Hellbound With You Chapter 213

212 On Top Of me

"You love riding me still, right?

"Yes, I like riding you very much."

His sexy smirk played at his lips when he heard her answer. Abi felt her skin tingle as goosebumps travelled up her arm. She knew he was thinking of something naughty when that smile came out but she couldn't think of what that could be? What did riding have to do with what they were doing now?

"That's good. Would you like me to teach you how to ride me properly?" he asked, caressing her skin with his fingers, leaving a trail of tingles along her skin.

Abi became distracted by those caresses and she closed her eyes, enjoying the feel of his hands on her body.

"Well, Abigail?"

His words brought her back to the present and she forced herself to think about what he had asked her. Abi's brows knotted. What did he mean by 'ride him properly'? Wasn't there only one way to piggyback? What else did she need to know?

Alex could see the confusion in Abi's face. In the next second, he put his lips next to her ear and whispered in her ear, so seductively. "Let me show you how."

With that, he snuck his arm under Abi's waist and rolled onto his back, taking her along with him so that she was now lying on top of him. He expertly parted her legs with one of his so that he lay between them.

Abi didn't know why Alex changed their positions. Usually, when he was raring to go, he would always be on top, and from feeling how hard his little brother was, she knew that he was definitely raring to go again. She was about to move off of him but his arms held her tight.

"Sit up, Abigail," he instructed her. She tried to move off of him again to do as he asked but his arms kept her in place. "On top of me," he added when he realised his little lamb didn't get what he had meant.

Her eyes widened. "S-Sit on top of you? On your stomach?"

"No, on top of 'me'."

Abi's eyes widened in shock. She knew exactly where he meant but she couldn't comprehend it. "B-but I might squish it!"

Alex marvelled at how this little fruit managed to turn a sizzling hot, intense lovemaking kind of mood to this! He could only chuckle and shake his head in response.

"You won't squish it. Since when did a little fruit ever manage to squish a hard rock?" he reasoned.

Before Abigail could think about his words, he suddenly sat up, still holding on to her in his arms so that she was forced to straddle him. Once he had her in place, he held her hips. He didn't enter her, only placed her so that she was sitting on top of his little big monster.

Abi could feel his hard and ready little big monster under her and the thought that it was so close to her entrance made the heat in her stomach bubble up again. Her body reacted to its closeness, producing its own natural lubricant, readying itself for the onslaught. Before Abi could think again, Alex guided her hips, moving it forward and backward slowly so that she was rubbing against him.

Abi's eyes flew to his as this new sensation rocked her body. She never thought that she would still feel different kinds of stimulation after the many, many times that she and Alex had made love but she was wrong. This feeling was completely different to when his fingers played with her, or when his manhood was inside her. Even so, it was just as amazing and pleasurable as all the other times.

In no time, she was wet and ready to go again.

"Can you put it in yourself please, Abigail?" he asked and Abi's face burned red. She put it in? H-herself?!

Seeing her reaction, Alex smiled again. His heart jumped with joy and excitement.

"Yes, Abigail. Hold the little monster in place and slowly slide down on it," he instructed, his eyes serious and burning wild.

Abi swallowed. She thought that was such a shameless thing to do for a woman but when she looked in his eyes and saw how he much wanted her to do it, Abi just couldn't say no. She wanted to please him too. She wanted to make him feel good, too, like how he always made her feel good every time.

As per his instruction, Abi held his manhood in place. She paused for a moment and then, she slowly slid herself down his shaft. She did it so damn slowly that Alex almost lost his mind.

"A-am I doing it, right?" she pulled out again and Alex groaned. Damn! What is this? Is his little lamb teasing him now?!

She waited for his response. "Please Abigail, don't stop. You're doing good." He begged and Abi felt more confident.

She slowly slid herself again and it went in smoothly, as if she was made for him. Abi was shocked.

"Straighten up and sit back, Abigail," Alex told her, almost groaning in pleasure.

Listening to him, Abi then straightened up and sat back on him, fully taking him inside her and it felt somehow different again. It was as if he had reached the deepest part of her. She felt like electricity struck her.

Alex cursed as her muscles contracted tightly and squeezing him.

She stayed still, dazed, as she got used to this feeling.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Mm, I'm fine."

"Once you're comfortable, you can start moving, Abigail."


He smiled. "Move forward and backward, like I showed you just then, like a cowgirl," he said and Abi meekly started doing what he said. She began to move forward and backward, slowly riding him like a cowgirl.

"You can increase your pace, Abigail."

But Abigail kept her slow and maddening pace that Alex thought she really was trying to tease him.

"Please Abigail." He begged and as she felt more and more comfortable, she listened to Alex and she increased her pace. She stopped thinking and just let her body do the talking. Her movements were smooth and swift and Alex was held captive. Freaking hell!!! This felt so damn good his Abigail, his goddess was finally riding him

Alex was in heaven. He watched her, now rocking slowly on top of him and his hands moved involuntarily towards her breasts. He wasn't going to let her have all the fun, so his fingers played with her breasts and nipples, squeezing, stroking and flicking them.

Abi eventually placed her hand over his to stop their torment but he didn't let up. And then, with a mischievous look in his eyes, Alex took her hand and put her finger in his mouth and caressed it with his tongue. Abi's eyes widened. She closed her eyes in pleasure and before she knew it, she copied what Alex did and she began licking his finger that was caressing her lips.

Alex was dumbstruck. He didn't know why, but the sight of her sucking his finger while riding him was enough to shut his brain down. He closed his eyes and his desire started to take hold. He could feel the rush start to build inside him, heading towards the peak.

"Faster Abi! Please"

He pleaded and Abi kept up the pace and even increased it as she saw him close his eyes in surrender. She sucked on his finger, running her tongue over it, licking it and treating it like the best tasting ice cream in the world, all the while making sure that she kept up the rhythm of her hips.

She knew he was close and suddenly, she felt it again, that bubble of desire, that molten lava slowly rising upwards, building up pressure, getting ready to erupt.

Alex moaned and raised his hips in time with her rocking motion, as if he was trying to dig deeper into her, to fill all of her until there was no room left for air.

Their two bodies moved in unison, dancing to the music of love. Both of them felt that pressure rising up and with one last thrust, the volcanoes erupted with a big bang.

Afterwards, Abi weakly fell on top of Alex's heaving chest.




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