Hellbound With You Chapter 195

194 Isolated

As they travelled further away from the airport, she could no longer see any houses. It seemed Alex was really bringing her to an isolated place.

After more than an hour's drive, the car stopped in front of another seemingly old mansion.

It was another three storey mansion, much like the mansion Alex lived in, but this one looked more like a fairytale house come to life, especially in this snow-covered setting. Stone walls made up the foundation of the walls, with wooden walls making up the second layer. The A-frame, wooden windows were lined with lights, clearly distinguishing their outlines. The shine of the lights combined with the snow gave the house a type of glow that made it seem mysterious.

"The lights are on," she uttered as she looked up, curious, since the man told her they were going somewhere where no one was around but them.

"There are some people inside. Caretakers, and cooks," he answered. "Come, I know you're tired. We'll rest here for a while."

"Eh? This isn't our destination yet?" Abi's big eyes widened. She thought this was it, the isolated place he was talking about.

"Not yet, Abigail. I told you, I don't want any other people around. That place will only have the two of us."

Alex held her hand and brought her inside. As Abi looked around the spacious, hotel-like living room, she could only marvel. Was this house Alex's too? Or just an isolated hotel?

While Alex was speaking with a man, seemingly giving instructions, Abi looked around and realized that this might really be Alex's. Well, the aesthetics, the presence of a fireplace and the setting gave her the same feeling of home, of belonging when she was at Alex's house.

When Alex walked over to her, he led her inside a room on the third floor. Abi removed her thick coat and shoes and let herself fall on top of the fluffy bed.

Alex did the same and he sat right next to her.

"How do you feel?" he asked, looking intensely at her.

Abi stared back at him before her lips curved up into a sweet smile, because for some reason, it didn't seem hard to do this. Even though she knew something painful was waiting at the end of this trip, at this moment, she was glad that she could still feel genuinely happy. She was glad because it seemed like it was possible for them to forget about everything right now and just look at each other and spend these remaining days to their hearts content, happily.

"I feel wonderful, Alex," she answered, her eyes glimmered as she rose and hug him. "It doesn't seem that hard, forgetting about everything else being in this place."

Alex was relieved. He pinched her chin and stared at her lips. His thumb caressed her lower lip and then before they knew it, they were kissing. 'I will make you forget everything, Abigail I'll make sure of it' he told her in his mind as their kiss became deeper.

They were both breathless once their lips parted. Their gazes, intense and their skin, hot.

The next moment, Abi lay on the bed and Alex was on top of her. His tongue skillfully played tag with hers, tasting every corner of her delicious mouth.

They didn't stop kissing for a long moment. It was like they've been so hungry for each other since they parted, like all the chains had been broken and they were kissing without restraints, like they had finally let themselves completely get lost in each other's worlds. Their kiss slowly intensified, from slow and passionate to wild, intense kisses.

Alex's hand began to wander around her body. His hands slipped under her top roaming and caressing her warm skin, causing Abi to moan against his ravenous tongue.

His little monster had long been standing tall and proud, now grinding naughtily into Abi's groin.

Their lips parted again, their eyes both looking glazed, intoxicated, lost in pleasure. But before Alex could resume, a knock startled them.

Alex's eyes widened slightly when he saw that his hands were already under her shirt, touching her smooth and soft skin. He also realized his little monster was already raging hard and he pressed his lips tightly, like he just mentally scolded himself.

He cleared his throat and he climbed off of her and walked towards the door. He opened it slightly and his hoarse voice echoed.

"Good," was all he said before he shut the door and looked at his girl.

Abi was already sitting there, her face flushed red. Damn it! That dreamy look in her eyes was so arousing it made Alex just want to pound on her.

Abi's line of sight fell on the mouth Everest that emerged in his groin and she shyly looked away.

Of course, Alex saw her reaction and he cleared his throat once again. He picked up her coat and gave it to her.

"We're leaving," he said as he put on his coat. Abi hesitantly stood and wore her thick jacket. She kept glancing at Alex but the man was composed and calm as he opened the door for her.

A van was waiting for them outside. A man gave the key to Alex and he climbed on the driver's seat.

Alex had just started the engine when he caught Abi glancing down at his groin. Her face burned when she realized she was caught.

"I I'm just a little worried," she suddenly said, sounding defensive, and a mischievous smile curved on Alex's face.

"About what?" he leaned a little closer.

"I just wonder if if you're okay your little monster is" she bit her lip as she blushed even harder, and Alex struggled to keep his cool.

He turned his gaze on the road as he replied. "Don't worry, little lamb. Let the little monster be. The little man needs to learn how to calm itself down."

Abi blinked at him. "A-are you sure?"

Alex closed his eyes before he gazed at her. "Stop seducing me, Abigail. I'm trying to be a good boy right now. At least wait until we reach our destination," he teased and Abi's mouth could only drop in disbelief.




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