Hellbound With You Chapter 211

210 Sweet Sweet Love

Time passed by like a whirlwind and it was finally the second to the last day of their stay in this place, their very own secret paradise. It was getting closer to that final day.

Alex decided to bring her out that day to go fishing. He carried her again halfway through as they trekked despite her wanting to walk.

So once they arrived at the lake, Abi was filled with plenty of energy. Alex held a jigging rod and showed her how to use it. It didn't take long for his rod to move, indicating that it might have caught a fish. When he pulled on it, there was a wriggling fish at the end of it and Abi rejoiced. She suddenly felt thrilled, her eyes silently yelling 'I want to catch one too!' as she looked at him.

Alex laughed shortly and gave the rod to her. Abi happily took it and just like that, she monopolized the fishing rod for the rest of the time while Alex sat patiently across her, watching the growing pile of fish. He was loving how happy and excited she was over this.

When Alex saw that she had caught enough for dinner, he stopped her. Abi negotiated for one more catch and Alex could only give in.

On their way home, while riding on his back again, Abi told him that they were going to have a fish barbecue at the campsite. Of course Alex agreed without question so upon arriving at the house, they both prepared the fish and everything else they needed for it.

"Okay, it's ready!" Abi clapped her hand.

"If we are going to sleep there, Abigail, we should shower here before we go," he said and Abi nodded. This was going to be their last night here because they would be heading back tomorrow night so she wanted to spend the night out at the campsite, watching the aurora with him again. One last time.

"Okay, I'll go first," she dashed towards the bathroom, entered it and was about to shut the door close when Alex's hand blocked it.

He entered and started stripping. "Let's take a shower together, Abigail," his seductive voice echoed in the bathroom, causing Abi's ears to tingle.

Abi just blushed. She didn't complain anymore and started to undress. As he watched her, the fire in his eyes blazed and he pulled her into his arms. The sprinkling water started to fall over her body and so did his hot scorching kisses.

"I'm so hungry, Abigail. I haven't eaten breakfast and lunch today. I've been a good boy so give me a reward," he whined and Abi could only tried to push him back so that she could look at his face.

"O-okay, ask me anything" she whispered even though she already knew what he wanted.

"Can I eat you ten times tonight?" he asked. Abi's eyes immediately widened and his pleasant laugh echoed. "Kidding," he added before he captured her lips and then let go.

He turned off the shower and reached out for the soap.

"Let me bathe you, my queen," he uttered as he gazed at her. Abi nodded, blushing hard and Alex flashed his sexiest smile. "Let me take this off first," he uttered and in the next second, her bra was expertly removed, revealing her beautiful peaches.

Alex started to wash her with the soap, starting from her neck, down to her shoulders, hands and then he made his way down to her breasts. He gave them extra attention - to make sure they were absolutely clean, of course - and Abi bit her lips hard. The sensation was incredibly intense. Her skin tingled everywhere and her hardened nipples gave her feelings away.

He knelt down before her and his hands moved slowly south.

"Let's take this off, okay?" he asked, looking up through his impossibly gorgeous dark lashes.

"Mm." She meekly nodded again and Alex looked at her with joy and pride.

He took off her last piece of garment and she was finally naked. F*ck! She's already wet!

Alex bit his lips hard as he looked at her, restraining himself from sticking his tongue up there and tasting her sweetness.

His hands moved to her feet. "Lift your leg," he said and she obeyed.

Alex gave her legs good scrub, and even gave her a quick foot massage. Mmm, that felt nice.

She closed her eyes as she felt his hands trail up her legs, on the inside of her thighs, and then back down again.

Her brain was going to shut down. His hands moved slowly, like a tease, and she found herself waiting for him to touch her there.

Finally, the moment she had been waiting for happened and an erotic moan escaped from her lips the second his fingers brushed her.

He played with her down there, his fingers creating their magic and she felt her knees weaken at his touch. His eyes were so focused, as if he did not want to miss anything.

"Does this feel good, Abigail?"

"Yes, Alex." She didn't hesitate and Alex's heart rejoiced again. He rubbed her there, and then everywhere, her behind to her breast again. He didn't leave any part of her body untouched until she was so smooth and foamy.

He then took the shower head in his hand and started to wash the soap off her. She thought she would cool down now from the heat but when Alex pointed the shower close to her chests, she couldn't help but bite her lips again. There was another sensation and she couldn't believe that even the water was making her feel so aroused right now.

When he moved the shower head down there, directing the spray of the water on her sensitive lips, she couldn't help but moan, hard.

"A-alex" she called out and she pulled Alex and kissed him. Alex smiled, damn happy. His little fruit was definitely getting more ripe by the day.

He spread her legs apart and increased the pressure of the water spraying on her, increasing the sensation of pleasure that Abi felt. Abi felt herself losing strength and she clung onto Alex, while Alex wrapped an arm around her and kissed her hard.

Abi tried to kiss him back but her body trembled and moans were forced out her mouth the longer he sprayed her there. At last, he took it away and she heard the shower head drop on the floor. Then his free hand cupped her there, stimulating another different sensation within her body.

She was so wet that he couldn't stop himself from sliding his fingers inside her, caressing her walls, while his palm rubbed on her sensitive bud. In and out his fingers went. His sweet torture was taking Abi to breaking point.

"Do you want me inside now?"

"Yes, please." She began to beg and Alex couldn't explain how damn fulfilling that felt. He released his little big monster who had actually been begging since the moment they got back to the house, and entered her swiftly, smoothly.

He stilled, savoring the sensation yet again.

"Oh Abigail I just can't get enough of you"

And thus, in the shower, moans and groans of intense pleasure leaked out its walls as the two people made sweet, sweet love.




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