Hellbound With You Chapter 206

205 Too Late

After another round, Abi slumped in his arms, feeling like her energy had been drained completely. Alex was still not done but when he saw her weak state, he was surprised that he was able to stop himself. He just hugged her until she eventually fell asleep, like an utterly exhausted little lamb.

He embraced her tightly. He used to not care. No, he couldn't compare her to anyone else. She was special. But what was happening to him was simply mind blowing. Was this the effect of love too? How come that just the sight of her looking vulnerable had actually extinguished his still blazing wild carnal desire?

He smiled and shook his head in disbelief. This thing really was strange. The strangest thing he had ever known.

He slowly put her down and watched her. They were both sticky so he got up and took a cloth and wiped her down. He wiped her body gently and carefully before he grabbed his woolen sweater. He put it on her before he covered her with a blanket.

He got up and went to the shower and once he was back, he sat on the edge of the bed. He stared at her again. How many times had he done this, sat like this just watching her? He never felt like he would get tired of doing so. It was maybe even getting worse, like he just wanted to watch her like this forever.

Damn! This thing in his chest was overwhelming his entire being. He felt how strong it had become and it was hard for him to believe. It had completely invaded him and there was no way out. No, he felt like he would die now without it.

He caressed Abi's face with a smile. "The seed you planted inside me had grown way too big, Abigail. Too impossibly big" he uttered and he kissed her forehead.

Abi was shocked when she saw that it was already eight in the morning when she woke up. She stretched and felt her muscles aching in places they had never ached before. She then remembered the reason why and her face turned pink. She buried her face on her pillow as she remembered the passionate night they shared. That was simply inexplicably overwhelming.

When she realized that she was wearing Alex's gray woolen sweater, Abi bit her lips. The sweater smelled so like Alex. Wait where was he?

Abi climbed off the bed and was about to head to the bathroom when she smelled something coming from the kitchen. Her brows knotted and she ran towards the kitchen.

"Alex?" her mouth dropped, seeing Alex in a t-shirt, cooking.

She immediately moved closer to him and looked at the pan and she turned to him in awe. He knew how to cook, now?!

Seeing the amazement in Abi's eyes, Alex smirked.

"The reason why I don't know anything about cooking is because I never had any interest in it so I simply never needed to even try doing it. Meaning, if I tried it once, I will definitely learn how to do it. I watched you carefully yesterday and I made sure that I just did everything you did," he explained as he transferred the bacon onto a plate.

He scooped up some soup with a spoon and put it near her lips.

Abi's eyes widened. "So good!" She was very surprised. Her assistant had promoted himself to a master cook in a blink of an eye! Geez this man

Alex smiled triumphantly when suddenly he stiffened. It was because she licked her lips to clean the soup from them.

Darn! Now she did it. He was damn hard again. So early in the morning!

Abi took the spoon from his hand and she tasted all the things he cooked. They all tasted so good. As expected with the perfect Alex.

Completely oblivious with the emergence of the Mt. Everest in Alex's groin, Abi was smiling happily as she praised his cooking skills. His eyes blazed with desire as he looked at her back. She was wearing his clothes and damn, that aroused him too!

As Abi reached out to the farthest plate, she bent down and her cute little bottom poked put and said hello to him. Alex's eyes zoomed in on them. F*ck, Abigail! He wanted her, right there in the kitchen!

"Abigail, you're seducing me aren't you?" he whispered in her ear as he hugged her from behind, his lips nibbling the back of her neck.

"H-huh?" Abi was surprised as his hand started to crawl under her sweater. Oh gosh! That was right, she was not wearing any undies!

Abi's face burned red in embarrassment.

"I I'm sorry, I was going to get dressed first but I smelled something and got worried," she began to explain.

"Hmm worried about?"

"I was worried you might burn the house."

Alex let out a pleasant chuckle.

"Even your thoughts are cute, Abigail," he replied, not stopping his caresses and kisses. "But it's too late, my little monster is already rock hard," he told her, pulling her hand towards it.

Abi swallowed. They just did it three times last night and truth be told, the third time they did it, she almost couldn't feel her body anymore. She finally understood why he had tried to stop himself. But as he said, it was too late to regret now. And no, actually, she didn't regret it. She would never regret it. She was happy that she was able to please him, to give him what he wanted. Besides, it wasn't like she was doing it all for him. She had wanted it. She had wanted to give him her whole being, for them to become one. Making love with him was mind blowing. She loved it because she was doing it with Alex, the man she loved so much.

As she felt the little monster pulsate under her hand, Abi turned to face him when Alex captured her lips. They kissed passionately and then wildly.

Alex's fingers travelled down and found her sweet flower between her thighs.

"Uhm Alex the food will go cold if"

"Shh it's okay, I will reheat it later."


"I can always cook for you again. So forget about the food for now, Abigail"

And with that, the man didn't give her any chance to protest. He kissed her and played with her with his hand at the same time, effectively seducing her senses and luring her into the world of pleasure, yet again. It didn't take long before she became wet with desire and Alex lifted her up and made her sit on the kitchen bench.




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