Hellbound With You Chapter 218

217 No Other

Abi's family, along with Zeke, saw a nurse bring some food inside Abi's room, indicating that the two were already awake.

They all waited for a while longer before they knocked on the door and finally entered her room.

Alex was feeding her like a worrywart husband while Abi flushed red the moment she looked at the door.

Her family smiled at her seeing that she looked fine.

"Finish your food first, dear," Abi's grandma said as they sat on the sofa.

Once she finished her breakfast, Zeke asked Alex to come with him. The two men stepped out of the room while Abi's family sat around her bed and began talking to her.

Upon closing the door, Zeke faced Alex. He was wearing his usual calm and unfazed expression but his eyes were serious as he looked at Alex.

"Alex, I hope your mind is clearer now," he started.

Alex just creased his brows. "Just say whatever it is you want to tell me," he said, not hiding his impatience.

"I'm going to tell you the truth about her disease, Alex. I'm certain you already know that there is no cure for her disease. Surgery, chemotherapy or radiation are just treatments, not cures," Zeke told him, without beating around the bush.

Alex's face immediately turned ten shades darker. His jaws clenched and he gritted his teeth. His rage began to envelop him but he kept it under control because he was aware that Abi and her family were just on the other side of the door. This was why Zeke chose to talk to Alex right there, because he knew Alex would keep himself in check despite his blazing rage.

Alex let out a bitter sardonic laugh. "Are you saying you can't do anything to save her?" He was laughing like a devil, a devil ready to burn everything to hell if anything went wrong.

His eyes started to dim but Zeke ignored him and remained calm. He knew that Alex wouldn't do anything crazy at that moment, not in this place, so Zeke felt that it was safe to tell him everything he needed to know. "The biggest problem here is that this will be her third surgery. She has completed all the treatments that are known to work but still, her tumor grew back. At this point, her next treatment options available are merely experimental. I already spoke with her family. They said that Abigail had decided since long ago that if her tumor came back again, she would opt for comfort care* instead of going through surgery again."

Zeke paused, reading Alex's expression before he continued. "She had already fought the battle twice so I understand why she and her family came to that decision. And they are obviously terrified. Abigail's mother never woke up again after her third surgery so the family are afraid the same thing will happen to her."

"But it's not just any doctor in this world that would perform the surgery this time, it's no other than you, Zeke," Alex replied. His voice was hard and firm, leaving no room for argument. "The problem with her disease is because the surgeons failed to remove the tumor completely, no?"

"It's because the tumor is in a tricky area, Alex. They removed as much of the tumor as possible, but they couldn't get all of it because of where it is located. The main priority was to make sure she didn't get brain damage while removing as much of the tumor as possible. Several techniques have been developed to help with this, but even small bits of tumor left behind will relentlessly grow and invade their surroundings "

"You're not like any of the other doctors in this world. You can do many things that they can't!"

Zeke sighed. "That's not the only problem here, Alex. If Abigail chose to opt for comfort care "

"Leave that to me. I'll talk to her," he said before his eyes blazed with nothing but certainty as he looked at Zeke. "I'm not going to let her die. I would trade my soul for her."

Alex then turned to the door but before he could open it, he spoke one last time. "If you want to win, then save her. Use whatever method you have to. If you can't then, you know what will happen."

Once the door was closed, Zeke leaned on the wall. His hands were in his pockets as he threw his head back. A smirk played on his face but it faded too soon and his gaze became serious before he walked away.

He entered another room and walked towards a little child on the bed. He stared at the little girl for a while, stared at the monitors before he sat on the chair next to the bed. His aloof eyes stared at the ceiling as he rested his head on the chair when a soft voice pulled his attention.

"Uncle Zeke?"

He glanced at the girl to see that she was already sitting up, looking at him.

"I'm not your uncle," was all he said, unfriendly as always. But the little girl smiled.

"I'm happy you came again," she beamed and Zeke creased his brows. "I knew you were the one treating me."

"Who told you?"

She shook her head. "No one... but I heard your voice once."

Zeke stood up and rubbed the girl's hair. He was about to speak again when the girl started coughing. She seemed to have a hard time breathing. He saw her heartbeats becoming weaker and weaker and his usual calm face changed.

"Uncle Zeke Please Don't leave Betty" she uttered before she lost consciousness. The monitors started beeping as the alarms were set off.

Zeke was quick to move, trying to revive her. The doctors and nurses came rushing into the room but seeing that Doctor Qin, their CEO, was treating her, they stood back and gave him the room he needed. After a few more seconds, the little girl's heart started beating again.

A quiet sigh left Zeke's lips as he looked at the monitor and then the little girl.

"Sir, I'm afraid she won't be able to hold on before a donor match can be found. We still don't know if one would ever come," one of the doctors said. "Also, her guardians expressed their desire for her not to suffer anymore. They want to take her home."

Hearing them, Zeke paused, and then he looked at the doctor with his intimidating gaze.

"Who said her guardians would be the one to decide that? Are they the one paying her bills?" he asked and the doctor swallowed.

"N-no sir."

"Tell them I'm adopting this child. I'll be the one to decide for her," he firmly said and everyone's eyes widened in shock.




A\\N: *comfort care - medical treatments and therapies that help with symptoms but don't address the tumor itself. This helps the patient enjoy the best possible quality of life during their final days with loved ones.

P.s. Second chapter for today will come later

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