Hellbound With You Chapter 204

203 Ready?


Alex watched her as her chest heaved up and down, lost in pleasure. Her hair was spread across the pillow, her face flushed pink and the image was so damn beautiful, so seductive that he couldn't take it anymore. His breath came even more ragged as he bent and kissed her again.

"Abigail" he called her name almost religiously. She had never heard her name being spoken out like that, as if he was reading aloud sweet poetry. "I want to make you mine now," he whispered as he kissed her eyes, her nose, and her lips.

"Mm. I'm yours, Alex" she replied as she lifted her hands, that still felt like jelly, to touch his face. He could see it in her eyes that she wanted him, too.

"Oh, Abigail that's right you are mine" he uttered, kissed her lips before he pulled away, sat up and took off his sweater. His perfect hot body came into view and Abi marveled at seeing this perfection glistening with sweat.

Desire and lust were gushing from his eyes like exploding northern lights and he looked even sexier. Deadly seductive.

He was impatient, he couldn't wait anymore. When he brought out his raging little big monster, Abi's eyes widened. W-why did it look like it became bigger again?

Noticing her reaction, Alex bent down and kissed her lightly. "You made it like this," he smiled, telling the truth, before his face became serious. "Don't worry, I will make sure not to hurt you," he whispered gently, lovingly, reassuring her.

Abi swallowed as she nodded. Alex parted her knees when suddenly, he cursed and he sat up. He suddenly stood up and climbed off the bed, causing Abi to prop herself up on her elbows, feeling confused. She was about to ask what was wrong when Alex hastily walked towards the closet and opened his suit case. He was glad he ended up taking a box with him after a long battle with himself on whether to bring one or not. He had decided not to bring them to help him strengthen his resolve to not touch her but something in him forced him to take it. Perhaps, his gut knew it all along, that there was no way he could last not touching her for the next six days of their stay here, especially when it was just the two of them. Damn! He lost again. But he didn't care anymore. All he wanted was to have her, right at that moment.

He brought out a box in haste, took out one foil and threw the box on the table. Abi was watching him and she couldn't look away, despite her face burning red as she watched him take off all his clothes and put the condom on. He was staring back at her with that scorching hot gaze.

In no time, he was over her, his hands on both sides of her head. Their eyes met, and the world stopped. This was it.

Alex began to feel his blood pumping even wilder. Looking at his beautiful Abigail, the beast inside him was forced to tame itself. Because this woman was Abigail, his recently ripened little fruit. And this was her first time. He wanted to give the bestest first ever experience so he needed to take care. He didn't want to hurt her. He couldn't possibly hurt her.

Slowly leaning down, Alex planted butterfly kisses on her lips. Beads of sweat began to kiss his muscular body as his hand traveled down. Alex touched her there again as they kissed, passionately. She was so wet and his fingers were covered in her juices in no time.

He could hear her heartbeat and feel her heat to his heart content. He knew she was ready but he asked anyway, to make damn sure.

"Ready?" he asked in a soft, tender whisper as he pulled away from her lips and stared at her eyes.

Abi nodded and his heart rejoiced.

Everything at that moment was so perfect, so right. Both of them could feel it and there was no doubt between them.

"I'm going in, Abigail," he whispered against her lips and she moaned, granting him her permission.

She stealthily took a deep breath as she felt his throbbing manhood slowly enter her, inch by inch. She was wet enough but her muscles were still tight.

"You are so tight, Abigail" He breathed deep, his lips in a tight line, his jaws clenching, as he kept himself in check to not to move his hips and thrust himself fully into her. He didn't want to hurt her like the beast that he was.

But damn! He had never held back like this before. Everything felt like sweet torture. He actually felt nervous, almost as if this, too, was his first time. But this may really be his first time because this wasn't fucking, this was love making and he had never done this before. It wasn't easy, it was torture, holding back when all he wanted was to be fully inside her once and for all.

Relax Alex do this right be patient give her time to adjust you can't hurt her

He was chanting in his head as he kept sliding in slowly, his eyes keenly watching her face for her reaction.

He felt her heat and her wet, tight muscles surrounding his shaft as he inched inside her with all the patience and restraint he never thought he could actually muster. He then felt her hymen stopping his progress and he knew that this would be the painful part for her.

He lay there, like that, just letting her adjust to his size, letting her muscles get used to him. When he felt them loosen a little, he then slowly pulled out and then carefully slid back inside, stopping just before her barrier. Then he did it again, in and out, slowly, carefully. After each thrust, he could feel her muscles relaxing, taking him in, molding around him and it was taking all his might not to give in to his hellish desires.




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