Hellbound With You Chapter 203

202 Completely

"I I am just curious." Her big eyes looked at him again. "Y-you did 'it' with your past girlfriends, right?" she asked. She couldn't believe herself. How could she be asking all these questions? For the first time, she thought about Alex's ex-girlfriends, and the intimate things they had done together, and it made her feel so awful.

Alex saw the jealousy in her eyes and he uttered, "you're completely different from them, Abigail."

However, after she heard his words, Abi looked even more dejected, causing Alex to become speechless.

"Look here, Abigail. You're the first and only person I want to treat right. That's why I am trying to behave myself."

"Are you saying that you will never do 'that' with me?"

"No, Abigail. Not 'never'. I very much want to make love with you. You don't know how much I want to."

"So you're saying just not in this place? Because you want to focus on fulfilling my requests?"

"Yes, Abigail." Because we might not be able to leave the house once we start until it was time for us to leave

Abi's gaze changed and the vivid glimmers in her eyes locked onto his.

"What if, I tell you that I want us to do that now? Here?" she asked, her heart beating, loud and wild. He said he badly want to do it but just not now. But Abi knew full well that now would be their only chance. If they won't do it here, Abi just felt that she would end up regretting it. And she already decided, even before coming here, that she would give herself to him.

Looking at Alex's shocked face, she boldly wrapped her arm around his neck. "I I want to do it with you here, Alex," she uttered.

There was a deep silence between them. Their eyes locked. Disbelief was evident in Alex's eyes, but Abi felt his little monster harden again, throbbing under her.

'F*ck Abigail!' he cursed inside him as he watched his resolve crumble into dust. She didn't have any idea at all! This brave little lamb was throwing herself to hell again! She doesn't understand what he could do to her. But that was the last string of Alex's restraint. How could he still hold back when she was clearly sending him that message. How could he still hold back when she was practically seducing him like this?

Alex silently looked at her as their faces grew closer and he stopped when their noses were nearly touching.

His eyes sparkled intensely and Abi's breath hitched. His forehead bumped hers as he whispered. The flame in his eyes incredibly fierce. "Abigail are you sure about this? Even though you have no idea at all?"

She nodded without hesitation and he cursed again.

"Promise me first that you won't hate me after this"

"I promise, Alex. I love you," she uttered with her eyes glimmering so breathtakingly with all the sincerity and love in her eyes. She looked at him like she wanted him and he knew right then that he was done for.

For the third time, he cursed again because at that moment, nothing could stop him anymore. And before he knew it, his lips smashed on hers, like a hungry beast.

It didn't take long for his hot tongue to surge inside her mouth. The chains that were holding him back were finally broken, completely.

He played with her lips first, savoring them, sucking, nibbling at them, slowly at first but then as time passed, it increased in intensity. He did things to her lips and tongue that he hadn't done before and it was a new experience for Abi.

The warm, butterfly feeling in her stomach slowly appeared. She knew what this feeling was: this was desire.

As he kissed her, he gently lay her down on the bed, lying half on top of her while his hand caressed her body up and down. His caresses were gentle but purposeful, as if he wanted to touch her everywhere, to feel all of her body with his palm.

Breaking the kiss, his mouth trailed down to her neck, to that tender spot just beneath her earlobe, and his tongue drew circles in that sensitive area, earning him a gasp and then a moan from Abi.

Her heart, which was beating normally just a few seconds ago, suddenly raced against her chest, pounding like it wanted to escape from its cage.

She couldn't help but grab hold of him while he touched her to his content.

He started to suck her flesh hard and stopped only until it was red under the skin. He gaze at his mark on her and his eyes glimmered in satisfaction.

Tonight, she was finally going to be his, completely

After some time, his hand seemed to have stopped roaming her body and made its way towards her twin peaches. His lips left her neck and trailed further down, and as his hand found her right erect nipple, his mouth covered the other one. His hand and tongue played with her sensitive nipples, sucking, licking, pinching and flicking them, and the sensations she felt were just out of this world. Her body arched against his mouth and hand, as if asking for more. The sound of licking and sucking filled the once quiet room.

The fire that he had ignited within her body intensified. It was as if the small flame had become a bonfire inside her body. She was so hot, so aroused as her body reacted to his attentions. Her skin tightened under his gentle, wicked touch.

The lower part of her body began to throb and as if he knew what she wanted, his hand left her twin peaches and travelled lower down.

Then, his hand touched her there. She had already experienced this before but it seemed like this time was even more incredible. She felt like everything she felt was intensified by a thousand-fold.

His hand dug between her thighs and into the wet flower. A short moan of pleasure escaped her lips. His fingers moved as if it was playing a string instrument, moving in a rhythm around it.

His glowing eyes thoroughly stared at her, watching as her face showed all signs of arousal.

Overwhelmed at her heightened senses, she dug her nails on his shoulders and kept her eyes closed. Her sweet, cute moans escaping from her lips as the world started to slow down.

"Oh, Abigail, I love how responsive you are" His voice sank lower than ever before.

The finger that was teasing her gradually started to rub hard making delicious friction come alive, dancing a sensual rhythm, causing her thighs to convulse.

Then he dug even deeper, until his palm was almost flat against her. She felt it all, stretching her and her insides fluttered and tingled. His fingers then started to curb inside her, and a muffled scream escape from Abi's lips.

"Ah, Alex!" she moaned. The sight of her, completely entranced and lost under his spell made him utterly intoxicated.

She began to twist around and he knew she was close. "Come for me, Abigail," he whispered with his hoarse, seductive voice as his fingers moved even faster. Abi's dazed eyes looked at him and when their eyes met, Alex captured her lips. And then, she quivered and wriggled as she hugged him tightly and finally, she exploded.




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