I will go for it, Alex I will fight again" she told him and Alex smiled. Abi had already vowed to herself that she would do anything for him so even though this scared her, she agreed. She believed in his love for her and if he believed in Zeke, then she would do so as well.

He caressed her hair and kissed her forehead. "Good girl you're strong, Abigail, stronger than you could ever imagine. You can do this," he said and their grip on each other tightened.

"But Alex is it possible to postpone the surgery? Can I spend more days with you first?" Abi wanted to go home and spend more time with him while her body was still going strong. She was scared that after the surgery, even if it was successful, she might not be able to walk and move around for many days or even months afterwards. She wanted to utilize her remaining strength while she still had it.

"I will ask Zeke about it. I'm sure it's possible."

"Thank you"

At that moment, a knock separated the couple's hug. The door opened and Kelly entered the room.

Kelly was emotional but when she saw Alex there with Abi, she almost turned around and left again, but Alex stood up.

"I'll go speak with Zeke," he said to Abi and after Abi nodded, Alex kissed her forehead before he left, leaving Abi blushing as she looked at her friend.

In the CEO's office.

"Geez, what's going on with you? Why do you want to suddenly adopt a child now?" Xavier was pinching the skin between his brows. "If you want a daughter that much, why don't you just find a girl and make a baby?"

"Who said I want a daughter?" Zeke nonchalantly asked and Xavier's mouth dropped.

"Then why the hell do you want me to arrange these papers?!"

"It's not me who will adopt her, it's Alex."


Xavier and Kai could only look at each other in confusion. But before they could ask, the door opened and Alex entered.

Everyone fell silent. Alex leaned on Zeke's desk, his hands in his pockets. "Abi's asking if the surgery could be postponed," he asked.

Zeke looked at him before he leaned on his chair. "She's MGMT positive so her surgery could be postponed but under close monitoring procedures. We can control the progression by giving her TMZ for now," he explained and Alex just nodded. "But how long do you want to postpone it?"

"How long is advisable?"

"A week."

Alex nodded again. "That's long enough," he mumbled as he looked out the window.

Kai and Xavier couldn't even speak as they looked at Alex. They hadn't seen him for days yet he looked so different now. Totally different. The beast had turned to a harmless spirit animal. His deadly horns and terrifying fangs and claws were nowhere to be seen. Was this still the Alexander Qin they knew? This man was truly unrecognizable now!

After a long silence, Zeke asked. "But what's the reason behind the postponement?"

Alex silently took something out from his pocket. He stared at the old emerald ring in his hand before he spoke. "I'm going to marry her," he said and one of the boys choked in shock.




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