Hellbound With You Chapter 205

204 At Las

Abi felt lost in the pleasure. This was such a strange feeling, but it was a good feeling. She felt tingles coming up from her toes all the way to her head. He was so big that she could feel all of him inside her. She squeezed her muscles down there and she felt Alex become still, his wild eyes telling her he was almost at breaking point.

"Don't don't do that, Abigail, or I" he couldn't continue because she did it again and a moan was forced out of him.

Alex bit his lips, in pain and in pleasure. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, to gain back some sanity and then he continued the sweet torture of thrusting inside and out, not breaking through her wall.

Ah he couldn't believe even this torture felt so good to him, so heavenly, even just kissing her barrier like this. This was so different and just as he imagined, she tasted simply divine.

Abi got lost in the rhythm of his movements and she started to feel it again, that tingling feeling building up inside her, getting bigger and bigger as he slid in and out.

She was very wet now, lubricating his manhood so that he could slide in and out without much trouble. She had subconsciously relaxed her muscles and Alex knew that she was getting closer and closer to the finish line.

Abi closed her eyes, succumbing to this bubbling feeling of pleasure. Her fingers clawed on his back, her back arched, asking for more.

He started thrusting faster and faster and Abi was flying higher and higher and when she was at the precipice of pleasure, that was when he fully took her, pushing his length to the root, breaking through her barrier at the same time that she felt the fireworks, filling her wholly and giving her a surreal feeling of both pleasure and pain.

At last, he was inside her, fully. Damn, he almost came with that final thrust. This was too surreal! So impossibly good.

"It's all in, Abigail," his deep seductive voice resonated in her ear.

Abigail was still lost in the land of ecstasy. She felt numb from the pleasure. What just happened? That was far, far more intense than all the things she ever experienced in his hands.

Hearing his words, Abi opened her eyes, still breathing heavily while Alex stayed still, waiting for her to at least stabilize her breathing a little. It was hard. He so wanted to move and explore inside her but he held back and decided to stay still and savor the ecstatic feeling of being buried inside her. Well, this was another surprise. He didn't know how he was able to stop his animalistic trait despite her maddening taste.

He bent and kissed her face gently. "Are you okay?" he asked gently.

Abi opened her eyes, looked at him and nodded.

"Does it hurt?"

"A a little but it felt good," she replied honestly and Alex smiled triumphantly. You did well, Alex!

"Can I move now?" he asked again, his breath hot against her skin. As Abi returned back to earth, she began to feel the overwhelming feeling of being one with him. That was right, Alex's Alex's little monster entered her H-he was inside her they finally became one

The moment Abi nodded, Alex kissed her.

"I'm going to move now, Abigail," he whispered and then, his hips began to move, slowly, gently.

His hot little monster softly rubbed against her wet inner walls back and forth, smoothly.

But it didn't take too long before his thrusts gradually became demanding, his pace speeding up.

"Are you okay?" he asked again with gritted teeth. He was trying to control his strength and his desire to ravage her like a madman.

Even with the slight discomfort, Abi shook her head. She felt herself stretch out than what she thought was possible but the feeling was getting better and better. The discomfort slowly subsided. Her grip on the sheets loosened up as her body relaxed.

"I'm fine, Alex. D-don't hold back," she said and Alex groaned.

"Ugh! Don't say that." He closed his eyes and kissed her lips. He needed to shut her mouth. She shouldn't be telling him things like that!

But his true nature had already leaked out. He started to rapidly explore her secret cave, his rhythm even faster than before.

The wisp of pleasure started to build up inside her again, that inexplicable feeling.

Alex let out another deep groan as his arousal faintly shook inside her and Abi felt the monster swell up.

It hadn't even been that long since he slid inside her. Damn! This was bad. This was too impossibly good! He was going to go crazy!

"Abigail" he called out her name and that strange, surreal sensation began to rise, making her feel like her body was going to explode.

He pushed deeper and deeper and the feeling built up higher and higher. Her body tensed up, waiting for that sensation to break through.

Alex was breathing heavily as his hips worked overtime. His big little brother throbbed like never before. He felt the pressure building within him, like a volcano ready to erupt. Each thrust was bringing him closer and closer to the end.

He looked at Abi's flushed face and felt her fingers scratching his back again. Her expressions and her moans of pleasure were so enthralling that he felt himself succumbing to that feeling and after one last thrust, the volcano finally erupted taking the little peach along with him. They both shuddered from the pleasure and the room that was filled with sounds of pleasure just moments ago, suddenly became quiet, with only the sound of heavy breaths breaking the silence.

When Abi came back to her senses, she realized she was hanging onto Alex and her whole body was shaking.

Her arms that she could barely feel lost their strength and she slumped back on the bed, a total mess, while her body gave out tremors.

Alex was panting as he caught his breath, watching her. Damn! That was the best sex he had ever had! He wanted more! More! And he was rock hard again. It was like he couldn't get enough!

It took him everything to hold himself back, to wait for a while until she had calmed down a little.

As he waited for her, Alex began to plant gentle butterfly kisses on her forehead, her cheeks, her nose and eventually found her lips. Then he pulled out and tore another foil and put on the condom again.

His eyes were blazing as he watched her, drenched in sweat, like a sexy goddess. His very own and only goddess.

"Are you okay?" he asked her for the third time, still waiting, and the waiting was incredibly torturous even though it had only been a minute.

She opened her eyes, still dazed. She nodded.

"Did you feel good?"

"Mn." Her dreamy eyes were like love potions, arousing him even more and he lost it. He bent over and kissed her.

"I want more, Abigail," he said and he pulled her up. He made her straddle him and put her arms around his neck.

He kissed her and when she responded, he took that as her answer and he entered her again.




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