Hellbound With You Chapter 193

192 Finally Here

The Chen family and Alex were dining peacefully and harmoniously in the kitchen. As per last time, Abi's grandma did the same thing again and heaped a mountain of food on Alex's plate.

But this time, Alex didn't wait for Abi to offer him her help. The man just started feeding Abi instead.

"Eat more," Alex told her as he lifted a spoonful of food near her lips. Alex wasn't even bothered by the presence of Abi's family members. His eyes were on Abi the whole time and nothing else.

Abi was blushing as she quickly devoured the food on his spoon, glancing shyly at her dad and grandparents. Her dad and grandpa just continued eating while her grandma was smiling as she watched them, looking amused.

"My, my, how sweet of you, Alex, dear," Abi's grandma said with a pleased smile. "But you should eat, too. Abi, feed him as well. He's forgetting to feed himself because of you," she suggested and Abi's complexion turned even redder.

But Alex looked at the grandma and told her it was okay. "I'm not really hungry," he said but Abi stabbed a piece of meat with her fork and lifted it near his lips. Alex happily ate it and the couple fed each other throughout dinner that way.

Abi's pale face had somehow gotten better and her family was so relieved at seeing her looking fine again. Andrew never said a word to Alex. He finally understood the reason behind the uneasy feeling he felt the first time he met Alex on that stage during Abi's play. He was uneasy because of something he saw in the young man's eyes. The way he looked at Abi was exactly the same as the way he looked whenever he had stared at his late wife. He could see the depth of his love for her and he could only sigh silently.

After their dinner, Alex and Abi sat with her family in the living room. Alex was holding Abi's hand tightly because Abi seemed to be feeling nervous. Even though she had already agreed with Alex's request, she still couldn't help but feel worried, not for herself but for Alex. But thinking that she could finally do something for him, even if it was just granting this one request of his, she would definitely do it no matter what the result may be.

"I'd like to ask for your permission and let me take Abi with me for six days," Alex told them. His face was serious and his voice was full of sincerity.

"Oh, you're planning to go away on vacation?" the old grandma asked, looking quite excited.

When Alex nodded politely, Andrew spoke. "When do you plan to go?" he asked and Alex felt so relieved. It was a relief that Abi's family were very lenient.

"Tomorrow," he replied and Andrew sighed. He looked at Abi and asked his daughter this time.

"Do you want to go?" Andrew was scrutinizing his daughter's face. He had spoken with her this morning while she was crying and he was glad because his daughter seemed to have chosen to face her fears head on. Seeing the new sign of fighting spirit in her eyes, Andrew was relieved and was very proud of her. Because his daughter was strong. No matter what anyone said, she was a strong, sweet girl.

Abi looked at Alex before she faced her dad and answered him. "Yes dad, I want to go."

With that, Abi's family didn't ask any more questions. Her grandmother even told them to go and pack their things now upon hearing that their flight was going to be early in the morning.

In Abi's room, Abi just took few things with her because her things were already at Alex's house.

"I will only need these," she said as she zipped a small bag. She stood up to leave when her eyes caught the lovely jellyfishes. She walked over to them, watched them closely as she touched the tank. "I want to take them with us." She pouted when Alex hugged her from behind.

"You can't. They will die if we move them again. Your dad already promised to take care of them," Alex assured her and Abi finally let go.

Once they were by the door, Abi hugged all her beloved family.

"Be careful on you trip, okay?" her grandmother said and Abi nodded. She then walked towards the car as Alex slightly bowed his head towards them, something that he still wasn't used to doing, and turned to leave when Andrew, who was standing one step above him, held his shoulder.

"Take care of Abi," he said, his voice exuding a tone of loving concern.

Alex faced him and looked at him with certainty and assurance. "I will take care of her," he declared and Andrew nodded.

"Enjoy your trip."


"Well then, drive safely."


Andrew then glanced at his daughter one more time while Alex remained standing there like he was unsure if it was rude for him to turn his back to his girlfriend's father first. Seeing him still not moving, Andrew told him to go and when he finally jumped in the car, Andrew smiled as he watched them disappear into the horizon.

The car arrived at Alex's mansion early that night.

Abi nervously stood in front of the huge double doors. She couldn't believe it was just last night when she decided to leave this place forever. But now, here she was again, standing before this very place. This place that was filled with the memories she created with Alex.

It was still hard to believe.

"Come, Abigail," Alex called out stretching his hand before her. Abi placed her hand in his as she smiled despite her hammering heartbeats and then, they both entered the house.

No one was around so they both went straight to the third floor. Once they were in Abi's room, Abi suddenly felt like she had missed this place so much.

It was like a dream. She sat on the bed, with her legs swinging, and looked at Alex. The man walked over to her and looked deeply into her eyes.

"I can't believe you're here again," He suddenly said. "I came here last night and not seeing you here it was maddening," he confessed and Abi gaped at him. She imagined him being here last night, all alone, and the first thing she did was embrace him tight.

"I'm here now, Alex," she uttered, trying her best to console him.

Alex smiled and kissed her hair. "Mm. I know." You're finally here and I'm not going to let you go again

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