Hellbound With You Chapter 198

197 Chopping Is Not Cooking

Alex suddenly stood up, held her by the waist and lifted her. He made her sit on the tiles, his palms holding on the edge of the pool with her in between his arms.

His eyes were glowing as he stared at her. The devil only knew how he wanted to kiss her; to pin her down right here and kiss every part of her body and make her his completely.

He started tracing the line of her cheek with his thumb, slowly, gently and Abi was easily lost in his sensual, mesmerizing stare.

Then he found his hand had cup her cheek, pulling her towards him before his lips finally captured hers. They were kissing again. And he was damn hard again. He always wondered why he just didn't have any control when it came to this girl. He just couldn't resist no matter how much he tried. He always always got lost when it came to her. And these feelings just wouldn't stop growing, even gushing out of his chest now. He couldn't contain it, he didn't know how to even deal with it. Darn. He didn't know that being a first timer in love was extremely challenging.

As their kiss became deeper, Alex felt her arms move around his neck, pulling him like she wanted more. Damn, he couldn't take it anymore.

Grasping her chin, Alex deepened the kiss. The feelings, the sparks between them were too much, too good, excessive. And it seemed like this little fruit that he had been nurturing had finally really ripened up. Her kiss was so ripe now, so delicious, it was worthy to die for.

"Alex" she murmured against his lips, completely intoxicated, while he gazed at her punch-drunk with her taste. Damn, he just wanted to keep kissing her forever.

But he pushed himself off her and stood beyond her reach. Abi was breathing hard, face flushed, and her eyes were hazy with desire. But before she could snap out of her daze, a robe was draped around her.

She was surprised that Alex was already behind her.

"Let's go. You will get dizzy if you soak yourself too much," he said as he helped her up. He made her face him, helped her don her rob and dried her face with the towel, gently. "You've become a skilled kisser, Abigail." He gave her a teasing smile.

But Abi just blinked at him. Why did he suddenly stop? She wanted the kiss to last longer she wanted more

She blushed with that thought, a little ashamed but then she thought that there was nothing wrong with it. She was a grown woman and he was the man she loved. Why should she feel ashamed of thinking that she wanted more? She determinedly pushed that feeling away.

Alex held her hand and led her inside. "Are you fully relaxed?" he asked, his tone sounding casual.

Abi started to focus on her body, and she really felt great, like her tensed muscles were all soothed. "Mm. I feel great," she replied as they entered the room.

The house only had one bedroom and it was marvelous. It was square in shape with white walls and curtains, with a king sized bed in the middle of it. However, she didn't really notice any of that because her eyes went straight to the view outside the glass wall and it was breathtaking. It faced the other side of that gigantic plateau where there were a few more birch trees scattered around like guardians of the house.

"Get dressed first, Abigail." Alex pulled her attention as he opened his suit case.

Abi quickly moved, opened her suit case as well and brought out her clothes. "Is there a bathroom here?" she asked and Alex led her towards the left side of the room which opened into a cosy bathroom. "Thanks," she said before she dodged around him, darted into the room and closed the door.

When she came out, Alex was already dressed. He was wearing a grey woolen sweater and he looked so stunning, like a model inside a studio for a photoshoot.

"I'm guessing your hungry now. What do you want to eat?" he asked. Somehow, this good boy Alex was making her heart flutter harder than the scary Alex.

Abi smiled as she jumped on him, hugging him from his side. She felt like Alex was getting fluffier lately.

"Are you going to cook a food for me?" she asked, looking up at him with big eyes when Alex looked away as he rubbed the back of his nape.

"Well, I can chop up some avocados for you," he told her and Abi chuckled, remembering how he had chopped the avocado like an onion. But then, she also remembered when they had baked her birthday cake and she started to imagine him inside the tiny kitchen with an apron on, and maybe a chef's hat, running around cooking for her. The image made her chuckle.

"Chopping is not cooking, Alex.," she said, teasing him.

"Then, let's cook together. That's one of your requests, no?"

Abi was surprised. Did she ever mention that to him before? She actually couldn't remember! Maybe she did?

Without waiting for her response, Alex pulled her towards the kitchen.

They started cooking for dinner, with Alex doing the chopping, which he was so good at - luckily there were no avocados to chop this time! He chopped everything to perfection, like a machine, even though Abi told him he didn't need to cut it so precisely.

As the man was focused on his task, Abi was busy watching him, resting her chin on her palm.

Alex glanced up at her and raised his brow, causing Abi to smile.

"I can't believe I'm watching you, chopping vegetables and helping me cook." Her face was bright and she looked incredibly happy.

Alex curled his lips between his teeth. "I can't believe it as well, Abigail. So stop staring at me and pay attention to the stove. I don't want a burnt dinner, thank you!" he replied casually and Abi suddenly reached out and pinched his cheek.

"You're so cute when you're like this." She ignored his words but when Alex knotted his brows, Abi blinked and caressed the skin she just pinched, as well as the lines on his forehead. It looked like the word cute wasn't a good compliment for this man. "There, there" she muttered, trying to soften his face again.

Alex sighed and his eyes fell on the electric stove. "The pot is on fire, Abigail," he said and Abi's head snapped to the stove as she heard his pleasant laugh echo in the room.

"What a nave little lamb." He shook his head and bi puffed her cheeks as she looked at him.

The two spent their cooking time joyfully. Once they put everything on the table, Alex looked quite amazed, nodding like an old man in awe.

"Okay, time to dig in!" she declared as they sat across each other. Abi made Alex taste everything first and let him critique the taste.

"Not bad," he muttered and then, as an afterthought, he added "it appears we are better cooks than most."

Abi chuckled delightfully. "Correction. It's supposed to be the cook and her assistant are better than most."

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