Hellbound With You Chapter 202

201 Addict?

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Alex's gaze on her was packed with so much heat. He had been holding back, so damn much. In fact, he couldn't believe that with all the overflowing desires he felt for this girl, they still never made it to that point even now. He was utterly surprised fully knowing what kind of man he was when it came to sexual pleasures. Perhaps, he managed to hold it in this long because of this feeling called love? That must be it, because Alex honestly couldn't think of any logical reason why he had survived his thirst for her for this long.

However, at this rate, if she pushed a little more, his already cracking resolve would completely disintegrate!

"I don't understand," she answered. "I came here with you because you asked me to come. I came here because you said this was your selfish request. I know you said you would bring me here so you could grant my remaining requests and words aren't enough for me to express how happy and overwhelmed I am with all the things you have showed me. But Alex, how about you? I I want to make you happy as well, Alex"

Abi saw his eyes widen a little. The truth was that Abi had already braced herself, mentally prepared herself for the possibility of them going all the way during this trip. She wasn't going to lie. Even though that thing was not in her list, since that time Alex showed her that kind of pleasure, she began to think more about it. She began to wonder how it would feel when she and Alex finally became one. And honestly, she wanted to experience it before their time was up. She wanted to give herself, all of her, to him.

"Abigail you already make me happy. You don't know how I feel right now, just having you right here next to me," he responded and Abi pressed her lips tight, looking down.

"I just I just don't like seeing you holding yourself back so much, Alex," she said softly, and Alex bit his lip. Was it already so obvious to her? He couldn't believe that his actions bothered her like this. Well, what did he expect? Him, constantly pulling away from her heated kisses, this observant little lamb would surely think there was something off him with him!

Another quiet sigh left Alex's mouth. He cupped her face and made her look at him. It seemed there was no other way out now than explaining it to her. "Abigail I know you're bothered by this. But I was really trying to hold back because I don't want to ruin this trip with my selfish desires."

Abi creased her brows, not comprehending what he said. Alex smiled as he poked the cute deep lines on her forehead. And then, he curled his lower lip between his teeth again. His eyes were wary as he looked at her, like he was a little tensed at how she would react with what he was going to say. "You see, I have this how should I put this" he clucked his tongue, a little fear glimmered in his eyes. "I am crazy for sex, Abigail. Once I taste it, once won't be enough and I can already tell how I'd be like once I once I taste you. I'd be like a madman, wanting to have sex with you every time I had the chance, every time you made me hard. And you should know just gazing at your lips is enough to rile me up. Us, being here, alone together, I'd fu , no I'd want to make love with you all day and night! That is my selfish desire."

Alex ran his fingers through his hair. He knew what he was like. Those women he fucked before as long as they could make him hard, he wouldn't stop until he was done and by that point, those women would usually pass out from his vigor. How much more crazy would he become if it was Abigail? This Abigail, who could make him hella hard with just one lick of her lips? The only woman who could make him hard many times in a day, without doing anything?

He bumped his forehead on hers. "Do I scare you, Abigail?" he asked, his voice stiff, worried.

Abi swallowed. She was shocked at Alex's confession. She suddenly remembered that time when Kelly was in her house months ago. Kelly was reading a book and every now and again, she would squeal and then almost drool. When Abi asked her what was up with her, she told Abi about the male lead of the book she called a 'sex god'. She explained that the book was a story of a girl who signed a contract with a rich sex addict. Obviously lazy to talk about the details, she simply told her that at the end of the book, with the help of his girl, the man had successfully dealt with his addiction.

Abi didn't know why but the first thing that came to her mind was that maybe, she might able to help him? No! That was only a novel! But all types of addiction could be cured, right? Wait, was Alex saying he was a sex addict?

"A-are you a sex addict?" she suddenly asked and Alex fell silent before a throaty chuckle left his mouth. He was so relieved the girl wasn't actually scared, even knowing this thing about him.

"Sex addict, huh? I don't know. I survived entire days I'm with you without sex, so I think, it probably isn't as severe as an addiction? I don't know, I never thought about it, really." But I can tell it would fall into addiction if it's you

Abi bit her lips, her brows knotted. She still honestly didn't get it. He did it with other women before her and just the thought of it made her heart feel hurt, like he was rejecting her. Why couldn't he do it with her?

"Is doing 'it' many times a day bad for me?" She didn't realise that she had actually said those words out loud as the thought ran past her mind. She gasped when she realized it but it was too late. Alex was already looking at her in shock, his mouth slightly hanging open.

She looked away, utterly embarrassed.

Alex almost want to face palm himself. That was right! This girl had no idea at all, what sex was like, what real sex was like.

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